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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: anangdwipurwanto



ROTATION LIFE OF BUTTERFLY However the longer of the process but its simple. The first egg laid by a butterfly on a leaf (usually orange tree leaves or other leaves) the leaves could be the caterpillars food to reach adult after it was time to pupa / cocoon and in a few days will be a new butterfly.

EGG STAGE egg will hatch between 3-5 days

LARVAE STAGE Larvae butterfly shape varies, but most of the cylindrical shape, and sometimes have hair, thorns. Larvae eat the leaves. When the larvae reach maximum growth, the larvae will stop eating, running for the nearest shelter, attach themselves to twigs or leaves with woven thread.

PUPA STAGE Pupa when viewed from the outside as the rest period, whereas in a process of formation of an insect pupa perfect. Generally pupa is green, brown or color according to the surroundings (camouflage) formation in the butterfly pupa usually lasts for 7-20 days depending on the species.

ADULT BUTTERFLY STAGE After out of the pupa, the butterfly will crawl upward so that its wings hanging down and expand normally. As soon as the wings dry, fluffy and strong, wings will open and close several times and attempted to fly. Then the butterfly will grow up and lay eggs again.

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