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Published on March 14, 2008

Author: Teresa1


ROTARY DISTRICT 7770:  ROTARY DISTRICT 7770 Youth Exchange Program Training Welcome new Youth Exchange Officers & Host Families ! YOUTH EXCHANGE:  YOUTH EXCHANGE History:  History 1927: 1st documented exchanges; 1939: Exchanges between California & Latin America; 1958: Exchange activity spread to the Eastern USA; Slide4:  In 1972, the RI Board of Directors agreed to recommend Youth Exchange to clubs worldwide as a worthwhile international activity that promotes global peace and understanding. Rotary Youth Exchange today involves more than 85 countries and over 8,000 students each year. YOUTH EXCHANGE Terms & Definitions:  YOUTH EXCHANGE Terms & Definitions Terms & Definitions:  Terms & Definitions YEP – Southern word used to express agreement with a previous statement, i.e., “yes”, “agreed”, or “okay”. Terms & Definitions:  Terms & Definitions YEP – Youth Exchange Program YE – Youth Exchange YEO – Youth Exchange Officer (Club & District) STEP – Short Term Exchange Program LTEP – Long Term Exchange Program SEVIS – US Justice Dept. of Homeland Security Student and Exchange Visitors Program SEVIS Fee – Student and Exchange Visitor Processing Fee Terms & Definitions:  Terms & Definitions Inbound(s) – Foreign exchange student being hosted by our district Outbound(s) – Local student being sponsored by our district for foreign exchange Rebound(s) – Student who have recently completed their exchange and returned home STEP(s) – Short Term Student ROTEX – Groups of Youth Exchange Alumni Not an official RI Program Terms & Definitions:  Terms & Definitions District – Single Rotary District YE Program Multi-District – YE Organization consisting of several Rotary Districts Sponsoring Clubs / Districts – Clubs or Districts sending Outbound Students Hosting Clubs / Districts – Clubs of Districts receiving Inbound Students YOUTH EXCHANGE Program Overview:  YOUTH EXCHANGE Program Overview Eligibility:  Eligibility High School students ages 15-18, 6 months; Academically above average; Articulate; Demonstrate Community Leadership; Children of Rotarians are welcome to participate. Travel Opportunities:  Travel Opportunities Rotary Youth Exchange offers the widest variety in International destinations; More than 85 countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, South Africa and the Americas. Types Of Exchanges:  Types Of Exchanges Short Term Exchange Program Long Term Exchange Program Short Term Exchange Program “STEP”:  Short Term Exchange Program “STEP” Usually in the Summer months; Usually involves 2 students of the same age and sex – from different countries; Student does not have to attend school; Short Term Exchange Program “STEP”:  Short Term Exchange Program “STEP” Prefer to exchange with Northern Hemisphere countries b/c of school vacation schedule How the exchange works: Student A travels to foreign country and lives with student B and his/her family for 3 to 4 weeks. Student A & B travel to Student A’s home and live with his/her family for 3 to 4 weeks. Other Types of Exchanges:  Other Types of Exchanges Tours & Camps: Mostly European countries. New Generations: Open to ages 18-25. Long Term Exchange Program:  Long Term Exchange Program Usually junior year exchanges; Usually live with more than one family; Must attend high school; Exchange to last entire school year (9 to 10 months) Participate in Rotary functions. District 7770 Exchanges (Subject to Change):  District 7770 Exchanges (Subject to Change) Argentina Belgium Brazil Denmark Ecuador Finland France Germany India Italy Japan Mexico Spain Sweden Switzerland Our Youth Exchange Program 2007-08:  Our Youth Exchange Program 2007-08 RI Certification Received – May 2007 Student Protection Program Requirements Implemented across District Our Youth Exchange Program Stats:  Our Youth Exchange Program Stats 2006-07 Exchange Year 8 Outbound Students – 7 Countries, 8 Clubs 18 Inbound Students - 15 Countries, 18 Clubs 4 Summer Exchanges – 4 Countries 2007-08 Exchange Year 8 Outbound Students – 7 Countries, 8 clubs 15 Inbound Students - 13 Countries, 15 Clubs Hosting ? Summer Exchanges – ? Countries (no applic recv’d to date) District Comm, YEOs, Club Volunteers & Host Families Vetted 7 Rotarians from 6 clubs on District Comm. 84 Background checks made since June 2006 DISTRICT YOUTH EXCHANGE Organization:  DISTRICT YOUTH EXCHANGE Organization District 7770 YE Policy Our D7770 Program:  District 7770 YE Policy Our D7770 Program Our District will have 100% adherence and compliance with: US State Dept Regulations on Secondary School Exchanges Rotary International YE Policy & Guidance We & RI have a “Zero-tolerance” policy NO Exceptions allowed at any level District Governor’s Role in D7770 Youth Exchange Program:  District Governor’s Role in D7770 Youth Exchange Program DG responsible for the YE program in our district as implemented by Rotary District 7770 YE district committee DG reviews and certifies to RI district’s adherence to RI policy DG must report all allegations of abuse/harassment to RI and US State Dept within 72 hours DG accountable to RI Dist. YE Committee accountable to DG Slide24:  District Chair Alison Meeks Inbound Coordinators Alison Meeks Jay Cook Outbound Coordinators Nick Hunt Jim McCrackin STEP Coordinator Vicki Tatum Accreditation Jim McCrackin Secretary & Treasurer Allison Ford Club President & Youth Exchange Officer Club Counselor Host Family Exchange Student Inbound Coordinators Alison Meeks Jay Cook Inbound Coordinators Alison Meeks Jay Cook Western Trip Kevin Shealy D7770 YE Club Guidance Club Pres & YEO Functions:  D7770 YE Club Guidance Club Pres & YEO Functions Responsible for overseeing YE Program in their club; knowing and understanding YE policies and procedures – Assure total adherence of policies Responsible to keep club officers and Board of Directors informed of all program and student activities Assure that all persons involved with the program including but not limited to YE committee, spouses, host families, counselors and others who have unsupervised access to students complete affidavit and agree to undergo reference & background checks. D7770 YE Club Guidance Club Pres & YEO Functions:  D7770 YE Club Guidance Club Pres & YEO Functions Rotary Volunteer Selection Policy - NEW Club level Member in good standing with interest in youth Submit a Rotary Volunteer Application/Affidavit Complete a personal interview Have a positive reference check Have a positive criminal background check Complete participation in training program District level All of above Two years experience at club level D7770 YE Club Guidance Club YEO Functions:  D7770 YE Club Guidance Club YEO Functions Club Youth Exchange Officer Submit Affidavit and agree to reference & background check Identify and process host families & implement YE Program Review Host Family Application affidavits Conduct In-home interviews Check references provided & document findings Provide information for Criminal Background & Abuse checks Appoint, train & oversee counselor for student if other than self. Counselor MUST BE SAME SEX AS STUDENT! Complete Guarantee Form & other documentation in timely manner Assure host families receive training Maintain monthly contact with student, host family & school Make unannounced visits to student and Host Family If/when notified of abuse allegation, follow procedures D7770 YE Club Guidance Club YEO Functions:  D7770 YE Club Guidance Club YEO Functions Must provide inbound student with Host Family/Community/School Profile Provide inbound student with all contact information for District and local support volunteers & community resources D7770 YE Club Guidance Host Families:  D7770 YE Club Guidance Host Families Host Families – Do not have to be Rotarians Recruit via Schools, Churches, Press, Rotary Use Application/Affidavit & In-home interview Follow directions for YEO’s with Application/Affidavit Minimum two families – optimum three Notify CC of changes in family within two days Assure Host Families attend mandatory training Invite family and student to Rotary events Maintain minimum monthly contact – formal and unannounced Report abuse allegations immediately to SPO Keep CC informed D7770 YE Club Guidance Inbounds:  D7770 YE Club Guidance Inbounds Process application expeditiously Club/school signatures and seal Host family identified 45 days prior to arrival (early July) Host Family must be vetted prior to arrival Start contact before arrival Host Family/Community/School Profile E-mails Maintain contact with students foreign family D7770 YE Club Guidance Inbounds:  D7770 YE Club Guidance Inbounds Rotary Guarantee Forms Parts D,E,F,G Must be processed by Club YEO expeditiously (15-30 days max.) Signed in blue ink and dated (dd/mm/yyyy) Signed by Club Pres, Secretary, YEO/counselor Signed by School Officer and School seal affixed Signed by District Committee Chairperson Monthly Allowance $100.00 (minimum) Host Family should be identified minimum 45 days before students arrival (approx 1 July) A Host Family must be included on Guarantee Form for Visa Two copies to be returned to District Chair, Alison Meeks District Chair forwards to RI, Inbound student and place one in student’s Official file D7770 YE Club Guidance Inbounds:  D7770 YE Club Guidance Inbounds Inbound Students Supervise-Involve-Provide-Manage-Enforce Treat as own-Maintain monthly contact-(see Report) Make unannounced visits to student and host family Meet at airport with Host Families Enroll student in school Student is to be involved in school Student must take a full course of study Coordinate move between families Ensure monthly stipend & guide expenditures Listen-Listen-Listen Get student involved in community & Rotary Assist in medical & other concerns D7770 YE Club Guidance Inbounds:  D7770 YE Club Guidance Inbounds Student Get-togethers Mandatory District Orientation District Conference Interact Conference District Holiday Party Optional Other organization events Students own planned events (mall, movies, etc.) Clubs responsible to supervise and control Students are here to socialize with American students, NOT each other D7770 YE Club Guidance Inbounds:  D7770 YE Club Guidance Inbounds Student Travel Limit & control Host Family, YEO approval if inside district District approval if outside district for greater 24 hours No unaccompanied travel Unauthorized travel = result = sent home Family Visits Only with prior D7770 approval Only during last quarter of exchange Approval from District required BEFORE plans are finalized D7770 YE Club Guidance Inbounds:  D7770 YE Club Guidance Inbounds Western Trip – Rotary approved tour of Western United States (Grand Canyon, Yosemite, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and more) Usually paid for by Student Includes YE students from all over Eastern US Two + weeks travel by bus and plane Mid to late June (2006-2007 Trip is planned for June 13th thru June 27th) Deadline for sign up – January 2008 D7770 YE Club Guidance Outbounds:  D7770 YE Club Guidance Outbounds Outbound Students –Full year and Summer Recruitment Start now, fall follow-up in schools Eligibility 15 to 18-6mo at departure Average to above grades with some foreign language Active in school & community Must interview students & their parents Prepare students for District interviews YEOs welcome & encouraged to attend interviews Outbounds - Interview Tips:  Outbounds - Interview Tips Once the applications are into the District YE Committee, the job is not over for the YEO and the Club YE Committee. Do not send students to District interviews without giving them some help in preparing. We want to see the real student. Give students serious interviews at the club level even if you only have one student. Work on sample questions in mock interviews. Help students with their preparation in any other ways you feel necessary. D7770 YE Club Guidance Outbounds:  D7770 YE Club Guidance Outbounds New Applications – Long Term & STEP Must be used for 08-09 Exchange Year Will be available on RI & District 7770 websites New format New Guarantee form – 2 sided, added information Letter (essay) from students & parents Process Application with fees D7770 YE Club Guidance Outbounds:  D7770 YE Club Guidance Outbounds Help in Preparation of student for exchange Invite to meetings to learn about Rotary & your club Assist in language preparation & presentation Maintain monthly contact with student & parents throughout exchange Remember their birthdays, holidays Be at Airport for departure & return Have student speak at club District 7770 Guidance Short Term:  District 7770 Guidance Short Term Host Families must undergo background checks STEP application found on RI website Application deadline – February 18, 2008 Interviews conducted by YEO or STEP chair, Vicki Tatum Student Responsibilities:  Student Responsibilities Goodwill Ambassadors to represent Rotary; Learn the language of their host country; Attend school; Adapt to the cultures of their host countries; Adhere to the Rotary rules and guidelines. The Four D’s for Rotary Exchange Students:  The Four D’s for Rotary Exchange Students DRUGS – Students are not allowed to possess or use illegal drugs; DRINKING – Drinking of alcoholic beverages is expressly forbidden; DRIVING – Students are not permitted to operate or drive a motorized vehicle of any kind while in host country; DATING – Students are generally allowed to date but must avoid serious romantic activities. Students must abstain from sexual activity and promiscuity. Youth Exchange Students’ Cycle:  Youth Exchange Students’ Cycle July – September Outbound Orientation Camp Inbound Students Arrive Outbound Students Depart Inbound Orientation Camp Begin Recruiting Outbounds October – December Continue Recruiting Outbounds District Interviews Holiday Party January – March Final District Interviews Interact Convention District Conference Begin processing next year’s Inbound paperwork Begin processing Outbound paperwork April – June Placement of Inbounds Finalize Outbound paperwork Rebounds return Inbounds depart Exchange Regulation:  Exchange Regulation US State Dept. Regulations:  US State Dept. Regulations Dept of State 22 CFR Part 62, Secondary School Student Exchange Program Regulation changes effective 4 May 2006 Oversight of 275,000 students annually from 1,450 Exchange Organizations D7770 Licensed to operate YE program in our District Must comply or lose license US State Dept. Regulations Amendments & Requirements:  US State Dept. Regulations Amendments & Requirements Criminal Background Checks Mandatory Officers, Volunteers, Host Families, etc. Report allegations to State Dept, RI, & Law Enforcement immediately All personnel required to attend training annually Program Counselor shall be same gender Counselor cannot also be a Host Family at same time Monthly contact with Student, Host Family & school (Clubs must submit report to District Chair) Age - 15 years to 18 yrs 6 mo. (3/’89-7/’92) for 2007-2008 exchange year US State Dept. Regulations, cont’d:  US State Dept. Regulations, cont’d Limit of five Rotary students in a school Student must be provided 30 days prior to departure from home to USA Summary of all rules & regulations Age & language appropriate info on how to identify and report sexual abuse Detailed profile of Host Family Detailed profile of school, community & host club Names, addresses & contact info of Rotary, SPP & non-Rotarian contacts Identification card (may be provided upon arrival) US State Dept. Regulations, cont’d:  US State Dept. Regulations, cont’d Host Families – Rotary must provide: Application/Affidavit to host – background checks mandatory Copy Student’s Application Summary of the exchange program Family interview/Home inspection All members present Note Family interaction Note Home facilities/environment Family capable of providing comfortable & nurturing home Hosting Agreement Monthly contact & Host Club Involvement Formal training & contact information US State Dept. Regulations, cont’d:  US State Dept. Regulations, cont’d Students can not previously participated in a secondary school exchange Students must be enrolled and participate in a full course of study Encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities May not be employed, but may do babysitting & yard work US State Dept. Regulations, cont’d:  US State Dept. Regulations, cont’d Place no more than one student per family Provide Annual Report to US State Dept. of students, assigned school and Host Families by Aug 31 and Jan 15. District must report change of Host Family within 10 days Annual Program Audit Commences with 07-08 Exchange year Must be performed by CPA – Due Feb 08 Rotary International Policy:  Rotary International Policy Supports State Dept regulations Requires implementation of Student Protection Program for all Youth Programs sponsored by a Rotary District and Clubs Initial Emphasis on YE DG’s encouraged to include other district youth programs – Rotary Youth Leadership Award, Interact, Earlyact, etc. DG’s encouraged to include club sponsored youth programs – scouts, school programs, after-school activities, etc. Rotary International Policy:  Rotary International Policy Requires every Rotary District involved in YE to submit application and copies of all program documentation to RI for Certification. Initial Certification May 2007 Full implementation anticipated June 30, 2008 after which exchanges only to be made between “RI Certified” Districts. Rotary International Policy:  Rotary International Policy RI published an “Abuse and Harassment Prevention Training Manual & Leaders Guide” District has adopted – It IS Our Policy Copies available Requires Criminal Background check of anyone participating in a youth program who will have unsupervised contact with a student Requires Liability Insurance Rotary International Policy:  Rotary International Policy Post-Exchange Evaluations will be done - Inbound Students - Host Family - Outbound Students - School - Parents - Club Self Evaluation D7770 YE Secretary responsible for distribution of surveys, data analysis & report to YE committee & YEOs YEOs must implement program in accordance with US Law, RI Policy, and YE Club Guidance Student Protection District 7770 Mission:  Student Protection District 7770 Mission Recognizing that all young people have the right to freedom from harassment & abuse. Ensuring that all our staff and volunteers are carefully selected, trained and accept responsibility for helping to prevent the abuse of children Allegations of harassment and/or abuse, and by providing adults and young people with the opportunity to voice any concern they may have. Student Protection District 7770 Mission:  Student Protection District 7770 Mission Ensuring that appropriate contacts are made available to parents, children, host families and outside agencies. Ensuring that access to confidential information is restricted. Reviewing the effectiveness of the Student Protection Policy and activities periodically. Student Protection Policy:  Student Protection Policy Our Role: Create and maintain the safest possible environment for all participants Safeguard welfare and prevent physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse of exchange students Provide the means to address all concerns and indications of harassment or abuse YE Volunteer Guidance:  YE Volunteer Guidance What You Need to Know Definitions Reporting Procedures Follow-up Rotary Issues and Privacy Definitions:  Definitions Sexual Abuse Fondling , Masturbation, Oral sex, Intercourse Viewing pornographic materials Taking part in making pornographic materials Physical Abuse Hitting, shaking, squeezing, biting or burning Excessive sports training Definitions:  Definitions Neglect Failure to meet basic physical needs Constantly leave alone or unsupervised Failure or refusal to give affection or attention Left in an unsafe “at risk” environment Definitions:  Definitions Emotional Abuse Persistent lack of love and affection Frequent shouting Taunting Over-protection Constant criticism, bullying or unrealistic pressure to perform to higher expectations Financial Abuse Misappropriation of student’s funds Overt illegal use of funds by other than student Allegation Reports:  Allegation Reports What to do if your exchange student tells you of Harassment and/or Abuse: Listen attentively & let him/her know it was right to tell you Assure him/her that they are not to blame Encourage student to share with you what happened and who was involved Make detailed notes including date & time Don’t promise to keep secrets. Explain the necessity of informing the police and the District Chairperson Follow-up:  Follow-up Respond to needs of student and support student Assure proper authorities are contacted Offer student independent non-Rotarian counseling Assure students parents or legal guardian have been notified Provide student option of staying or going home once stabilized Remove abuser from all contact with victim and other students Cooperate with police involved in investigation Rotary Issues & Privacy:  Rotary Issues & Privacy Most important concern is the victim Rotarians should not speculate, make editorial comments to media or others or offer personal opinions. “No Comment” is appropriate. Members should be cautioned about commenting on the situation and possibilities of slander or libel claims If Rotarian is accused – remove Rotarian from all possible contact with victim and other youth Summary:  Summary Always remember - We are legally and morally responsible for the well being of other parents’ children With all of us working together we can keep our exchange students safe and make this a meaningful and happy exchange experience for all of us D7770 YE Club Guidance Application/Affidavits:  D7770 YE Club Guidance Application/Affidavits Required for all Rotary volunteers and adult (over 18) members of host families-who may have unsupervised contact with student Follow guidance on application/affidavit Rotary Volunteers Deadline – Prior to student contact First Host Family – Prior to student contact Subsequent Host Families – Prior to student contact Follow submission directions to assure privacy/confidentiality of individuals Provide District Chair, Alison Meeks, and Secretary/Treasurer, Allison Ford, Host Family information (Names, Address, Tel, E-mail) by above dates D7770 YE Club Guidance Reference & Background Checks:  D7770 YE Club Guidance Reference & Background Checks Required for all Rotary & non-Rotary adults (over 18) & YE volunteers including host families. NO EXCEPTIONS District YE Certification Officer responsible, upon receipt of affidavit, to forward affidavit for background check to Spectrum Security, Ltd. Follow-up based on results of checks No findings – Individual & club notified and individual can begin participation in program Issue found – Individual given opportunity to clarify and subsequent decision made to accept/reject NO ONE CAN SERVE ON A YE COMMITTEE, AS HOST FAMILY OR YE VOLUNTEER UNTIL THEY PASS REFERENCE & BACKGROUND CHECKS Cost Of Rotary Youth Exchange Program:  Cost Of Rotary Youth Exchange Program One of the least expensive international exchange programs open to high school age students. Cost for Inbound Student:  Cost for Inbound Student Orientation and administrative costs; Health and liability insurance; Round-trip airfare to the host country; All travel documents, such as passports and visas; Clothing and spending money; An emergency fund for use during the year. Cost for STEP Student:  Cost for STEP Student District Application Fee $550.00 - Fee covers health insurance, district conference and other fees *Application fee may be paid by student or sponsoring club. Student is responsible for all travel costs and personal spending money. (No allowance provided hosting club/family.) Cost for Local Rotary Club:  Cost for Local Rotary Club Cost to Host LTEP Student: Monthly allowance ($100.00) $ 1,000.00 Miscellaneous for student (birthdays, Christmas, Rotary meals, etc.) 200.00 Miscellaneous Club Expenses-Marketing, etc. 500.00 District Program Fee 400.00 (Does not include Sevis Fee of $100 collected from Student. Club will be billed $500.) Cost to Send LTEP Student: District Program Fee 400.00 _________ Total Cost $ 2,500.00 No cost to sponsor or host STEP students. YOUTH EXCHANGE Resources:  YOUTH EXCHANGE Resources RI Youth Exchange Handbook Application (Long Term & Short Term Programs) Marketing materials First Night Questionnaire Evaluation Contact Information Important Events CISI-Bolduc Insurance Agency Bokoff-Kaplan Travel Services Student & District Information

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