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Published on December 2, 2008

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Greece Rotary Club : Greece Rotary Club 50th Anniversary Project Proposal 30 Day Club Review Presented November 19, 2008 By Ed D’Angelo, Club President ’08-’09 Program Agenda : Program Agenda A Brief History of Past Rotary Projects Our 50th Anniversary Project Selection Suggestions received from the club membership The Selected 50th Anniversary Project Conceptual Design Evolution Budgeting & Fundraising Plans “How do we get there” by the numbers Club Q & A Greece Rotary Club Major Projects: : Greece Rotary Club Major Projects: 1973 -74 Rotary Lodge Greece Canal Park 1997 - 98 Handicap Accessible Playground Greece Canal Park 2006 - 07 Flagpole YMCA Camp North Point 1993-present- Challenger Baseball Greece Little League Complex 1999 - Baseball Diamond Camp Haccamo 1988 & 2000 Polio Plus 2003- Rotary Foundation A major project is defined as any club endeavor that is outside of the normal year to year budget. The major project may require special funding sources as well as a multi-year commitment from the club and its officers. Greece Rotary Club Major Projects: : Greece Rotary Club Major Projects: Rotary Lodge Total cost of approx. $100,000 included $25,000 for the Deck addition and used a $47,000 Grant Playground Project Total approx. cost of $70,000 again using grant money Challenger Baseball Project $83,000 for field construction and ongoing annual support Haccamo Ballfield Project $10,000 and has gone away with the camp itself Polio Plus Campaigns 1986 raised approx. $36,000 and the 2000 raised an additional $18,000 These figures do not include individual club member donations to Polio Plus Rotary Foundation Permanent Fund $30,000 Suggested 50th Anniversary Projects : Suggested 50th Anniversary Projects Honor 50 Greece Community Individuals for 50 Weeks. The “honors” bestowed ranged from weekly meeting and press acknowledgements to possibly bestowing 50 Paul Harris Fellowships. The Paul Harris Committee has a challenge coming up with one or two viable candidates a year, so 50 seemed a bit daunting. Construct a Walking/Biking Trail to Circle Town Hall Campus. Acknowledgement signage would be a challenge, also the cost to community benefit ratio seemed small. Enhance Our Existing Greece HS Scholarship Programs. The idea was to either take our current scholarships from a one year award to a full four year prize OR to continue the one year scholarship but make one to all four Greece CSD HS. Slide 6: Suggested 50th Anniversary Projects Construct A Water/Spray Park for Greece Town Campus. Liability issues became a concern, and it would have to be next to Kiwanis Playground and we just can’t have that! Purchase Either Laptops or PCs for Greece CSD Elementary School Libraries. The idea was to make the equipment accessible to the same group of students that were already getting Dictionaries from Greece Rotary. Signage and acknowledgement issues as well as logistical end user issues presented themselves. Build a Gazebo Type Band Shell on Greece Town Campus. WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Of sorts... 50th Anniversary Project : 50th Anniversary Project Original idea was for a Gazebo Type Band Stand “Been there, done that.” We already had our hand in the Greece Library garden gazebo. What emerged was a more sophisticated and larger scale building. Consultations with Town of Greece officials and Barkstrom & LaCroix Architects led to the evolution of the basic concept. Slide 8: 50th Anniversary Project: 50th Anniversary Project: : 50th Anniversary Project: Current Proposed Project Working Title is Greece Rotary Band Shell. The Town of Greece is on board - John Auberger, Catherine Firkins and Jeff McCann are currently finalizing the design with Barkstrom & LaCroix. The Town of Greece has budgeted $350,000+ as an approximate cost of the project. The Town would be responsible for any cost over runs that may occur. The Towns funding of a $250,000 NY Senate Member Item is already on the books from Albany, they are committed to the project and see it as a positive alternative to the “Event Tent” currently being used. Annual Memorial Day Veterans Tribute Band Concerts, recent “Jimmy Sturr” Polka Celebration Cont’d. Slide 10: Greece Rotary’s Contribution to the $350,000 would be $100,000 over the next five years or $20,000 per year to be paid to the Town of Greece for fronting the project. Greece Rotary’s gift is approximately 29% of the total project estimated budget. Our contribution would change downward if the final cost estimate comes to be lower than planned. We will not be on the hook for $100,000 if the project actually is completed for significantly less than the $350,000. Nor will our contribution exceed 29% of any reduced scale structure. The Town of Greece will be responsible for handling all aspects of the bidding process. Cont’d. 50th Anniversary Project: Slide 11: Cost to Club for 50th Anniversary Project $100,000 Amount budgeted for 50th in Dan’s Year - $4,000 Amount left over from Dan’s year added to 50th - $10,000 Amount budgeted in Ed’s Year - $6,400 Remainder = $ 79,600 Suggested budget line for Bill’s year - $5,000 Suggested budget line for Mike’s year - $5,000 Suggested budget line for 4th year - $5,000 Suggested budget line for 5th year - $5,000 Remainder = $ 59,600 Estimated Grant from District 7120* - $2,000 Estimated Minimum Grants from Robach & Reilich** - $10,000 Estimated Proceeds from Fundraising Events*** - $48,000 Completion = +$400 *Grants are not guaranteed at this time only applied for from each source ** Legislative grant requests actually $25,000 and $10,000 respectfully *** Details of Fundraising on Next slide 50th Anniversary Project:“By the numbers…” Slide 12: The original intent of the 50th Anniversary Project was for it not to be a strain on the club’s existing charitable projects and fund raisers. It will not impact any group or project currently on our annual budget. In order to meet this standard we needed to find some new and creative fundraising avenues. Two possible fundraisers are: A “Texas Hold ‘Em” Tournament to be held two times a year. Potential of $6,000 to $7,000 funds raised per event. A Limited Pool Auto Raffle to be held during the course of a given year. Very large potential of $50,000 to $60,000 raised per event. 50th Anniversary Project Fund Raising Ideas: Slide 13: Texas Hold ‘Em Tourney – Idea Proposed by Kevin Kinnear and Larry Wills Tentative Date: Friday, April 3th, 2009, 6:30-11:00pm Tentative Site: Ridgemont CC, date & time are currently being “held.” Operated by: “Vegas Productions” “By the Numbers” 10 tables of 10 players = 100 players 100 players paying $75 entry fee $ 7,500 10 Table Sponsors @ $300 each $+3,000 Sub Total $10,500 Less “Prizes” for eliminating Sponsor $ -1,000 $600 fee to be paid to “Vegas Productions” $ -600 Fee for Ridgemont $ -100 Prizes for “Final Table 10” $ -2,300 Potential Funds Total $ 6,500 50th Anniversary Project Fund Raising Ideas: Slide 14: Limited Pool Car Raffle – Idea Proposed by Ed D’Angelo (as eavesdropped from Hector Urena!) Ticket Sales to run for a 12 month period Sales are limited to 1200 tickets at $100 each Prize will be a super luxury vehicle valued at approx $50,000 MSRP of $50K actual cost perhaps $43-45K Cash Alternative Prize of $50,000 Prize awarded at Deluxe Buffet Cocktail Party, location TBD Sale of tickets 1200 X $100 = $ 120,000 Less Cost of Car/Prize Money = $ - 50,000 Less Cost of Adv & Promo = $ - 12,000 Less Cost of Cocktail Party = $ - 7,500 Less Misc Costs of Printing, etc = $ - 500 Potential Funds Raised = $ 50,000 50th Anniversary Project Fund Raising Ideas: Slide 15: Any new Club venture involving more than $2,000 needs to be brought before the club for discussion. The Board having selected a 50th Anniversary Project and presented it to the Club Membership we now have 30 days for discussion, debate, and decision making. Let the discussions begin!!! 50th Anniversary Project:

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