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Published on February 27, 2014

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Ηλιοθερμία, Αντλίες θερμότητας, Ενδοδαπέδια, Εξαερισμός, Αφύγρανση, Γεωθερμία.

Athen, 8th November 2013 Καλώς ήλθατε!

Simple installation and less costs with Rossato Group's systems

Program Introduction The importance of an unique interlocutor ● What is simple? ● What is less cost? Integrated system ● Generators: heat pumps & pellet boilers/stoves ● Terminal units: radiant systems & fan coils ● Domestic hot water: solar & heat pump water heaters ● Air treatment: ventilation and dehumidification Focus

More than 40 years experience ● 1970: artisan firm → installation of alternative energy systems (solar thermal & biomass) ● 1996: Rossato Impianti → sale and installation of solar thermal and energy saving heating and cooling ● 2007: Rossato Group Snc → production of heating/cooling systems with radiant panels and heat pumps → exclusive representant of international brands (i.e. Sorel, BRV) ● 2010: Rossato Group Srl → focus on integrated system → website restyling and e-commerce → internationalization

A young team ● Commercial dpt ● Export dpt ● Administration dpt ● Technical dpt ● Aftersale dpt ● Logistics ● Sales network

A strategic location We are in Latina: Central Italy A strategic location 90 km from Rome 180 km from Naples 105 km from Fiumicino airport 70 km from Ciampino airport 150 km from Civitavecchia harbour

Our international market New Caledonia CH Ethiopia

Rossato Group in Greece Leonidas Nikolopoulos le.n.nik Μ.Ψελλού 18 - 26332 Πάτρα +30 2610312759 +30 6951110505

Integrated system Rossato Group offers a complete, integrated and high efficient system with easy installation and less costs

What is “simple”? ● products’ identification: available documents ● products’ installation: plug-’n play ● products’ maintenance: easy to access ● relationship ● technical support ● tools ● long practical experience

What is “less cost”? Price is a cost → COST is not only the PRICE Costruction site is a cost Time is a cost Customer’s confidence is a cost

Several suppliers Heat pump: Suppl.A Radiant system: Supplier B Dehumid. Supplier C Solar system: Supplier D Heating central: Supplier E

Unique interlocutor Radiant system Dehumidifier Heat pump Heating central Solar system

Less cost “Less cost” means... Reduction of installation costs

Several suppliers - Installation Main problems: ● Each supplier has his own point of view ● “No property” areas ● Superabundance of useless components ● Lack of useful components ● Different regulation logics

Unique interlocutor - Installation Main advantages: ● View of the complete system ● Tested combination/”dialogue” among components ● Optimization of components in the system ● All needed components ● Unique regulation logic

Reduction of installation costs An unique interlocutor means…. Installation ● Only one source of information ● The system is easy to install ● There is no waste of money ● No surprise → costs awareness from the beginning

Less cost “Less cost” means... Reduction of assistance costs

Several suppliers - Assistance Main problems: ● Each supplier is responsible only for his product ● Each supplier knows only his product ● Waste of time to identify the problem ● Waste of time to identify who can solve the problem ● Loss of money and confidence by the customer

Unique interlocutor - Assistance Main advantages: ● Responsibility for all components of the system ● Knowledge of all components and their interconnection ● One call to identify the problem ● One person will solve you the problem ● You don’t waste money and are reliable for your customer

Reduction of assistance costs An unique interlocutor means…. Assistance ● Quicker identification of problem ● Reliability towards the customer ● No waste of time and money

Less cost “Less cost” means... Reduction of estimation/selection costs

Several suppliers - Estimation Main problems: ● Superabundance of useless components ● Lack of useful components ● A lot of time waiting for 5 different quotations ● You take time to compose the system

Unique interlocutor - Estimation Main advantages: ● Optimization of components in the system ● “Standard” configurations through a long experience ● Answer from one person ● Help to compose the system

Reduction of estimation costs An unique interlocutor means…. Estimation ● Quicker answer ● Technical support on the whole configuration ● Technical training

Success The success of a sale depends on the selfconfidence of the seller

Quick answer The seller can give quick answers only if he knows: ● what the customer needs ● what the supplier can offer to satisfy the need

What is the need? ● Heating, cooling, domestic hot water, air treatment? ● New building or renovation? ● Destination of use? (flat, holiday house, hotel, office) ● Expectation (consumption saving, replacing old boiler, ecc) ● Budget

What do we offer? Heating Cooling Domestic hot water Air treatment Uses: ● Target: heating capacity about 35 kW ● Flats, houses, holiday houses ● Offices, shops ● Small hotels, b&b

Generators ● What is the required water temperature? ● New building? Renovation? Energy requalification?

Low temperature (30÷40°C) ● Heat pumps are planned to work with low temperature ● With radiant system the COP increases ● Heating, cooling and domestic water ● Mainly for new building or considerable renovation ● The highest energy saving and comfort ● It requires masonry and intervention

Medium temperature (40÷50°C) ● The heat pump has still a good performance ● Heating, cooling and domestic hot water ● For new building or renovation ● Less masonry required

Comparison of performances Example: ACTEA 09 Temperature of water going out from external exchanger = 8°C T = Temperature of water going out from internal exchanger T = 55°C COP 3 T = 40°C COP 4,84 T = 35°C COP 5,59

High temperature (>50°C) ● With high temperature it’s better a pellet stove/boiler ● Good for energy requalification ● Replacement of old boilers ● Connectable with existing systems (radiators) ● More economic ● Suggested Air Combo for domestic hot water

Terminals ● What is the expectation of the customer? ● What is the budget? ● New building? Renovation? Energy requalification?

Radiant systems Main advantages: ● The utmost energy efficiency and comfort ● Pleasant room’s aesthetic ● Homogeneous and constant temperature ● Very silent running ● Better energy performance and value of the building ● More space for furniture in the house

Radiant systems New buildings ● Underfloor ● High resistant materials ● Minimum waste ● Easy and safe laying 75-95mm (traditional screed) 60-80mm (self-levelling screed)

Radiant systems New buildings ● Wall/ceiling ● Walls’ protection heat/cold ● Good cooling performance ● Quicker heating/cooling

Radiant systems Renovations ● Underfloor ● Preshaped panels ● Minimum waste ● Quicker heating/cooling 21 mm (self-levelling screed)

Radiant systems Renovations ● Wall/ceiling ● Quick working times ● Less costs on construction site ● Less “mental costs”

Fan coils Iris Renovations/holiday houses ● No big works required ● Easy and quick ● Easier system (no dehumid.,regulation) ● Nice design and small spaces (13cm) Suggested for: ● Requalification of existing systems ● “Short-stay” (Shops, offices, houses) ● “On/off” customers Iris work with 35÷40° → efficiency and combination with heat pumps!

Domestic hot water

Solar systems Flat or vacuum?

Vacuum solar collectors ● High output ● Small and light ● Modular installation ● Elegant and modern design Suggested for: ● Main use in winter ● Low sun irradiation (north Europe) ● Reduced spaces ● Aesthetic reasons ● Heating with high cost generators ● Heating with high temperature terminals

Flat solar collectors ● Easier system ● Extra thick insulation ● Very easy hydraulic connection ● High output with meander pipe Suggested for: ● Main use in warm seasons ● Mediterranean countries ● For DHW and heating integration ● Any case where vacuum is not needed ● Combination with a good thermoregulation ● Combination with a good storage tank

Heat pumps

Air Combo ● Stand-alone ● Low consumption (ca.800kW/year) ● Ready to be used ● No complications for the whole system ● Hot water always available Suggested for: ● DHW in all seasons ● Combination with PV → self-consumption ● Combination with solar/biomass ● Any case with drain/gas problems ● Kitchens of restaurants, bars, etc

Air treatment ● Dehumidification and air exchange ● Energy saving with heat recovery ● Increase of building’s value ● Improvement of building’s energy class ● Clean air to reduce allergies

ECOdry CN REC ● Pre-configured and ready to use ● Smart thermoregulation ● Silent running ● Easy access to components Suggested for: ● Radiant cooling systems ● Dehumidification + ventilation ● Summer climatization (DC-Idro)

Focus ● Geothermal heat pumps Actea ● Solar collectors FINO: small and convenient ● Pellet stoves Circe and boilers Ninfa ● Heat pump water heaters Air Combo

Geothermal heat pumps Actea

Actea Field of application: Heating Cooling Domestic hot water Uses: ● Flats, offices and shops ● Combination with radiant systems ● Combination with fan coils ● Energy from the ground or groundwater

Source water or ground Sources: ● Water underground (groundwater) ● Water on surface (sea, rivers, lakes) ● Geothermy (heat in the ground) Constant temperature all year long ● 10÷15°C with groundwater ● 10÷25°C sea ● 4/6÷25°C river/lake ● 10°C with vertical probes (depth 80-150m)

Steadier output with geothermy Installation ways: closed loop with horizontal development - excavation depth:1,2-1,5m - receiving surface 2 or 3 times wider than the surface to be heated; closed loop with vertical development - excavation depth: 30 to 100m; open loop - groundwater given back through a well Result: ● reduced heat fluctuations underground ● steadier output during all year

Smart thermoregulation ● It adapts automatically system’s temperature to real need ● Reduced on/off of compressor ● Easy management of integration elements (pellet boiler or e-heater) ● Easy-to-use display ● Standard user’s keyboard - possible remote connection

78-86 cm Small dimensions for indoor installation ● High as a washing machine (78 cm; 86 the biggest) ● Maximum width 57,3 cm ● Low sound levels ● Indoor installation

Eurovent certification ● Certified performances according to international rules (EN14511) ● The user is sure that running complies with planning specifications ● Heat pump can access government incentive programs ● Possible comparison among heat pumps with the same reference parameters

Technical characteristics ACTEA Model Cooling power kW EER Heating power kW COP Supply V/Ph/Hz Dimensions WxHxD mm ACTEA 05M 8,26 5,94 7,05 5,10 230/1/50 402x785x602 ACTEA 05T 8,26 5,94 7,05 5,10 400/3/50 402x785x602 ACTEA 07M 10,70 5,63 9,42 5,10 230/1/50 402x785x602 ACTEA 07T 10,70 5,63 9,42 5,10 400/3/50 402x785x602 ACTEA 09M 13,90 5,99 12,10 5,10 230/1/50 402x785x602 ACTEA 09T 13,90 5,99 12,10 5,10 400/3/50 402x785x602 ACTEA 14T 17,70 5,80 16,10 5,20 400/3/50 402x785x602 ACTEA 18T 26,90 5,59 24,90 5,30 400/3/50 573x858x604 Reference conditions: Cooling: W35/W18 (EUROVENT) - Heating: W10/W35 (EN 14511) * cooling power measured with compressor’s rotation speed at 90%

Flat solar collectors FINO Small sizes solar collectors Visual_Collectors FINO_1.1

Flat solar collectors FINO Field of application: Domestic hot water Uses: ● Flats and condominia ● Sport centers, swimming pools, etc ● Hotels, b&b, etc

Advantages ● Small, light and handy ● Reduced costs ● High quality ● Solar Keymark certification ● Meander pipe for better output ● Insulation system for low heat losses ● Frame resistant to all temperature ● Suitable for areas near the sea or with a lot of snow or wind

Saving of logistic costs Advantages: ● Europallet size (120x80) ● It fits in the trunk of a car ● Lower logistic costs ● Lower shipping costs Result: ● Easy to carry ● Lower costs

Easy installation Advantages ● Light and handy (c.a. 13 kg) ● Small dimensions (80x120) ● Can be carried by one person ● Modules easy to combine Result: ● Easy installation ● Lower costs

Low cost solar system Solar kit FINO ● ● ● ● ● 2 collectors FINO (gross surf. 1,92 m2) Hooks for installation on roof Fittings Expansion vessel DHW 8l Anti freeze fluid 10kg Solar storage kit Economy+ ● ● ● ● ● Storage tank DHW 150l One-way solar group STDC controller with 2 sensors Flexible pipe and bracket for vessel Standard electrical resistance Price*: 1.994,00 € * Gross price based on price list 10/2013, EXW our warehouse, excl.taxes

Pellet stoves and boilers Ninfa Circe

Pellet stoves and boilers Field of application: Heating Domestic hot water Uses: ● Stoves Circe 25 kW ● Boilers Ninfa 25 and 35 kW ● Power modulation 15% - 100% ● Replacement of old gas/oil systems ● Installation with existing radiators

Automatic pellet charge Rotary valve ● fuel precise dosage ● hermetically sealed combustion room Result: ● No stop during pellet charge ● Safer running ● Silent operation

Combustion air control system Air Control sensor ● It keeps the right air/pellet ratio ● The sensor measures air in room → regulation of pellet quantity → regulation of fan’s speed ● Complete consumption of pellet ● Less ash formation Result: ● The stove/boiler keeps cleaner ● Reduced maintenance ● Less consumption Stufe a pellet Circe_Visual

Easy setting Advanced electronic ● Integrated LCD display ● Double set point for heating and DHW ● Pre-configured programs are available Result: Easy and intuitive setting

Energy saving with pellet

DHW with Air Combo ● Winter: the boiler warms water in Air Combo’s tank preventing the heat pump from starting. ● Summer: Air Combo produces DHW without switching the pellet boiler on. Result: ● ● less consumption pellet lasts longer Air Combo’s heat pump refills the tank with warm water if necessary.

Technical features CIRCE & NINFA Total heat power m.u. Circe Ninfa 25 Ninfa 35 kW 25 25 35 94% 91% 94% Total output Electrical supply V 230 230 230 Electrical absorption W 25-120 25-100 25-80 Maximum tank capacity kg 40 110 120 Hour pellet consumption kg 1,2 -5 1,2 -5 1,5 - 6,5 Pump’s head m 5 5 5,5 Safety valve bar 2,5 2,5 2,5 Operation pressure bar 1,2 1,2 1,2 l 8 8 8 Smokes outlet diameter mm 80 80 back 100 Width / depth / height cm 59 / 56,5 / 101 72 / 60 / 128 85 / 54 / 144 Total weight kg 175 200 220 Expansion vessel

Heat pump water heaters Air Combo S

Air Combo S Field of application: Domestic hot water Uses: ● 200l for 2-4 people flats ● 300l for 4-7 people flats ● Possible cascade installation ● Offices, hairdressers, sport centers ● Combination with pellet boilers ● Solar thermal systems ● Combination with PV systems

Advantages ● Low electrical consumption of compressor (630 watt) ● Utmost hygiene through anti-legionella mode ● Electric energy saving with the heat pump ● Operation with outdoor temp. -10°÷50°C ● Very thick tank insulation (polyurethane foam) ● Inspectable exchanger dip in the tank ● Ductable up to 10m ● Designed and made in Italy

Perfect integration with photovoltaics ● Dedicated relay for photovoltaics ● “Self-consumption” of energy produced by PV system ● Low electric consumption of compressor (630 watt) ● Family of 4 people about 800 kW per year ● A small electric counter is sufficient

Integration in solar thermal systems ● Winter: the heat pump starts when sun irradiation is not enough ● Summer: In warm seasons the solar collector heats up water in the tank without starting the heat pump Advantage: ● ● less energy consumption costs saving

Technical details AIR COMBO m.u. Air Combo 300 R 134a Refrigerant Air Combo 200 R 134a HP yield heating power (EA 15°C - tank 55°C) kW 2,03 2,03 HP yield total heating power (EA 15°C - tank 55°C) kW 3,23 3,23 hours 3,40 5,30 kW 1,2 (optional 1,5) 1,2 (optional 1,5) > 3,5 > 3,5 Average recovery time (from 15° to 45°C) Electrical heater (integration) COP (Air 15°C - tank 50°C) Max water temp. - only heat pump °C 65 65 Operating limits EA °C -10 ÷ +50 -10 ÷ +50 Maximum temperature in tank °C 90 90 Auxiliary exchanger (i.e. for solar thermal) m2 1,5 1,5 Nominal air flow m3/h 350 350 Diameter of connections for canalization mm 190 190 V/Ph/Hz 230/1/50 230/1/50 Standard power supply

Heat pump water heaters Air Combo 100

Air Combo 100 Field of application: Domestic hot water Uses: ● 100 l for single family houses ● Solar thermal systems ● Combination with small PV systems ● Suitable for holiday homes ● Replacement of old water heaters

Advantages ● Low electrical consumption of compressor (300W) ● Compact dimensions (1,2m x 48cm) ● Light weight (56 kg) ● Utmost hygiene through anti-legionella mode ● No need of masonry ● Better exploitation of small photovoltaic systems ● Advanced electronic with user-friendly display ● Designed and made in Italy

Technical characteristics m.u. Capacity Air Combo 100 l 100 Refrigerant R 134a Average HP absorption kW 0,30 Electrical heater (integration) kW 1,2 Electrical heater for air heating kW 0,90 Reacheable temperature with heat pump °C 56 Maximum temperature with electrical resistance °C 65 Maximum operating pressure bar 6 Net weight kg 56 inches 1/2 V/Ph/Hz 230/1/50 Hydraulic connections Standard power supply

Contact us Your contact: Maria Angela Martoriello +39 0773 844051 +39 0773 848778 skype: export.rossatogroup Follow us


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