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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: stalesfo



Rose, Saphyre, Honeymoon, Legacy, Sims 2, Witch, Vacation

Rose graduated not too long after Ruby. She chose her plot of land on the westernmost side of town. She set up camp next to a lush apple tree. Unlike Ruby, Rose had to wait several days for her opportunity to become a game designer. She didn‟t mind it too terribly though since she had an excuse to dig up all the treasures she could to her heart‟s content.

Rose ultimately decides that Ralph is her soul mate. They reconnected as soon as Rose graduated from college. They couldn‟t wait to start their lives together so they came to a mutual wedding proposal of sorts… at the photo booth in the Crypt „O Night Club. There was quite a crowd!

Ralph and Rose promptly got hitched right in front of the booth. Ralph was extra about the extra riches he believed they‟d amass. That one elderly woman has no concept of personal space… Another exciting day in Crystal Cove!

And they even had time to have an official photo booth ceremony without the photos… >.>

Here‟s this lounge lizard guy-whose name I can‟t be bothered to remember… “Y‟know I called you every day in college Rose, right?” said ??? “Don‟t care! Lalalalala!”

Rose and Ralph also adopted two cats before their impromptu wedding! I believe the female (on right) is Kawaii and the other one was named Shoji? Anyway they couldn‟t wait to share the news! *You know you do too! Whether you‟re hugging little Mittens or Snicker doodle! :-P jk-or am I?

We all know what this means! Rose and Ralph are vacationing at Twikki Island like Ruby and Marcel did. If Rose had known, she might‟ve picked a different destination. Nevertheless, they weren‟t regretting their choice.

Rose and Ralph went to the hot springs and enjoyed the eatery and the hula dancers. Rose was enthusiastically talking about cuisine. Ever since Ralph had an accident with one of his spells, he became a grilled cheese sim. * *I was trying to redo his turn ons x-( and forgot that his aspiration bar wasn‟t at least in the gold… d‟oh!

After a few grilled cheese sandwiches were conjured, Ralph plopped himself onto the nearest vacant hammock and day dreamed for hours while his wife got a hot stone massage.

Ever-the-Opportunist, Rose decided to invest $500 in learning the hot stone massage technique! Why not? After all they spent time learning the hula and how to “hang loose.”

Awkward hot springs is awkward… “Ralph! Why‟d you pick this one! There are lots of other ones that are family free!” “Shhhhhh! I‟m glowing!” Ralph countered indignantly.

Ralph was exhausted from all the activities on the first day, so he retired to bed early. Rose still wanted to explore the island; she found a fire dancer at the boardwalk and was thrilled to learn he was offering dance lessons! *CRACK* A lightening bolt coursed straight into Rose‟s body like a lightening rod! She was forced to retire for the night as well, but she was determined…

The next day, Rose fully learned the fire dance in its entirety. She also rubbed it in her trainer‟s face at every turn. He tried to insist that she was cursed and cautioned her not to go through with it…

In-between vacation destinations, Rose liked to play „harmless fairy tricks‟ on the unwitting victims at their inn. I don‟t think this fellow will make the mistake of greeting anyone in the Saphyre family again…

Ralph and Rose explored an abandoned pirate ship and Rose found Captain Dregg-or his ghost, rather-aboard! Initially Rose ran away from the ship as fast as her swift legs could carry her. I never thought I’d actually want to thank that p.e. teacher in college… Once Rose got used to the idea of a ghost pirate, she introduced him to her husband and the all enjoyed singing pirate chanteys. Oh how creepy he sounded! :D

Ralph and Rose bickered frequently but they both insisted that it was passion-which wasn‟t unfounded… These two were autonomously queuing actions for one another. In fact, they both have a penchant for sneaking into other peoples‟ rooms… >.> Baby bells were heard that night…

“DO. NOT. WANT! So sick of grilled cheese!!! D:<“ “Calm down babe…!” “D:< D:< D:<“ He never uttered those fateful words again...

Rose was all too eager to get her disposable camera‟s pictures developed until she saw this… „Ruby…’ >.< she sighed…. Stay tuned for next time! Happy Simming!

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