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Published on June 14, 2013

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pavilion dedicated to XXII Winter Olimpic games in Sochi.
Architect Dimitry Demin
Designer Roman Pomazan

ROSE PAVILIONdedicated to the XXII Winter Olympic GamesArchitecture by Dimitriy Demin

© 2013 Dimitry DeminPublished online by:The Algitecture PressMoscow, Russiawww.algitecture.comMathematical consultant: Denis PetrovDrawings and visualization: Roman PomazanTechnical consultants: Gregory Epps, Michael Wagner, Dmitri Berzon,Benjamin S. Koren and Alexander E. LisenkoSpecial consultants: Chun Qing Li and Alexander KovalskiFinancial consultant: Maxim LitvakRussian edited by Olga Demin and Alexander E. LisenkoEnglish translation by Frances Sander and Roman RomanovLayout by Vladimir KlunniyEnglish edited by Peter GodfreyPapers originally presented on for the Rosa Khutor launch event at theOlympic Pavilion, January, 2013.No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmit-ted, in any form or by any means, without a licence or the prior written consent of thepublisher. To obtain an Access Copyright licence, please contact info@algitecture.comCover design by Urban Architecture

Rose PavilionThe Idea

Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy DeminThe idea for the construction of this pavilionfor the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochioriginates with the emblem of the five Olympicrings familiar to everyone from childhood. Likethe Olympic rings, the pavilion is designed toperform five functions for athletes and guests atthe Games, each of them with a defined life-cycle.By using the symbolism of the Olympic rings, theaim is to make the pavilion a memorable imageof the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, as well asreflecting Russias national heritage.The Concept ofthe PavilionSymbiosis ofArchitectural andSporting TraditionsBUSSTationCentre forProductDemonstrationInteractiveFeaturesInformationCentre

Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy DeminPavilionsasanarchitecturalforminRussiagobackto the time of Peter the Great, when they werefirst designed both for rest and recreation andas features in the landscape. The Rose Pavilionis conceived as a continuation of this tradition tocelebrate the Sochi Winter Olympics.The form of the pavilion was inspired by thenatural beauty of Rosaceae Rosa canina –plants of the dog-rose family. These roses havea pentagonal symmetry and double curvaturein their petals – features which have beentranslated through precision engineering into anaesthetically beautiful architectural form.TraDITION DesignThe highly attractive winter resort of Rosa Khutorin Krasnaya Polyana – which translates as ‘theRosa Khutor in the Red Glade’ – was chosen asthe appropriate spot for a project which bringsRussian tradition up to date with the siting of amodern pavilion in a ski centre, where it bothgives protection from the elements and providesinteractive online information.ROSE Khutor

Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy DeminThe final architectural form resulted from ananalysis of material properties and engineeringcalculations, taking into account local climaticconditions.TechnologyThe Rose Pavilion is designed to provide a visu-ally arresting and weather-proof hub which willserve as a focal point in providing informationabout the resort’s infrastructure, services and at-tractions for visitors to the Games.The surrounding mountain landscape and coastalscenery of the River Mzimta dovetail perfectlywith the originality of the pavilion’s mouldeddesign.Bus station Rose

design andfunctionsRose Pavilion

Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy DeminThe pavilion is designed to provide a visually ar-resting and weather-proof hub which will serveas a focal point in providing information aboutthe resort’s infrastructure, services and attrac-tions for visitors to the Games.It is conceived as a public place which, amongother functions, will protect visitors from theweather while they wait for shuttle buses. The pa-vilion’s radial symmetry provides optimum spa-ciousness for tourists or athletes to shelter fromthe sun or ride out bad weather under its ‘petals’.Bus station

Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy DeminThe concept and design of the pavilion will alsofacilitate access for visitors to information abouthotels, services and local attractions, focussingtheir attention on relevant data as soon as theyarrive. Details of ski lifts and the programmeof events will also be readily available, and aninteractive interchange with mobile devices willbe provided. All of this will make the pavilion thegateway to the resort, opening its doors to thevisitor.A Centre forInformation

Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy Deminкупольнаягоризонтальная волнообразнаятентоваяThe appearance of the pavilion was devised byparametric design techniques. The final archi-tectural form resulted from an analysis of mate-rial properties and engineering calculations, tak-ing into account local climatic conditions. Thesepointed to a preference for a domed structure inorder to minimize the effect of snow loads. Col-laboration between architects, engineers andbiologists made possible the creation of an archi-tectural aesthetic harmonious with the beauty ofthe natural environment.The pavilion has high performance componentsbecause of the automation of the design cycleand manufacturing process. This is the result ofarchitectural design being integrated with theuse of robots in an innovative way which makesproduction purely mechanical.A TechnologicalInnovation

Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy DeminThe Golden RatioDespite its unusual bionic shape, the pavilionexhibits the classical proportions of ‘the goldenrule’, which permeate all of its design elements.According to Pythagoras, a regular pentagonrepresents mathematical perfection, concealingwithin itself the golden rule.

Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy Deminground floor+1,000mCovering the base of the pavilion is a pattern thatmimics the symbolism of the XXII Winter OlympicGames in Sochi. Technologically, this feature is alayer of ultra-elastic concrete (UHFB) which doesnot need further treatment, paint or other pro-tective coating. The columns of the pavilion canbe bolted using prefabricated metal supports.They follow faithfully the radial symmetry of thefive-pointed Olympic emblem of a star.

Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy DeminView from the TopThe petals of the dome of the pavilion are a sty-listically converted ornament of the Olympic star,created through a set of parametric design tech-niques. The holes near each of the five columnswere added following the recommendation ofengineers who took into account the climatic fea-tures of Krasnaya Polyana. They serve to preventthe accumulation of snow and provide a slopedown which it can disperse.

Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy DeminColour SchemeThe colour scheme of the pavilion is similar toflowers with five interlocking rings in blue, black,red, yellow and green. Giving this Olympic colourreference to each of the columns makes the pavil-ion a visible, recognisable and more memorableplace. The columns and ceiling of the pavilionpainted gray are the interactive screen designedfor video projections.

Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy DeminFront - FaçadeIn the tradition of Russian Constructivism, thepavilion puts all its design features on display.Curved metal sheets are welded together orconnected by screws and rivets. The aestheticof Constructivism is interwoven with moderntechnology, and highlights the golden rule in theproportions between the heights of the columns,dome and the pavilion itself.

Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy DeminSection А-АThe structure of the pavilion is divided into twomain load-bearing parts, merging harmoniouslywith each other: the dome and the columns. Bothare made of the same material, manufactured byRoboFold. The 3-D modelling and engineeringdesign use computer tools developed by thecompany Rhino-in, based on the Rhinoceros 3Dprogramme.

Rose PavilionThe Architect

Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy DeminDimitryDeminisaninnovativearchitectandengineerwithdegreesfromuniversitiesinRussia,Germanyand Switzerland. He is also a thinker, writer and film producer in the field of marrying imaginativemodern architecture with hi-tech precision engineering to conjure up buildings which are ecologicallysound and aesthetically ground-breaking.Dimitry currently works as chief specialist in parametric engineering for Gartner Steel and Glass GmbH(Permasteelisa Group), and is involved in building façades for some of the worlds leading architecturalfirms.In both building and research he focuses on integrating aesthetics with high-precision engineeringthrough computer technology, and has a broad perspective which involves collaboration withmathematicians, biologists, material scientists, economists and archaeologists. In philosophical terms,he incorporates a multi-dimensional concept of time as an independent mathematical entity into theaesthetics of architecture.Dipl. Ing. MAS CAAD (ETH Zürich)Germany,

Technology andSpecificationsRose Pavilion

&Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy DeminFinite element method calculations have beenused to determine the load-bearing capacity ofthe structure. This influenced the final form of theRose Pavilion, helping to shape the interpretationof the physical and geometric properties of dogrose petals which inspired it.Companies Rhino <> Dlubal CalculationsTwo state of the art international companies –RoboFoldandRhino-in–collaborateindesigning,manufacturing and installing the Rose Pavilion.Since 2008 they have used robotic technologyto optimize the building of the most demandingprecision architectural structures.The design of complex structures requiressophisticated computer tools capable of findingthe crucial points of interaction between theparticipants involved. This entails bringingtogether the input of architects, engineers,mathematicians,materialscientistsandbiologists.

Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy DeminRoboFold has evolved its own unique softwareto control the production of geometricallycomplex one-off metal structures through theuse of robots. The software is made available forthe manufacture of a diverse range of buildingelements.Components of the Rose Pavilion will be made atRoboFolds factory in London, which is equippedwith CNC machines and two six-axis robots. Thesecombine high precision with a faithful renderingof the architectural design.Component parts of the pavilion will betransported from the factory and assembled onsite within a period of two weeks. Installationdoes not require the use of a crane: scaffolding isadequate. A specialised team of three people canputupthepavilionunderanyweatherconditions.Software Production Construction

Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy DeminTogether with the world-renowned architectZahaHadid,RoboFoldwasinvolvedinproductionof the ARUM sculpture pavilion at the 13thVenice Architecture Biennale. In the design andmanufacture of ARUM RoboFolds founder,Gregory Epps, used a patented technologyemployingrobotstobendmetalinordertocreatea unique architectural structure: an origami vasemade of metal. Full details of Robofolds projectscanbeaccessedonthecompanysofficialwebsite:www.robofold.comRobofold Projects

InteractiveFeaturesRose Pavilion

© v4w.enko.ffspace.infoRose Pavilionby Dimitriy DeminIt is planned to keep guests at the resort informedthrough printed maps and video projectionswhich appear directly on the structure of thepavilion. Like the flame of the Winter Olympicstorch relay, with its firebird feather symbol, thepavilion can come to life when people appear,and display the sights and attractions of theresort in an interactive way.The pavilions columns and dome will also servefrom time to time as an electronic canvas forcontemporary artists from around the world.Surfaces coated with a special paint can beused for interactive video games, transmissionof musical performances by video, and theprojection of art installations.For live sports coverage it is envisagedthat the pavilions columns and dome willprovide a wide-screen multimedia display,so that guests at the resort can enjoy theexcitement of watching the tussle for Olympicmedals while breathing pure mountain air.Information installation video-translation

Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy DeminThe Rose Pavilion will become interactivethrough the use of media technology projectionmapping, which enhances the spatial featuresof reality. The columns and dome can be turnedinto a screen for live shows in both conventionaland 3D formats. After dusk the pavilion willhave additional LED lighting which requiresapproximately 10kw of electricity. The powersupply can be housed inside one the five weight-bearing columns.projection mapping

Rose Pavilionby Dimitriy DeminImages and videos are projected onto thesurface of the pavilion by five HD projectorswith a brightness of 7000-12000 ANSI lumens –adequate for daytime use. The projectors arebuilt into the columns as an integral part of thestructure.projection mapping

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