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Published on October 13, 2007

Author: gkramer


United States “Diplomacy”

Diplomacy: 1. The art or practice of conducting international relations, as in negotiating alliances, treaties, and agreements. 2. Tact and skill in dealing with people.

Roosevelt’s Big Stick Diplomacy • Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine (1904) or “preventative intervention” • The U.S. became the “policemen” of the Caribbean & collected debts owed to European nations to keep Europe in Europe

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

T.R. the Debt Collector

Taft on Dollar Diplomacy • “The diplomacy of the present administration has sought to respond to modern ideas of commercial intercourse. This policy has been characterized as substituting dollars for bullets.”

Taft’s Dollar Diplomacy • $ for political and economic clout in other nations • Economic stimulus could bring stability to developing regions of the world without the use of troops—BUT • In 1912, 2500 American marines were used to put down a revolution in Nicaragua

Wilson’s Moral Diplomacy • Believed it was American mission to spread democracy and capitalism to promote stability and progress in the world • Deal with Latin America “upon terms of equality and honor” • Imperialism is not moral • Was Wilson’s handling of Mexico moral?

Wilson’s 2nd Inaugural Address • “That all nations are equally interested in the peace of the world and in the political stability of free peoples, and equally responsible for their maintenance”

Big Stick Actions… • Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty (1903) – The United States was to receive rights to a canal zone which was to extend five miles on either side of the route – Panama was to receive a payment of $10 million – Panama was to receive annual rental payments of $250,000 • Tariff collection in the Dominican Republic (1905)

Dollar Diplomacy Failures? • Couldn’t get control of Manchurian railway • Disorders in Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua required the use of American forces (didn’t adequately substitute dollars for bullets!)

Moral Diplomacy Failures? • 1915—Haitian uprisings caused Wilson to dispatch troops • 1916—Dominican Republic experienced riots—Wilson sent troops • 1917—U.S. bought the Virgin Islands from Denmark

Which diplomacy today? • Which type of diplomacy is Bush claiming to use? • Which type of diplomacy is Bush actually using? • Which type of diplomacy should Bush be using?

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