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Published on December 24, 2008

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NonStop Payments in an Offline World ? : NonStop Payments in an Offline World ? Chris Rooke, VP NonStop Enterprise Division, HP Finance: reality check : December 24, 2008 2 “ I get out of bed and get pretty excited about buying a new car, TV or outfit. Even going to the supermarket can be enjoyable. But people don’t jump out of bed saying, I’m going to have fun buying a mortgage today” Marketing Director – Major Bank Bearingpoint/Economist survey “Fix the customer experience” Finance: reality check Slide 3: “ It‘s not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent; but the one most responsive to change” Charles Darwin HP NonStop enables The Adaptive Enterprise Business Drivers in Finance : December 24, 2008 4 Business Drivers in Finance Financial services providers are currently driven by 3 things Cut costs Cut costs Cut costs At the same time they would like to Increase per customer profitability Drastically increase return on (current) IT investments Customer do not just buy “infrastructure” any more Too much predicated on “jam it tomorrow”, and tomorrow never comes ! IT has consistently failed to deliver what it promised Banking: today’s customer service environment : December 24, 2008 5 Banking: today’s customer service environment Institutional challenges Multiple customer touch-points Inconsistent information Inconsistent transaction capabilities Inconsistent service levels Many-to-many connectivity Results in… Customer repeating “tales of woe” Employees being unaware of customer offers Inability to segment markets High costs to add channels and products Customer interaction … today’s model : December 24, 2008 6 Customer Interface Customer interaction … today’s model Customer analysis is largely astandalone function driven by static batched snapshots of activity Business Infrastructure CRM Activities Customer history Analysis Marketing plans Sales incentives Loyalty programs Internal processes Product planning Fraud analysis Profitability analysis Real-time position BatchRefresh Tomorrow’s opportunity … real-time interaction : December 24, 2008 7 Customer Interface Tomorrow’s opportunity … real-time interaction Leading-edge institutionswill demand real time response toevents across the business Only Real Time at the Right Time : December 24, 2008 8 Real Time Right Time Banking business challenges Banking IT imperatives Need for rapid change Elusive Single Customer View Associate bank systems Event driven, not batch 100% absolute data integrity Customer Servicing Exactly the same – all channels 100% linear scalability Offers What is good for the bank? What is good for the customer? 100% adaptive Access methods Cost-effective flexibility Reduce complexity 100% continuous availability Only Real Time at the Right Time Events: Fraud attempts Transactions peaks and valleys Customer interactions Random channel selection (you cannot choose, customers do) Offers Market trend influence Customer preferences What really happened last? Access methods No such thing as “wait for money” Slide 9: December 24, 2008 9 The HP NonStop Server as core to Real Time Financial Services is the only solution to realize these adaptive objectives Real / Right Time Financial Services must provide: : December 24, 2008 10 Real / Right Time Financial Services must provide: Integration and accessibility without impacting existing systems A migrating process methodology from provisional to transactional Ability to handle changing business conditions, including future acquisitions and business unit mergers Status and transaction visibility to insulate organizations from “protective” legislation and accords Support for executive visibility by enabling BAMs and on-demand reporting NonStop RTFS solution differentiation : December 24, 2008 11 NonStop RTFS solution differentiation How is RTFS different from other approaches? Competition: disassociated enterprise moves business unit processes to loosely coupled, bus-routed messaging across vertical applications (Retail channels, CIF, legacy, etc.). Objective: get the cost out of the infrastructure – a good idea! Problem: no single view of customer in real-time, no way to personalize channel interaction for specific, targeted, interaction in real-time. Result: customer may be offended. You really don’t know what happened last! HP NonStop RTFS: disassociated enterprise ALSO exploits multi-channel integration (cost – out) mechanisms but also provides a central HUB; a single point-of-control that understands multi-application data points and works with your software Advantage: exact, personalized, up/cross selling and up to the second appropriate customer interactions. And – get the cost out! Financial Services landscape:Integration challenge : December 24, 2008 12 Financial Services landscape:Integration challenge Internet Core Finace Systems ATM/ POS Wireless Multiple connections for many delivery channels No one channel has complete access to an up-to-date, consolidated view of customer data Traditional CRM technologies do NOT solve this picture. Financial Services landscape:CRM approach : December 24, 2008 13 Financial Services landscape:CRM approach Internet Core Finance Systems ATM/ POS Wireless Multiple connections for many delivery channels No one channel has complete access to an up-to-date, consolidated view of customer data Traditional CRM technologies do NOT solve this picture. CRM Solution Wrong Answer! (there is nothing under the covers) Financial Services landscape:NonStop solution (RTFS) : December 24, 2008 14 Financial Services landscape:NonStop solution (RTFS) HUB Simplified connectivity Each channel has access to an up-to-date, consolidated view of customer data One point of control enables optimization of every customer interaction Core Banking Systems Internet ATM/ POS Wireless Central Point-of-Control Real-time at the Right time Three examples of NonStop RTFSROI in less than 180 days : December 24, 2008 15 Three examples of NonStop RTFSROI in less than 180 days Reduce Risk Exposure Major Retail Bank: identified an operational process that demonstrates a substantial return on investment measured in reduced people cost, infrastructure expenses, and improved customer satisfaction practices. Reduced Operational Costs Substantial card (Internet) processor: identified a business thread that will demonstrate improved transaction integrity, reduced fraud, and implement a “build once-use many” technology economy. Increased Revenue Major Service Provider: identified new revenue streams by integrating back-office applications to a customer information collection process feeding a single call-centre management application. Slide 16: December 24, 2008 16 Business Example (real time at the right time) Slide 17: December 24, 2008 17 Our dear valued banking customer: Is in airport concourse B, just about ready to board a vacation flight to Belgium (beautiful place) …Stops at the ATM – needs to get a little cash… Slide 18: December 24, 2008 18 Insufficient funds Transaction declined customer’s recent deposit not posted (balance < request) Slide 19: December 24, 2008 19 Customer has Mortgage of 500K Next income payment due in 5 days Risk scoring: low Customer is regular ATM user Assessment scoring: high Call center cross-sell result based on profile and last query satisfaction scoring: high … what happens at the call center Or is it the COST center? Slide 20: December 24, 2008 20 Transaction authorized fee $1 + Commission-free foreign exchange coupon from Travelex Instead use HP NonStop RTFS at moment of interaction get customer satisfaction/retention, profit opportunity, and save money HP technology – right stuff in the right place : December 24, 2008 21 HP technology – right stuff in the right place HP Superdome: Branch services Credit services Investment services Merchant databases Neural risk engines HP NonStop: real-time financial services Payments and enhanced payments Global integration point Scalability; reliability Sybase ODS Informix Oracle SAP Other vendors’ mainframes HP NonStop RTFS EAI HP OpenBank Next Gen Front Office Slide 22: December 24, 2008 22 „ Vision without action is only dreaming, action without vision is merely wasting time, but vision with action can change the world“ Nelson Mandela History : December 24, 2008 23 History HP employees moved across the street to form their own company Designed and developed from a blank sheet of paper First sold in 1974 HP NonStop Server Platform Roadmap : December 24, 2008 24 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 HP NonStop Server Platform Roadmap 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 S88K, S78K Itanium® 2-based server Support * Reflects minimum 5-year after last sale support period Support generally continues for several years beyond minimum period Sales CA Value of NonStop Servers in the modern IT world : December 24, 2008 25 Value of NonStop Servers in the modern IT world NonStop™ Kernel – OS and cluster-wide message system NonStop™ TS/MP, NonStop™ TMF – system-wide process and transaction mgmt. NonStop™ CORBA CORBA APIsIIOP protocol NonStop™ EAS Java & J2EE APIsRMI/IOP NonStop™ Tuxedo Tuxedo APIs & Protocols Web Services:iTP Web Server NonStop™ XML NonStop™ SOAP Web Svcs APIsHTTP Protocol Your applications using standard APIs and protocols CORBAclients Javaclients Tuxedoclients Web browserclients Web Servicesrich clients Messaging clients IIOP RMI/IIOP Jolt etc. HTTP/S XML/SOAP MQS, JMS… SQL APIs, ODBC, JDBC… Pathway/iTS Pathway/XM Pwy APIs& Protocols Data Base Services: NonStop SQL Enscribe COMMON STANDARDS UNCOMMON ADVANTAGES availability: the whole picture : 26 availability: the whole picture Minimize Unplanned Outages Minimize planned Outages Minimize recovery times Outage-minutes Minimize Planned Outages Minimize Unplanned Outages Hardware Fault Tolerance NonStop Software Online operations SW Fault Tolerance HP NonStop serversKey to HP Enterprise Position : December 24, 2008 27 NonStop servers represent the pinnacle of the HP enterprise portfolio The NonStop platform is “front and center” of HP’s corporate strategy to transition to the Intel® Itanium® microprocessor HP NonStop serversKey to HP Enterprise Position “By merging with Compaq, we've significantly strengthened our position in the high-end fault-tolerant computing with our NonStop servers. That's important because NonStop systems are at the center of some of the most data-intensive real-time applications in the world, whether those are national security or the New York Stock Exchange.” – Carly, HP World keynote, HP World 2002 Conference & Expo, September 25, 2002 “The Tandem NonStop platform is a hugely important piece of our strategy going forward .... In fact ... I believe we cannot deliver the HP strategy without that NonStop platform. It is front and center.” – Carly, CHIME Conference, Spring CID Forum, February 2003(Health Information Management) Other things to think about… : December 24, 2008 28 Other things to think about… Darwin might have thought… : December 24, 2008 29 Darwin might have thought… …beat genetics, use NonStop Servers

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