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Published on March 12, 2014

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The flat roof, large issue for many French. I will try to demystify its use and design so that you better understand its operation.

ROOF TERRACE, FLAT ROOF INSTRUCTIONS The flat roof, large issue for many French. I will try to demystify its use and design so that you better understand its operation. The roof terrace is a particular element of the cover. It does not require framing itself. The slope should be less than 15 °, it is beyond an inclined roof. We can consider two types of constructions, one accessible, the other not. And there is any type of structure to support it. Beyond conventional roof terrace supported by a concrete slab, you can venture a wooden structure. Yes the wood is too strong to be accessible. Another option is to put a tray on a flat steel framing (joists). Suddenly you can not access it. After choosing the structure that works for you to enjoy your patio, think about installing a hard insulation that will not compress to force mount it. Sealing located just above her when in need of protection traffic. To do so simply install pads plastic adjustable which will host the soil of your choice such as slabs or decking. To summarize, a flat roof access must have two things:  A solid structure  One that protects the waterproofing CONCRETE ROOF TERRACE The roof terrace concrete bit be achieved in several ways: o Prédalle o situ in sails o slabs on army frame o Prestressed concrete o beam slab Be found above and below an insulation. The seal is placed above. It is a tar evêtement r. On the tower roof, back wall (15 cm above the seal) to create the parapet. Itself surmounted by a couvertine. Here's what looks like a roof terrace concrete:

Roof terrace with exterior insulation: Detail roof terrace accessed:

The roof terrace is available both feasible concrete than wood. The difference with the roof is not visible at the upper insulator. We will focus on an incompressible insulating ask for it then seal and adjustable pads which will be put on the wooden slats or slabs Detail roof terrace unreachable: The difference between a roof terrace is accessible or well-after on the structure, type of insulation used. Not accessible in just a glass wool 12 cm "classic." Available and it is a hard insulation plate to mount it without settling. ROOF TERRACE WOOD The flat roof timber will be placed on a wooden frame. The idea is to install a steel tank (this can also be done in triply) on joists . The underside of the joists is then isolated and plasterboard closes the whole. Above the steel pan is an insulation and sealing. Roof terrace steel tray:

Roof terrace Triply: Retail side:

You should definitely pay attention to one thing: the dew point. It is an imbalance between the inner and outer insulation that produces condensation in the interior insulation. Imagine the consequences:  Compaction of the insulation  Degradation of thermal performance  Alteration of the ceiling. Ask your roofer how to avoid it. This will be in addition a good test to check his level of competence. View from below: Sizing joists, metal beams and girders should be calculated by a professional because it depends on the scope. We also endeavor to overcome the walls above the roof. This part is called parapet. So it must not forget the water flow. It is recommended to create a slope of 1 to 5% leading to the downspouts. These items are valid for all flat roofs.

On insulation rock wool is a good track. With a thickness of 240mm are very good performance for example with R = 6. Arrived in 260mm, there are products of R = 6.5. It is important to insulate above to avoid condensation. Below the seal there choice of insulating mineral wool, polyurethane or polystyrene. Available thicknesses vary from 3 to 12cm. When one has no choice, eg renovation, we must calculate the thickness between the top and bottom. A view with a professional who can guide you. It can also protect the seal with gravel or vegetating roof. With a green roof thermal inertia increases . In summer, for example, the moisture evaporates accumulated night the day playing the role natural air conditioning. The article is written by John, who has keen interest in spending his time with his friends in plan de coupe.

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