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Published on December 27, 2016

Author: ngelaGutirrez4


1. Rome fact sheet

2. Index ■ Some basic facts ■ Where to go ■ Map ■ What to do ■ Who’s from Rome ■ Conclusion

3. Some basic facts • Capital city of Italy • 2.372.000 inhabitants • It was founded in 753 b.c. • Area of about 1285 m2

4. Where to go • Places: the Roman Coliseum, the pantheon of Agripa, the Roman forum, the fountain diTrevi… • Other places: the San Pedro’s basilica, the stairs of the “Spain square”, the sistine chapel…

5. Map

6. What to do • Visit: the borghese gallery, the capitoline museums, the Roman National museum, the Corsini palace… • Gastronomy: Fiori di zucca, the gnocchi alla romana, the suppli alla romana… • Go and see:Via Condotti,Via del Corso, Ponte Milvio…

7. Who’s from Rome • Historical: Julio César, Augusto, Miguel Ángel… • Celebrities: Allison Miller, Aitana Sánchez Gijón…

8. Conclusion

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