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Information about ROMAN VALUES

Published on October 29, 2007

Author: Nevada


ROMAN VALUES in imperial rome:  ROMAN VALUES in imperial rome Agenda:  Agenda In this lesson: You will work with a partner to discuss the list of Roman values you found and your examples for each of them. The class will compile a “Class List” of the top Roman Values you found for homework, comparing them to the 5 major values you will review in this presentation today. You will look at a variety of images from the Roman Empire that depict the values emphasized by Romans during the Imperial period. You will identify which value matches up to the corresponding picture and explain your reasoning based upon previous knowledge and using evidence from the image you see on the screen. Closure of the lesson: Before leaving class, each student will fill out an “Exit Slip” listing the 5 major Roman Values and naming one example for each objectives:  objectives By the End of this Lesson… You should be able to: Identify the 5 core Roman values emphasized during the Imperial Period and… Be able to give at least two examples on how the Romans practiced each value. Roman Value I:  Roman Value I (Above) A Roman Copy of Myron’s Discus Thrower Which Roman Value is Represented by the Images below? (Above) Imperial Roman Mosaic: an athlete with javelins (Above) Statue of Octavian Augustus, appearing like the Roman God Jupiter, asserting his great ________ (value) as the Emperor and leader of the Roman Empire. Roman Value II:  Roman Value II Which Roman Value is Represented by the Images below? (Above) A Roman copy of the Punishment of Dirce, who was tied to a bull by Zethus and Amphion for the revenge of their mother. (Above) Picture of St. Ignatius being thrown to the Lions in Rome (Christian martyr) Slide6:  Roman Value II (continued) (Above) non-citizen of Rome being ‘thrown to the animals’ as a means of punishment/execution at ampitheatre was an accepted practice Roman Value III:  Roman Value III (Above) Roman Praetorian Guard, served as body guards to the Emperor’s of Rome. Protected the Emperor and enabled Emperors to remain in power Which Roman Value is Represented by the Images below? (Above) Image of Roman soldiers killing those who were suspected by the Emperor to be traitors. Roman Value IV:  Roman Value IV (Above) Picture of Roman Army marching to conquer Israel (Above) A Map of the Roman Empire at the Height of the Empire Which Roman Value is Represented by the Images below? Roman Value IV (continued):  Roman Value IV (continued) (Above) Ludovisi Sarcophagus, a batthle between the Romans and the barbarians Roman Value V:  Roman Value V (Above) Roman chariot with charioteer (Above) Relief Sculpture of a Roman war ship Which Roman Value is Represented by the Images below? Slide11:  Roman Value V (Continued) Which Roman Value is Represented by the Images below? (Above) Roman Coins (Above) A picture of a Roman bath

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