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Published on May 30, 2014

Author: reenachoudhary39


The Role of the Teacher in Purposeful Learning: The Role of the Teacher in Purposeful Learning Clarifying Objectives: Clarifying Objectives Setting realistic goals Identification and clarification of associated objectives: knowledge skills dispositions Motivating Students: Motivating Students manipulating materials and activities to arouse interest engaging in goal setting procedure with the students manipulating rewards and competition providing knowledge of progress Supplying a Model: Supplying a Model persons as role models verbal descriptions audio visual models supplying a working model to eliminate needless trial and error Sequencing the Subject Matter: Sequencing the Subject Matter logical organization psychological organization to facilitate learning Guiding Initial Trials: Guiding Initial Trials establishment of correct responses avoidance of habitual errors aids pupil in understanding nature of satisfactory performance Managing Practice Effectively: Managing Practice Effectively laboratory and clinical experiences not merely repeating same exercise essential to goal attainment in psycho-motor and cognitive areas a teacher can manipulate whole-part approaches Helping Students Apply Knowledge: Helping Students Apply Knowledge many specific examples skillful use of non-examples to evaluate transfer Providing for Individual Differences: Providing for Individual Differences group students by ability improving materials sequencing the instruction Assessing Student Work: Assessing Student Work help in reinforcing desirable learning provide encouragement provide yardstick to measure goals Providing for Recall: Providing for Recall systematic review elicit this review from students Evaluating Student Performance: Evaluating Student Performance establish policy set criteria make criteria public assign grades

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