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Published on February 6, 2014

Author: RolePoint



IN T R O DUC TION The mobile discussion has been gaining In July 2012 David Armano, the Managing momentum over the last few years, and Director of Edelman Digital, wrote a post in the data to support the mobile argument the Harvard Business Review that makes the case for integrating recruiting described the concept of mobility in this technology with mobile capability way: overwhelming. The discussion is no longer about “if” but more about “how”. “IT’S NOT ABOUT MOBILE AS MUCH AS IT IS ABOUT UNDERSTANDING The case is overwhelming, but the thinking MOBILITY. MOBILITY MEANS should be much more than a technology INFORMATION, CONVENIENCE AND consideration because mobile changes the recruitment game for all stakeholders. SOCIAL ALL SERVED UP ON THE GO, Whilst this paper will touch on the ACROSS A VARIETY OF SCREEN SIZES technology aspects, there are plenty of AND DEVICES. MOBILITY IS RADICALLY excellent papers that cover this already. DIFFERENT FROM THE STATIONARY The real focus is how mobile changes the ‘DESKTOP’ EXPERIENCE. IN SOME way recruitment works. Mobile, or more CASES, MOBILITY IS A ‘LEAN BACK’ specifically “mobility”, changes not just EXPERIENCE LIKE SITTING ON A recruiting but also life in general because COMMUTER TRAIN WATCHING A VIDEO. smartphone users become permanently accessible and connected, and are not IN OTHER CASES IT CAN BE ‘LEAN restricted to being plugged in and wired FORWARD’ – LIKE SHOPPING FOR A up. In the way that the reduced cost and GIFT WHILE YOU TAKE YOUR LUNCH availability of home computers and the BREAK AT THE PARK. AND IN MANY spread of access took the internet from CASES, IT’S ‘LEAN FREE’ WHEN YOUR the office to the home, so the explosion in BODY IS IN MOTION, OR YOU’RE Smart device adoption has taken the STANDING IN LINE SCANNING NEWS internet, and all that this brings, from the HEADLINES OR PHOTOS WHILE YOU home to our pockets, and that changes WAIT FOR YOUR TURN TO BE CALLED.” things. RolePoint Inc. © 2014 2 Mobility & Recruiting

In this paper, we are going to consider how mobility will impact on job seeking, recruiting, recruiters and social referrals. Whilst many new ideas and technologies are described as “game changers”, it is more often hype over reality. Mobility though might just be the thing that really does change the game of recruiting. RolePoint Inc. © 2014 3 Mobility & Recruiting

MO B I L E TEC H NOLO GY A LITTLE HISTORY manufacturer to produce a cell phone with a keyboard, but it wasn’t until 1999 The first text message was sent on 3 that texts could be exchanged between December 1992, when the 22-year-old network providers. The IBM Simon was British engineer Neil Papworth used his the first touchscreen phone introduced in computer to wish a “Merry Christmas” to 1992. Simon was the first phone that Richard Jarvis, of Vodafone, on his Orbitel could send and receive faxes, e-mail and 901 mobile phone. Papworth didn’t get a pages through its touch screen, as well as reply because there was no way to send a integrating features like a notepad and text from a phone in those days. The first address book. Although the term Smart phone to be able to send text SMS (short was not yet coined, Simon is considered message service) was built in 1993 by to be the first of breed. Nokia. Text messaging enabled messaging on the move, making Given the rate of adoption first of SMS, communication less dependent on being followed by mobile internet and “wired in.” The growth of text messaging smartphone technology, it is hard to as a means of communicating was the remember that we are looking at early stages of mobility because people relatively recent technology, and it is only could receive and reply to messages on now that we are beginning to appreciate the move. Before cell phones, this had the benefits that mobility can bring to only been partially achieved by pagers, recruiting. The mobile landscape has 4 which relayed a message to the users, key stakeholders, and each have a requiring them to get to a phone line to different agenda: respond by voice, or to return a simple –– The users message. The short part of SMS came from the number of charachters that a –– The networks message could be constructed of, 180 including letters, numbers, spaces and –– The device manufacturers Latin symbols. 40 more than a modern –– Third party app manufacturers day tweet! In 1993 Nokia were the first RolePoint Inc. © 2014 4 Mobility & Recruiting

The interests of each of these parties is smartphone adoption. not always the same, which can lead to The mobile operating systems (OS) used confusion when determining mobile by modern smartphones include Google’s recruiting strategy. Whilst there is no Android, Apple’s iOS, Nokia’s Symbian, official definition of what constitutes a Blackberry Ltd’s BlackBerry OS, smartphone, the Wikipedia definition is Samsung’s Bada, Microsoft’s Windows commonly accepted as correct: Phone, LG’s webOS, and embedded Linux distributions such as Maemo and MeeGo. “A SMARTPHONE, OR SMART PHONE, IS Such operating systems can be installed A MOBILE PHONE BUILT ON A MOBILE on many different phone models, and OPERATING SYSTEM, WITH MORE typically each device can receive multiple ADVANCED COMPUTING CAPABILITY OS software updates over its lifetime.” AND CONNECTIVITY THAN A FEATURE PHONE. The first smartphones combined Worldwide sales of smartphones exceeded the functions of a personal digital those of feature phones in early 2013. As of assistant (PDA) with a mobile phone. July 18, 2013, 90 percent of global handset Later models added the functionality of sales are attributed to the purchase of portable media players, low-end compact Android and iPhone smartphones. Aside digital cameras, pocket video cameras, from the obvious smartphone, we also and GPS navigation units to form one need to consider the impact of other multi-use device. Many modern devices such as tablets, game stations and smartphones also include high-resolution other hand held devices, and latterly touchscreens and web browsers that wearable technology such as Google Glass. display standard web pages as well as Whilst not strictly mobile, we should also mobile-optimized sites. High-speed data consider the implications on recruitment access is provided by Wi-Fi and mobile messaging of Smart TV, as the dynamics broadband. In recent years, the rapid are much the same, in that messaging development of mobile app markets and occurs in much of mobile commerce have been drivers of RolePoint Inc. © 2014 5 Mobility & Recruiting

MO B I L E S E C T I O NT H C A N O R O G Y E E H D E L the same way, interrupting another activity T H E R E L AT I O N S H I P or operating in tandem. The when, where BETWEEN SMARTPHONE and how people are viewing content is AND USER changing beyond recognition, and recruitment messaging needs to keep up. A ­ good place to start considering how things have changed is by looking at the According to a recent Flurry report, global relationship between user and device. smartphone adoption has exploded, Once the need for a wire was removed, growing faster than any consumer communication became anytime and technology in history. anywhere. The rise in popularity of social media as the primary method of The rate of Android and iOS device communication between people, and their adoption among international users has domination of social games by internet out-paced the 1980s PC revolution, the users has significantly increased the 1990s Internet boom, and the social amount of time people spend using their networking craze of the ‘aughts, according smart device. In a previous RolePoint to Flurry, which reported the rate of paper, “Gamification in Social Referral and smartphone adoption to be 10 times that Recruiting”, we identified the ways in of what we might now perceive as the which user behavior has changed. We positively glacial pace of early personal know that people are consuming content computer adoption. We should now on the move and as a secondary function. consider that the way in which we This calls for clarity of messaging and a communicate with each other is via a simple to operate call to action, as well as mobile device, and this must impact on a message that stands out on any screen how we think about recruiting. because not only are people doing something else when the message arrives, they will also be receiving more messaging SO WHAT IS DIFFERENT? from more sources than ever before. RolePoint Inc. © 2014 2013 6 Mobility & Recruiting

Evidence of how people view their mobile device can be found in research conducted by the Pew Center for internet research published in September 2012: 67% of cell owners find themselves checking their phone for messages, alerts, 67% or calls — even when they don’t notice their phone ringing or vibrating. 44% of cell owners have slept with their phone next to their bed because they 44% wanted to make sure they didn’t miss any calls, text messages, or other updates during the night. 29% 29% of cell owners describe their cell phone as “something they can’t imagine living without.” RolePoint Inc. © 2014 2013 7 7 Mobility & Recruiting

MO B I L E S E C T I O NT H C A N O R O G Y E E H D E L 34% To give this some context, the same research from Pew identifies (as of computer May 2013): 91% of American adults own a tablet 26% of American adults have of American adults own an e-reader a cell phone 63% 56% phones to go online, a figure that has of American adults have of adult cell owners now use their doubled since the tracking of internet a smartphone usage on cell phones began (by Pew) 34% of cell internet users say that they mostly go online using their cell phone. That means that 21% of all adult cell 28% owners now do most of their online of cell owners own an Android browsing using their mobile phone as opposed to some other device such as a desktop or laptop computer. —— 25% own an iPhone This respected research paints a clear picture of the average smartphone user in the US, where the smartphone is often described as an extension of the self, essential for every aspect of life, and the 4% principle way in which a growing number own a Blackberry RolePoint Inc. © 2014 2013 of people connect with the internet. 8 Mobility & Recruiting

In terms of what activities internet users Time spent on mobile internet by US are engaging in on mobile vs. desktop, mobile internet users by activity, Q1 2013 Experian Marketing Services found in Q1 2013 that US mobile internet users spent Mins/hr the greatest percentage of their mobile % of Total web time using email, a 23% share of time spent vs. only 5% of time spent on Email 14 23.3 desktop. Social networking came in second Social Networking 9 14.9 Entertainment 8 13.0 time on the mobile internet (9%) Shopping & Classifieds 6 10.8 compared with the desktop (1%). Video Travel 6 9.3 Business & Finance 5 8.2 Lifestyle 4 7.2 News & Media 3 5.0 Other 5 8.4 on mobile, garnering 15% of time spent. Travel also occupied a greater share of accounts for 69% of mobile data traffic. Notes: ages 18+; includes mobile browsing with an app; excludes app usage; read chart as if time spent on mobile devices in 2012 was distilled into 1 hour, then 14 minutes (23.3%) of it would be spent on email; numbers may not add up to 100% due to rounding Soure: Experian Marketing Services as cited in press release, April 16th 2013 RolePoint Inc. © 2014 2013 9 9 Mobility & Recruiting

MO B I L E TEC H NOLO GY THE CHANGING In researching this paper, we have been RECRUITING TIMES tracking the peak times for access to 40 career sites (25 US/15 UK), by mobile When we consider what people are doing device. We have witnessed the following on their mobile device, we begin to build peak times for the last 3 months: a clearer picture of where mobile fits in –– 6.10am - 9.15am - This covers the with users and what they are doing. The working day has been extended into life, pre-work time and morning commute. with people using every available moment –– 10.45am - 11.10am - The morning break to be either productive or social and connected. –– 11.50am - 2.12pm - Lunch –– 4.45pm - 9.45pm - This time shows a This is important for recruiters to understand, continuous rise peaking at 9.45. Other because recruiting technology needs to fit in internet research shows that this is also with the changes in user behavior. An the optimum time for recreational average mobile phone user checks their activity, in particular gaming, where phone up to 150 times a day; it’s the first and users will be connected with up to 3 last thing they check everyday. If you want to devices completing 3 different tasks, as reach them with recruitment messaging, well as potentially having the TV content or communication, then mobile playing in the background. needs to be your primary consideration, along with mobility, and the fact that you are probably interrupting another activity, like The other important consideration is the commuting, waiting in line or watching the changing hours of jobseekers and people television. looking to connect and engage. In the past, people expected and were happy to wait for answers. They searched for opportunities on a PC, fired off an application and were happy to wait for a response. When they wanted more RolePoint Inc. © 2014 10 Mobility & Recruiting

information or clarification of a point, they It is clear from this data that we should were happy to fire off an e-mail or consider e-mail and social media as mobile complete a form and wait for a reply. messaging. A mobile message is different Social media, and in particular mobility, to a traditional communication, so any link has meant that people have an or call to action needs to be mobile expectation of an instant response. They optimized. Talent acquisition teams need want to engage with a person in real time, to consider these changing dynamics in and their times are different to traditional order to understand and reach their target office times. audience in the most effective way, while using the most popular channels. ALMOST 2/3 OF CELL OWNERS GO ONLINE USING THEIR PHONES Percentage of cell phone owners who use 63% internet or email on their device: 60% 55% 53% 52% 47% 44% 43% 34% 31% 25% 38% 25% APRIL 09 Email 38% 44% M AY 1 0 Internet Total Cell Internet Use M AY 1 1 APRIL 12 M AY 1 3 Source: Pew Intetnet & American Life Project Spring Tracking Survey, April 17-May19 2013. The margin of error for results based on cell phone owners is +/-2.4 percentage points.

MO B I L E TEC H NOLO GY It is worth noting that 90% of smartphone See more at: users’ web access is via applications. mobile/smartphone-owners-spend-time- Whilst this might seem high, it’s not when with-social-networking-email-apps. you consider the main internet pastimes. html#sthash.M6kyDzqo.dpuf Research from the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) came up with R E L E VA N C E O F M E S S A G I N G the following results when measuring smartphone use in the USA: The pattern we are seeing emerge shows users with a short attention span, a low The top activities in terms of average time tolerance to time wasting and an instant spent each day included talking (23 dislike of spam. A good definition of spam minutes), texting (20 minutes), using email in relation to mobility is an irrelevant or (18 minutes), visiting websites (16 minutes) non-targeted message, and given the high and social networking (11 minutes). Across volume of emails now opened on a mobile different activities, smartphone owners device, this applies across the full range of spend an average of nearly two hours (114 messaging from SMS to email. To minutes) using their devices each day. appreciate the importance of this, we need to look at the relationship between people “The degree to which consumers use their and the device they use, which goes far smartphones primarily as data information beyond the normal relationship between hubs, mostly forgoing devices’ traditional man and technology, given the strong purpose, is significant,” Shawn DuBravac, emotional attachment felt by users. Chief Economist and Senior Director of Research for CEA, said in a statement. When considering messaging and content “Smartphones have become the viewfinder sharing via mobile, it is important to of our digital life. How smartphone consider this relationship between user utilization evolves has incredible and device in all activities. This is implications moving forward.” interruption marketing 3.0 because you will be reaching people when they are doing something else, usually checking in RolePoint Inc. © 2014 12 Mobility & Recruiting

or indulging in recreational pastimes like be simple and clear, with limited friction. It game playing or chatting in social is not enough to move a traditional online channels, or when they are on the move. process and make it mobile. The whole Your update comes in, their device pings, process of connecting, engaging and they reach for it and check the incoming applying needs to be re-engineered, giving message or update. The need to check each user a personal experience. We have incoming content has been compared to a long way to go with this, and the tech an addictive reaction. Users who lose their will become mainstream faster than we device or connectivity experience extreme think in one format or another, so stress and panic, and have a need to be recruiting process needs to keep up. reconnected. It is a strange phenomenon of the mobile age, where content and updates need to respect personal space, have a high degree of targeted relevance to the user, and enable the user to make a very quick choice to act or discard. The next important consideration in this is the user interface and ease of navigation on any screen size. Screens are getting smaller, when we consider products like Google Glass or the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch. Whilst wearable devices might seem a little sci-fi at the moment, it wasn’t that long ago that we were saying the same thing about devices like the iPad. Technology is getting smaller, quicker and even more of an extension of self. Process need to be re-engineered to take this into account. Actions and navigation needs to RolePoint Inc. © 2014 13 Mobility & Recruiting

MO B I L E S E C T I O NT H C A N O R O G Y E E H D E L CALLS TO ACTION For most companies this starts with a review of the application process, which All recruiting messages and updates need for the most part has not changed alot a clear call to action and defined next step. since companies moved from offline to It is important to remember to keep the online in the Web 1.0 era. This was the first whole candidate journey within a mobile real opportunity to change things, and optimized environment. This means paying mirrors the challenges faced now when special attention to the volume of clicks considering a world that is mobile. required to register interest, as well as the Recruitment process, for the most part, screen position and design of any call to dictates that candidates supply action buttons. In a recent split test for a information, apply for jobs and upload large corporate recruiter, bookmarking documents such as the resume typically pages from mobile to desktop resulted in via an ATS. It is easy to see how this an abandonment rate (including non- process does not translate to a mobile completion) of 63% compared to 19% with world. Companies that recognize this (and end to end mobile optimization in a the numbers are still quite small), have continuous process. It is clear from this recognized the need to move from an that good candidates and potential apply process to one that requires a simple employees are dropping out when required connection as an expression of interest. to step out of the mobile environment. Whilst there has been much talk of the need for mobile apply, this is really simply The test demonstrated that optimum replicating an existing process which is results are achieved when the total number now dated. Online profiles such as LinkedIn of clicks (or taps) required by a candidate and other data sources present the were 11 or less with no further information opportunity to profile without the need for required to register interest. This means the candidates to submit any more than rethinking not just recruitment messaging permissions, and this can be a one tap but the full recruitment process end to operation enabling profiling and push end. notifications and messaging tailored to the individual based on their personal data. RolePoint Inc. © 2014 2013 14 Mobility & Recruiting

Tailoring the user experience to the According to the Email Sender and individual rather than taking a one size fits Provider Coalition, 69% of e-mail recipients all approach is critical when we consider delete messages without reading them the personal aspect of mobile messaging based on recognition of the sender and and recruiting. the content of the subject line. Given the reactive nature of instant review on receipt E-MAIL AND MOBILE on a mobile device, this is another critical factor in mobile recruiting. The name of Despite the explosive growth of social the mailing account needs to be easy for media, e-mail remains the principal form of the recipient to recognize from the source, communication in the recruitment process. and the subject line needs to be clear and Between October 2010 and October 2013 easy to understand, with no more than 35 mobile opens of e-mail has increased by characters. The call to action (or next over 450%. According to marketing step), needs to be visible in the preview company Litmus Labs, 42% of the email pane, because the reader wants to be able client market share is on a mobile platform to determine quickly if they want to such as iPhone, iPad or Android. proceed. It is also important to remember ExactTarget reveals that 56% of consumers that the mobile reader will scroll and read with a smartphone have purchased down rather than across, and conversions something as a result of an email message. to the next step are greatly increased when a large call to action button with a See more at: http://www. simple message is located at the bottom of the mail, such as “download our app”, blog/2013/05/4-best-practices-for-mobile- “connect with us” or “join our talent email-marketing/#sthash.3PGb9dZF.dpuf network.” Remembering the attrition rate when readers are taken from a mobile This means e-mail messaging needs to be environment to a non-mobile one, it is crafted for mobile first. important to remember that the destination needs to go mobile to mobile and be quick and easy to navigate. RolePoint Inc. © 2014 2013 15 15 Mobility & Recruiting

MO B I L E TEC H NOLO GY Another critical factor in mobile is load downloading a career site app or being time. Because users are often on the referred to an organization, whereas an move, load time needs to be instant, with applicant is someone who has applied for the facility to cache any information a specific opportunity and is being already supplied should the user lose measured against those requirements. The connectivity for example during a train applicant process is transactional and lasts journey. for the time the vacancy is open or the applicant is rejected, with the next step C A N D I DAT E P R O F I L I N G determined by the recruiter. A N D TA R G E T I N G By contrast, the candidate process is one E-commerce in the retail sector often leads of on-going relationship and is determined the way in innovation. We can draw a lot of by the actions of the candidate parallels with what has happened in the themselves, who will choose to opt in (stay retail sector and what is going to be a connected), or opt out. The candidate will trend in online shopping if we consider the choose the point at which they want to be candidate as a consumer. There are clear an applicant driven by triggers such as the patterns between the way people buy and notification of an open opportunity. In the way people look for jobs and change retail terms, it is the difference between jobs. The winners in the war for customers being interested in products and brands, adopt strategy and tactics that can be and choosing to actively buy. The mirrored in the war for talent. One area relationship is driven by making it easy for that stands out in relation to this is the consumer to get to know both the candidate profiling. This begins by brand and their products. Once the considering what a candidate actually is. connection is made, the retailer collects Smart companies have begun to data on every visit and transaction to get differentiate between candidates and to know the potential customer better, and applicants. Candidates are classified as to customize the experience in order to anyone connecting with an organization in convert them to active customers relation to careers, for example spending dollars. The challenge for the RolePoint Inc. © 2014 16 Mobility & Recruiting

hiring company is getting a target audience is equally important. An internal audience who meet an employer profile to talent network provides the channel to connect and be receptive to employment keep employees informed about brand marketing and notifications of opportunities that match their skills and opportunity. Mobile creates great experience, and to share culture brand opportunities in this area because content about their workplace and connection is as simple as tapping a company. When Sodexo launched their button as a call to action, with a trigger mobile recruiting app in 2011, the app was distributed by e-mail or social media built to give users a different experience messaging to a personal mobile device (and content) if they were an employee, a that is accessible during the down times former employee or external candidate. when people are browsing, checking in and This included considerations around areas responding. The talent network approach like what jobs were visible, content options via mobile enables easy tracking and and navigation. The surprising results to profiling of candidates in order to ensure come from the launch has been that the the content shared is highly relevant to the most hires came from internal applicants profile of the individual. The more relevant who benefited from having visibility to the content to the candidate, the more relevant jobs and an easy way to express likely they will respond positively to interest and get more information in order triggers like jobs and choose to become to make an informed choice in their own applicants. time rather than being dependent on a static intranet. INTERNAL MOBILITY One of the other areas often overlooked when considering the potential benefits of a mobile recruiting strategy is internal mobility and internal engagement. Whilst much of recruitment messaging is pointed towards the outside world, the internal RolePoint Inc. © 2014 17 Mobility & Recruiting

MO B I L E S E C T I O NT H C A N O R O G Y E E H D E L THE MOBILE RECRUITER SOCIAL REFERRAL When planning a mobile strategy it is easy Plugging in to employees’ social networks to concentrate on the marketing aspect. provides the biggest potential source for But it is also critical to consider the candidates and applicants but the big opportunity presented as an operating challenge is gaining employee engagement system for recruiters. Mobility impacts and participation on an ongoing basis. everybody and can be used to speed up Whilst there might be a flurry of activity at the recruiting process by enabling launch, there is drop off at equal speed. recruiters to conduct tasks in downtime, in One of the big causes of this is that the particular, actioning next steps and process of referring becomes too time communicating. Dutch start up Hunite consuming, or requires the employees to launched a mobile aggregator that takes do all the heavy lifting. This is resolved by push notifications from all HR systems and messaging via mobile with a simple call to enables employees to action items through action button to trigger the next stage, a simple call to action button and access such as forward, yes/no, endorse etc. This the data they need to make decisions. In enables employees to contribute to your recruiting terms, this can be enabling pipeline outside of core work hours actions like scheduling interviews, because mobile offers 24 hour reach. As reviewing resumes, communicating with with all mobile strategy, ease of navigation, line managers, applicants and candidates, (scroll and tap), a clear call to action sourcing etc. Consideration needs to be button, limited text, mobile optimization given to what are easy actions that can be for reading without needing to pinch or conducted in down time that improve stretch, fitting multiple screen size, relevant efficiency, a common theme in successful messaging and limited text are critical mobile strategy. factors for conversion. RolePoint Inc. © 2014 2013 18 Mobility & Recruiting

The growth of video interviewing (which in VIDEO most cases would be better termed video YouTube reported in 2013 that over 40% of screening) presents new opportunities via global watch time was via a mobile device. mobile, in particular when it comes to Video presents a great opportunity to reducing fill time, a major factor in showcase culture brand in an authentic recruiting effectiveness. The video way, with cost being significantly reduced interview providers such as HireVue, Sonru, through the use of a mobile device and Cameo and WePow have all integrated applications like Instagram and Vine (for mobile in to their offering, meaning Twitter), or full video suite app like Cameo screening questions can be sent out and that enable editing and collaboration and responded to in a much quicker time with delivers content responsive to screen size. less friction in the process, and responses shooting from mobile for mobile. can be shared with recruiters and hiring managers in real time. The logistics of The key considerations for mobile video is using video to screen and to interview sound, lighting, load time and with limited greatly reduces time to hire and the movement and graphics. Load time and associated admin costs. Whilst a lot of rendering is critical in this, as with all attention and discussion has been around mobile content because mobile users have mobile reach and the potential for talent a much lower patience threshold over attraction, we should now be thinking waiting for content because they are around the full process being responsive viewing whilst doing something else in and instant. their personal time. It is this aspect of mobility that is a critical consideration in all content, not just video. Fewer words, clear messaging, communicating by video and picture images with easy navigation, reduced load time, an easy call to action requiring limited user input will lead to success in recruitment messaging. RolePoint Inc. © 2014 2013 19 19 Mobility & Recruiting

MO B I L E TEC H NOLO GY CONCLUSIONS improving, and the cost of mobile data use is ever reducing. All people in the process Mobile and the mobility of candidates and are more accessible than ever around the applicants means the lag time between clock, and instant, responsive technology actions such as enticing interest, job requires instant, responsive processes to distribution, applying, reviewing, screening appreciate the real benefits of mobile and and actioning from offer to decline can be mobility. Responsive is not just a significantly reduced through the consideration for web design. combination of automated recruiting technology such as social referral Mobile, and more specifically mobility, platforms, talent networks and profile presents the opportunity to rethink aggregators because all people on both everything that we do and why we do it, so sides of the hiring equation: audience, we are not just trying to transfer existing candidates, applicants, recruiters and processes to a mobile platform. The key hiring managers, are accessible at all times lessons from the companies who have with an instant processing time. This done this well (and they are limited) are: necessitates changing processes in line –– Build mobile first with consideration for with technology, and it is the people aspect that is often overlooked when every screen size considering mobile strategy. As with any –– Concentrate on relevance of messaging technology integration, the first consideration needs to be “How does this –– Keep all actions within mobile channels change the way we need to work.” Much –– Make all steps actionable via a call to time has been spent arguing the need for action button investment in mobile, but this should no longer be the consideration. Users have –– Reduce the need for data input by all gone beyond critical mass, and mobile is users, aggregating available data from firmly established as the principle means other sources of communication for most people. The –– Easy navigation on any device is critical cost and capability of the devices are ever RolePoint Inc. © 2014 20 Mobility & Recruiting

–– Load time needs to be kept to a Mobile and mobility is the new era. Don’t minimum miss out or make the mistakes of the past. Think process as well as technology for –– Social, e-mail , SEO and video is everyone in the process to reduce time and mobile first cost, and stand out as a potential employer. –– Actions need to be responsive and instant outside of normal office hours –– Recruiting process/job seeking is a secondary activity completed in down time. You are always interrupting something else –– Candidates and applicants are different. Respond accordingly –– Look to constantly reduce steps (and taps) in the recruiting process –– Mobility is as important a consideration as mobile technology –– Internal audience is as important as external audience –– A mobile enabled social referral network will greatly improve employee participation and results –– Tracking mobile data and analytics and constant change is essential to improve process RolePoint Inc. © 2014 21 Mobility & Recruiting

MO B I L E TEC H NOLO GY NEXT STEPS CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE A FREE EMPLOYEE REFERRAL CONSULTATION WITH BILL BOORMAN CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT ROLEPOINT AND ARRANGE A DEMONSTRATION W W W. R O L E P O I N T. C O M I N Q U I R I E S @ R O L E P O I N T. C O M BILL BOORMAN Nasdaq clients, building the principles that help companies generate 70%+ referral The author, Bill Boorman, has over 30 rates into a software-as-a-service platform. years’ experience in and around recruiting. He has spent the last 3 years working with Understanding that at the core of any social recruiting technology start-ups on successful referral program is the product and with corporate clients employee, RolePoint focuses on providing including Hard Rock Café, Oracle and the an engaging, transparent and frictionless BBC to integrate social into their recruiting experience, making it easy to identify practices. Bill has also hosted recruiting talented connections to refer. events in over 30 countries worldwide. For recruitment teams, RolePoint offers a ROLEPOINT comprehensive set of tools, enabling tracking, automation and recruitment RolePoint delivers employee referral intelligence for greater control and insight solutions to a range of Fortune 500 and into referrals within your organization. RolePoint Inc. © 2014 22 Mobility & Recruiting


W W W. R O L E P O I N T. C O M I N Q U I R I E S @ R O L E P O I N T. C O M

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