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Published on October 28, 2013

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Role of the United States in NATO from 1991 to present

The Role of the United States in NATO

From 1949 to 1991 From 1991 to present Future

NATO Operations

 I. THE KOSOVO WAR: In 1997, a civil war between Kosovo and Serbia broke out over Kosovo's independence The Serbs, led by Slobodan Milosevic, launched an ethnic cleansing campaign to rid Kosovo of all Albanian Muslim

Responses from the US & NATO  To stop the genocide, the spread of the war and a possible refugee crisis, the US and NATO stepped in.  NATO launched an airstrike campaign to put pressure on the Serbs government to stop the war, which they succeeded.  The bombings led to the withdrawal of Yugoslav forces from Kosovo and stopped the 1990s Yugoslav wars.

 America approved and provided military support for the operation, using hundreds of aircrafts, ships, military equipments and most notably the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt  The U.S. was the dominant member of the coalition against Yugoslavia, although all NATO members were involved  U.S. ground forces included a battalion from the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division. The unit was deployed in March 1999 to Albania in support of the bombing campaign where the battalion secured the Tirana airfield

 The US was committed to stopping the war in Kosovo:

The Afghanistan War After the 11/9 attacks on America, a war was waged against terrorism, starting with an attack on the Taliban forces in Afghanistan The USA plays a crucial role in this war, they used a huge amount of resources on the mission to end terrorism in the country. The US acted as the leader of the other NATO nations in Afghanistan. Most military campaigns are supervised and carried out by the US. The other NATO nations act as helping allies.

  The US acts as a “big brother” in NATO. As the world’s Nr.1 superpower, they have the ability and the rights to lead the other nations. Most of NATO’s actions came from the United States’ decisions, the other nations usually follow US leadership.

The Iraq War   August 2004, NATO formed the NATO Training Mission – Iraq (NTM-I), a training mission to assist the Iraqi security forces in conjunction with the US led MNF-I (Multi-national Forces in Iraq) The U.S is also the commander of the NTM-I

  The vast majority of military forces in MNF-I were contributed from the United States. Many MNF-I member countries have received monetary gain, among other incentives from the United States, in return for their sending of military forces to Iraq, or otherwise supporting coalition forces during the Iraq War.

Lybia Military Intervention

Largest contributions Galvanizing Leading/Directing

The Role of the Unites States in a future NATO

• Europe's lack of will to confront geopolitical dangers (except when they are direct attacks on their soil) • NATO’s Aging population -> More money has to be allocated for social welfare • The US will still act as a leader in NATO’s affairs • The US will cut back on its military spending for NATO (as well as other NATO member countries) 1 2

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