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Published on March 30, 2008

Author: JJMiller


M207: The ROI of CSR:  M207: The ROI of CSR Monday, May 8 4:45 – 6:00 Slide2:  CSR is much more than emissions Cathrine Lundberg CMM Consulting ACTE Atlanta May 8th 2006 CSR in a corporate perspective:  CSR in a corporate perspective Quality assurance for products and services Sustainability – Global resonsibility Work/Life balance Safety and Security ”Code of Conduct” = Corporate Social Responsibility Slide4:  The internal stakeholders of CSR, meetings and travel related issues and processes The ”Owner” of CSR Internal and external demands and regul. CSR and corporate policies:  CSR and corporate policies The corporate strategies and policies have to support and ”mirror” each other: Sourcing/Procurement HR/Work environmental issues Strategic meetings management/Business Travel Risk management/Safety and Security Environmental performance/Sustainability High profile CSR corporations – what do they have in common?:  High profile CSR corporations – what do they have in common? A strong and well defined corporate culture which means They had focus on CSR before the ”expression” was invented They had already started to focus on: low costs, environment/sustainability, suppliers, clients and consumers, own products and services What to and how to measure......:  What to and how to measure...... Analyse corporate routines and patterns Look from ”inside and out” and ”from outside and in” Information sources and tools to use Examples from Nordic multinationals ROI - what is possible and valid to measure CSR – the total picture? The World Bank Perspective::  The World Bank Perspective: CSR is about: Accountability Transparency Accountability is about being responsive to our stakeholders and walking the talk—incorporating our environmental and social values into our organizational behavior. 2. Transparency is about committing to report on our social, environmental and financial performance—the triple bottom line Slide10:  Why CSR at the World Bank? We are articulating CSR issues for our reputation: to strengthen and protect it For our staff: to reaffirm our commitment in all parts of the organization to sustainability For our stakeholders--who are concerned: Donors governments—client governments Civil Society Organizations Socially responsible investment (SRI) community (which represent $2.3 trillion in assets) For management: to better understand our operations and make informed decisions to reduce our risks and our costs Our return…:  Our return… In recent inquiries from SRI rating agencies, the World Bank was able to demonstrate our commitment to CSR. This resulted in a favorable rating, which is expected to positively impact investment in World Bank bonds. The SRIs ask how we implement CSR:  The SRIs ask how we implement CSR In our lending operations: Particularly our Social and environmental safeguards And in Our Footprint Community outreach Our staff policies Our environmental “footprint” Energy consumption Procurement Waste management & recycling Building management Transportation Our Carbon Emissions Where YOU come in… Our Carbon Footprint:  Our Carbon Footprint Trips =58,349 Distance Traveled = 333,163,912 miles Carbon Emissions from air travel = ~52,300 metric tons Examples of corporate initiatives to reduce carbon emissions:  Examples of corporate initiatives to reduce carbon emissions GE Transportation to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions 25% between 2003 and 2008 British Airways is targeting a 30% improvement in aircraft fuel efficiency between 1990 and 2010 Marriott International to reduce U.S. GHG emissions by 6%/room from 2004 to 2010 United Technologies Corporation to reduce global GHG emissions by 16%/$ of revenue from 2001 to 2006 British Petroleum: Central to its marketing strategy is the message: Future trends that may affect you:  Future trends that may affect you Shareholder Pressures: Socially Responsible Investors have formed the Carbon Disclosure Project Participants (155 Investors) control $21 trillion in assets They are defining climate change as a critical issue for shareholder value They are requesting disclosure of emissions and reduction strategies of FT500 companies Reporting companies represent an estimated 13% of anthropogenic sources of carbon Future trends that may affect you :  Future trends that may affect you Regulation Kyoto Protocol ratified and the EU Emissions Trading Scheme is in effect Aviation is estimated to be the fasted growing source of CO2 emissions Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that air traffic contributes about 3.5% of emissions due to human activity. European Commission has proposed capping CO2 emissions for all airplanes departing from EU airports Other emerging regulations and policies Asia Pacific Pact signed last summer Participants voluntarily set individual targets for GHG reduction (US, China, India, Australia, Japan, and South Korea) Where to go from here?:  Where to go from here? Behavior cannot change quickly or easily In a globalized business environment, travel is a requirement Individuals are increasingly flying by choice, as well The focus is on corporations, now--who will bear the initial costs in this competitive environment The costs of offsetting emissions need to be shared by all parts of the market What data will you be able to provide if /when your company wants to calculate carbon from travel? How will you communicate with employees and clients about the impacts of travel? Does the CSR trend present opportunities? More Questions than Answers::  More Questions than Answers: What data will you be able to provide if /when your company wants to calculate carbon from travel? How will you communicate with employees and clients about the impacts of travel? Does the CSR trend present opportunities? Slide19:  THANK YOU FOR PARTICPATING! Help Us Serve You in the Future: Please Complete the Session Evaluation Form Visit in the International Business Lounge for upcoming events in YOUR region. Forums – PowerTalks – Webcasts 22-24 October 2006 AND MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR OUR NEXT ACTE GLOBAL EDUCATION CONFERENCE IN BARCELONA

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