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Published on February 13, 2008

Author: Soffia


Slide1:  Scroll to next slide to modify the game board This is a template for you to use in your classroom. These notes will not appear on the actual slide show. Slide2:  100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 Choose a Daily Double answer: Right click on a button, go to action settings, choose hyperlink to Slide…, select Slide 3, OK. Scroll to the next slide to link to the appropriate category slide Change category names by double clicking on them and typing in new category Tree-ear 100:  Tree-ear 100 Tree-ear’s age at the beginning of the book. What is 10? What is 12? What is 13? Click on What is to enter questions Right click each black box, action settings, choose play sound, and select sound for either right or wrong answers Click on column heading to enter category name Click on Place answer here to enter answer Selecting sounds: right click on box, check box for play sound, click on Other sound… Navigate to sound folder in Jeopardy folder, click on sound to be used. Tree-ear 200:  Tree-ear 200 Dugout. Where did Tree-ear and Crane-man store their food? Where did Tree-ear and Crane-man live in the winter? Where did Min send Tree-ear to dig for clay? Tree-ear 300:  Tree-ear 300 Tree-ear would continue working for Potter Min. How did Tree-ear plan on keeping himself and Crane-man fed? What would make the other boys in Ch’ulp’o stop teasing Tree-ear? How did Tree-ear plan on becoming a potter? Tree-ear 400:  Tree-ear 400 The gift Tree-ear gave Crane-man before leaving for Songdo. What is a bag of rice? What are new clothes? What is a pottery monkey? Potter Min 100:  Potter Min 100 The number of days Tree-ear had to work for Min to make up for breaking the pottery box. What is 14? What is 9? What is 30? Potter Min 200:  Potter Min 200 The first job that Min gave Tree-ear. What is gathering wood for the kiln? What is cutting clay for pots? What is weeding the garden? Potter Min 300:  Potter Min 300 The meaning of the name Ajima, which Min’s wife asked Tree-ear to call her. What is Sister? What is Grandma? What is Auntie? Potter Min 400:  Potter Min 400 Tree-ear did this without Min’s knowledge. What is substituted a petal on a vase? What is took extra food from Min’s kitchen? What is told other potters Min’s secrets. Pottery 100:  Pottery 100 The reason Min didn’t sell many pieces of pottery. What is it was too expensive? What is there were better potters? What is he worked very slowly? Pottery 200:  Pottery 200 The reason Min did not want to teach Tree-ear how to become a potter. What is Tree-ear was not Min’s son? What is Min didn’t have time? What is Tree-ear did not have talent? Pottery 300:  Pottery 300 The primary color of celadon pottery glaze. What is blue? What is brown? What is green? Pottery 400:  Pottery 400 The person who had the idea for Tree-ear to travel to Songdo to show Min’s pottery to Emissary Kim. Who is Min’s Wife? Who is Min? Who is Tree-ear? Journey 100:  Journey 100 The Falling Flowers in Puyo. What are the King’s concubines and ladies in waiting? What are small children? What are the flowers the Queen threw off the balcony? Journey 200:  Journey 200 The reason Tree-ear was worried about leaving Crane-man while he traveled to Songdo. What is Tree-ear was afraid Crane-man would die? What is Tree-ear didn’t know how Crane-man would get food without him? What is Crane-man was getting older and more feeble? Journey 300:  Journey 300 What Emissary Kim did after seeing the single shard. What is told Tree-ear to have Min make another pot and bring it to Songdo for him to see? What is laughed at Tree-ear for thinking a single shard was enough? What is awarded the comission to Min and gave Tree-ear food and lodging? Journey 400:  Journey 400 The way that Tree-ear showed courage by demonstrating that “Leaping into death is not the only way to show true courage.” What is Tree-ear told Min the teapots were broken? What is took the single shard to Songdo? What is fought off the robbers? Final Jeopardy:  Final Jeopardy Tree-ear’s Future:  Tree-ear’s Future The Thousand Crane Vase What is Min’s greatest work? What is the creation Tree-ear aspired to make? What does the book imply Tree-ear makes?

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