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Published on December 4, 2007

Author: briantiong



Insider on how widgets like rockyou make money on facebook

It’s all you! CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL: Do Do copy. distribute. Do not copy. not not Do not distribute

Case Example 1: RockYou promotes Yahoo’s Music App Yahoo! Music Videos versus RockYou Music Videos 600 500 400 Installs (000s)) RockYou for Yahoo! 300 Music Videos 200 Yahoo! Music Videos 100 0 7/2/07 7/7/07 7/12/07 7/17/07 7/22/07 7/27/07 8/1/07 8/6/07 Date It’s all you!

Case Example 2: Complete Cycle: Super Wall Concept: Friday 6/15 Design: Friday 6/15 Implementation: 6/15-6/17 Deployed: Monday 6/18, 4AM Promotion: Tuesday 6/19, 118K users Viral growth: 2 weeks 1 Million Users! It’s all you!

RockYou is a Leading Provider of Facebook Applications RockYou has on Facebook: λ 25% of the most popular apps λ The #1 fastest growing app λ Over 16M live apps λ 500K new users embedding our apps per day It’s all you!

Leadership on Facebook Number of Growth Rank Number of New Overall Rank Application Facebook Users Users per Hour Horoscopes 4.3M ~1,000 #34 #6 XMe 4.4M ~3,000 #16 #7 Slideshows 1.4M ~500 #50 #24 Superwall 2.2M ~4,000 #4 #13 Likeness 1.3M ~7,000 #1 #25 Zombies 1.8M ~3,500 #10 #18 Emote 753K ~1,000 #36 #29 It’s all you!

Leveraging RockYou’s Network RockYou’s Network on Facebook can radically accelerate λ 3rd-party application adoption New apps with promotions on RockYou Network can λ acquire over 100K users in 24 hours After the user has installed a RockYou application, the λ confirmation page (last in installation flow) displays a promotion for a 3rd party application. It’s all you!

The Promotion It’s all you!

Promotion Pricing Pricing based on volume: Total Spend User Acquisition $5K 6,500 $10K 16,000 $20K 40,000 $50K 100,000 Additional pricing information available upon request It’s all you!

Grow Your Application with RockYou Contact: [REDACTED] Manager, Business Development [REDACTED] Office: 650- [REDACTED] It’s all you!

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