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Published on December 27, 2007

Author: jmorrison



An entry-level introduction to Rails (circa 1.13) I gave at Rochester on Rails. Covers the history, reasons you may use it in a project, and basic architecture.

Jason Morrison January 19, 2006 Rochester on Rails Ruby on Rails Sustainable Productivity for Web Application Development


July 2004 David Heineimeier Hansson

Extracted from Basecamp




Hundreds of contributors Thousands of revisions, tickets, and patches

Rails 1.0 December 13, 2005


What is Rails?

Full Stack

Web Application Framework

It’s all Ruby!

(okay, except one file)

(here it is) database.yml development: adapter: sqlite dbfile: db/dev.db test: adapter: sqlite dbfile: db/test.db production: adapter: sqlite dbfile: db/prod.db

Everything else is Ruby!



ERb views



Unit Testing

AJAX Helpers

Key Concepts

DRY: Don’t Repeat Yourself


Convention over configuration


Less code!

Order.hbm.xml 01 <hibernate-mapping> 02 <class name=&quot;models.Order&quot; table=&quot;ORDERS&quot; 03 dynamic-update=&quot;true&quot; dynamic-insert=&quot;false&quot;> 06 <id name=&quot;id&quot; column=&quot;id&quot; type=&quot;java.lang.Long&quot; 07 unsaved-value=&quot;null&quot;> 08 <generator class=&quot;identity&quot;/> 09 </id> 10 <set name=&quot;items&quot; lazy=&quot;false&quot; inverse=&quot;false&quot; 11 cascade=&quot;none&quot; sort=&quot;unsorted&quot;> 12 <key column=&quot;id&quot;/> 13 <one-to-many class=&quot;models.Item&quot;/> 14 </set> 15 <property name=&quot;name&quot; type=&quot;java.lang.String&quot; 16 update=&quot;true&quot; insert=&quot;true&quot; 17 access=&quot;property&quot; column=&quot;name&quot;/> 18 </class> 19 </hibernate-mapping> 01 public class Order { 02 private Set items; 03 private String name; 04 private Long id; 05 06 public Long getId() { return id;} 07 public void setId(Long id) { = id;} 08 public Set getItems() { return items;} 09 public void setItems(Set items) { this.items = items; } 10 public String getName() { return name; } 11 public void setName(String name) { = name; } 12 }

order.rb 01 class Order < ActiveRecord::Base 02 has_many :items 03 end

Rails is expressive

class Project < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :portfolio has_one :project_manager has_many :milestones has_and_belongs_to_many :categories validates_presence_of :name, :description validates_acceptance_of :non_disclosure_agreement validates_uniqueness_of :key end

#We’re slashing prices, all books are now half off! Product.find( :all, :conditions => “kind=‘book’” ) do |product| product.price *= 0.5 end

Increases Programmer Rails increases programmer…

Increases Programmer Rails increases programmerhappiness!

How does it fit together?

Model View Controller

Model View Controller ActiveRecord ActionPack } }


Ready, set, code!

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