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Published on January 2, 2008

Author: Justine


ROBOT@CWE:  ROBOT@CWE Advanced robotic systems in future collaborative working environment Coordinator: Abderrahmane Kheddar Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) 3, rue Michel-Ange, 75794 Paris cedex 16 – France 1.75M€ Duration: 3 years Consortium:  Consortium Schematic view of IST-Robot:  Schematic view of IST-Robot Robots beyond our imagination Actual sophistication level Very useful / practical advanced tools… Designed with human-centered objectives Assist (not take place of) humans Aim of the project Redefine the whole notion of “CW” agents integration including robots What robots would bring to CWE? How (mechanism of integration to CWE)? Why (potentialities of advanced systems)? Social impacts? Future roadmaps (CWE robotic chapter) Proof-of-concepts Clusters of collaborative working environments Human operator Virtual agent/Avatar Simulation/planning Communication block : Robotic systems Virtualized spaces Breakthrough applications:  Breakthrough applications Building sites Paradigms of R@CWE in terrestrial constructions Space constructions Multimedia technology Extension to “action exchange” Rescues systems R@CWE in natural disaster sites Others R@CWE will list additional service applications Long term innovation and new knowledge:  Long term innovation and new knowledge Architecture of collaborative environment including IST-robots Conceptual architectures for a wide spectrum of real-life collaborative applications including IST-robots Knowledge on the impact of IST-robots in a working environment Efficient modalities for successful human/IST-robot communication while performing collaboratively tasks Technological requirements for seamless data exchange between human/IST-robot/ICT-structure. New working models. Short term (within 3 years), ROBOT@CWE will include main innovation in the following issues: IST-robot technology and interfaces Collaborative working environment centric design

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