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Published on March 16, 2016

Author: RoboHawks


Hydroelectric Energy: Hydroelectric Energy The Milton Somers RoboHawks What is Hydroelectricity?: What is Hydroelectricity? Hydroelectricity is the process of using turbines to transfer the mechanical energy from moving water into electrical energy. The History of Hydroelectric Power : The History of Hydroelectric Power In 1881, a generator was connected to a turbine in a flour mill provided lighting in the streets at Niagara Falls, New York. In 1893, the first hydropower plants were built at the Redlands Power Plants in California Congress allows the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to build plants in the 1920s In 2009, upgrades to existing plants makes them even more cost effective and productive. Should Hydroelectricity replace fossil fuels? : Should Hydroelectricity replace fossil fuels? Hydroelectricity should replace fossil fuels because it efficiently converts water into electricity 90% of the time while the most efficient fossil fuel convert energy only 60% of the time. Hydroelectricity can be used to power large cities and communities. Water is a very plentiful resource in areas like dams. It is very green compared to fossils fuels. Other generators cost more to maintain and have a shorter operating life span. Pros and Cons: Pros and Cons Pros Cheap to produce electricity Not harmful to the environment Cons Expensive to build Require animals and humans to relocate Droughts and low water levels can cause energy to e produced slower Roles and jobs: Roles and jobs Project team- Andrew G., Jack G., Brandon L., Matthew H., James G. Programming team- Ben A., Rukiya R., Dawn J., Wes H., Builder team- Robert P., Chris P., Matthew H., Journalists- Matt G. James G. Drivers- Team manager- Mr.Wood Bibliograpy : Bibliograpy Lund , Kelly, "Hydroelectric Power." May 29, 2014.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/eng4431 (March 16, 2016) "Hydroelectric: Pros & Cons." 2008. (March 10,2016) RoboHawks : RoboHawks Andrew G. Wesley H. Mathew H. James G. Robert P. Matt G. Brandon L. Chris P. Ryan K. Rukiya R. Ben A. Dawn J. Jack G.

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