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Published on December 20, 2016

Author: robertshemin


1. ROBERT SHEMIN What’s your business?

2. What it is doesn’t matter- What matters is that you Love it. Bob Dylan got it right when he said, “A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, an din between he does what he wants to do.”

3. “Robert Shemin, what’s the best business for me to start?” And my answer’s always the same: “The best business for you to start is the one you love. Think about what you love to do then do it. It doesn't’ matter if your specialty is coffee like Starbucks, burgers like McDonalds’s, Jewelry like Cartier, watches like Rolex or flowers like 1-800 flowers

4. As Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop says, “ Success to me is not about money or status or fame, it’s about finding a livelihood that brings me joy and self- sufficiency and a sense of contributing to the word. ind yourself something got love…success and money will follow.

5. Garth Brooks, the famous country singer. Now he’s sold more records than almost anyone but the Beatles and is on of the most successful artist of all time, yet he started out working in a boot store in Nashville. Back then he told everyone that his passion was music.


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