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Published on March 19, 2014

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An adapted biography. Adult learners. Basic Level

ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON An adaptation of his biography for Adult Beginners

HIS TIME  Robert is a Victorian writer

HIS LIFE • Robert was born in Edinburgh ( Scotland) in 1850. • His family is wealthy. They have a good position. When he is 12, he travels to France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Italy on a five month holiday.

•Robert is a sickly child. He is exceedingly thin and frail, and he suffers with coughs and fevers. • He is very close to his father • When he is sixteen he writes The Pentland Rising, a story based on an historical event. His father pays for its publication.

  Robert Louis Stevenson goes to Edinburgh University. He starts to study engineering, but he doesn’t like it so he changes to law. However, he still wants to be a writer.  In 1876 he goes on a canoeing trip to Belgium and France with friend. He keeps a journal of his travels and uses it to form the basis of his first book, An Inland Voyage.

 In France, Stevenson meets an American woman called Fanny Osbourne. He falls in love with her.  Fanny is married to Sam Osbourne. However, they begin to live as lovers.  In 1878 Fanny travels back to her husband.

 In 1879, Robert Louis Stevenson travels all the way from Britain to America to see Fanny Osbourne, and they get married in 1880.  They decide to live in Britain and set up home with Fanny’s twelve year old son (from her previous marriage), Lloyd.  Fanny and Lloyd are very important in Robert’s life and an inspiration for his writings.

 In 1881 the Stevenson family goes on holiday in Scotland. It rains for days on end, and to pass the time Lloyd draws a map of an imaginary island. The map makes Robert Louis Stevenson think of pirates and treasure, and inspires him to write Treasure Island.  Treasure island is first published as a book in 1883. It is very successful. He is now a well-known writer.

 Robert Louis Stevenson continues to experience health problems as an adult. He suffers with chest infections and is often so ill he can’t leave his bed.  In 1886 he writes both The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Kidnapped.

 From 1888 to 1890, the Stevenson family spends two years sailing around the Pacific Ocean islands.  Robert Louis Stevenson decides to build a house in the island of Upolu, in Western Samoa.

• He continues writing, but it is increasingly difficult as his illness becomes worse. In December 1894, Robert Louis Stevenson dies. He is only 44 years old. His body is buried on Mount Vaea, Upolu.

IMAGES TAKEN FROM  id=16901  Google  Information taken from Wikipedia.

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