Rob Rose, Software as a Service: Understanding Hosted Web Content Management Solutions

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Published on June 20, 2007

Author: webcontent2007


CrownPeak .... .. 5880 West Jefferson Blvd., Unit G .. .. Los Angeles, CA 90016 (310) 841 5920 .... .. .. ..

.... .. Content Management Delivered As an SaaS .. .. The Dirty Little Secrets of Content Management The CMS Services Lifecycle How Does a CMS as SaaS Work SaaS Myths Busted Q&A .... .. .. 2 ..

.... .. WHAT IS SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE .. .. SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE Enabling customers to “subscribe” to software over the internet without anything to download, install or hardware to maintain. Consumer: Hotmail, Gmail, Ebay, Google Apps, Intuit Quickbooks, Turbotax B2B:, RightNow, CrownPeak .... .. .. 3 ..


.... .. CMS Industry: Top 10 Dirty Little Secrets .. .. 10. Buying a CMS is harder than buying your first house 09. CMS vendors don’t help customers be good web site managers 08. Most implementations still go unsupported after launch 07. Open Source solves the wrong problem 06. Customers overpay for features they’ll never use, and are never delivered the services they need. .... .. .. 5 ..

.... .. CMS Industry: Top 10 Dirty Little Secrets .. .. 05. Buying a CMS to have a better web site is like buying a mop to keep the kitchen clean 04. Implementation is easy. Management is hard. 03. Most organization have few, infrequent content users 02. Companies buy on ROI, but don’t ever measure it 01. Content migration sucks .... .. .. 6 ..

.... CMS Services Lifecycle – 18 Months .. .. .. Ongoing Support & Management Planning Implementation Web Site Redesign New Site Sections New Staff Member EFFORT Technology / Infrastructure Management TIME 1 Month 3 Months 14 Months .... .. .. 7 ..

.... .. 91% of Support Requests Unrelated to Software! .. .. 6% 3% 10% Software Issues Bug Reports 17% Template Changes Config Changes Training 44% Non-CMS (HTML, 20% Integration) .... .. .. 8 ..

.... .. Support and Management Tasks .. .. Buy and install hardware, firewalls Setup and manage the software, hardware, network Manage security, disaster recovery, backups, replication Troubleshoot problems with the environment, database and application Patch and upgrade the software, test and release the upgrades Have an expert sitting around, ready to modify a template, change a workflow, or trouble-shoot an end-user problem 24-7 Implement new projects, do site redesigns, integrate with other applications .... .. .. 9 ..

.... .. How CMS as a SaaS Works… .. .. CrownPeak CMS CMS 1. Access User CP Using A Web Browser CMS Database 2. Work with the Content within SaaS. Draft Pending Approved Web Hosting Live Latest Press Releases more... 11/29/2001 EASIX chosen as total system supplier for 4th Koala Exploration in Australia 11/28/2001 New Technology for Data Mining Introduced. 11/20/2001 Review, the aluminum-air batteries for cell phones Most Recent White Paper 3. CMS Manages content Assessment of Indicators and Components for DDI through workflow where it 4. Content is Internet Is readied for publishing…. Published to hosting environment and served up to visitors. .... .. .. 10 ..

.... .. Simple Formula: ASP ≠ SaaS .. .. Installed is installed – no matter where it’s hosted Consider a few differences & challenges: You’re buying two solutions – the CMS solution & the hosting vendor You’re still working on the CMS vendors upgrade cycle Cross your fingers that the expertise remains with the hosting vendor A true SaaS is multi-tenant – every customer is on the same version of the software. It’s all they do. .... .. .. 11 ..

.... .. SaaS Isn’t Always The Right Choice: .. .. When the content can’t reside outside the firewall. HIPAA, COPPA, Commerce Information When the application is unique/core to the organization Examples:, Orbitz,, Some Digital Asset Management Applications When anything less than 100% uptime is unacceptable Very Rare…. Examples: Online Banking, Emergency response system .... .. .. 12 ..

.... .. Debunking The Myths of SaaS .. .. Becomes more expensive over time A SaaS is not secure Customer loses control over application or data Customer loses features or functions Doesn’t integrate well (or at all) .... .. .. 13 ..

.... .. Truth: SaaS is Lower Cost by Far .. .. Commercial: Cost up front, cost to implement, cost to support cost to upgrade. Open Source: Free to buy, Cost to customize, cost to support, and cost to implement upgrades. SaaS: How much for the license? Cost to implement. No cost for support. No upgrade costs. 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 .... .. .. 14 ..

.... .. Truth: Highly Secure .. .. 24/7 security management by in-house professionals Top tier data centers, 3rd party audits Software-specific security Single point of access to live web servers CMS acts as a remote backup system for all content A SaaS vendor spends more time, resources, and money on security than any internal organization could possibly afford .... .. .. 15 ..

.... .. Truth: Customer Maintains Control .. .. CrownPeak manages application, network & hardware But the application itself is open to customer or partner developers CrownPeak’s services group is available for support 24/7 – and includes support in the contract Templates and HTML open for modification Customer owns and has access to all data .... .. .. 16 ..

.... .. Truth: Better Integration .. .. Top-tier services provide integrated offerings Search, analytics, email, polls/surveys, hosting SOA architecture – data/function integration is simple and flexible Open API for development options Web 2.0 features enable RSS, Blogs, mash-ups, and other content syndication and wireless .... .. .. 17 ..

.... .. Truth: Supplements and Complements IT .. .. IT has constraints: Time, money, expert bandwidth IT has challenges: demanding internal customers, shifting requirements, too many projects, aggressive timelines CrownPeak gives IT a permanent expansion to their team SaaS vendor manages the application and the application environment, but… Gives IT complete control – of the dev. team and applications Conserves budgets – tremendous value, low fees Decreases risk of project failure, cost overruns, and unhappy customers .... .. .. 18 ..

.... .. Questions…….. .. .. Robert Rose .... .. .. 19 ..

.... .. Hire Plan for 2007 .. .. Professional Services 3 new account managers (7 at year-end) .... .. .. 20 ..

.... .. How CrownPeak Works - In Dynamic Environments .. .. 1. Publish code as part of the page template. Code that doesn’t change much (e.g. a mail form) CMS just ignores the dynamic code while in preview model. 2. Publish code as an include file. Code that changes frequently or you’d like to manage and store elsewhere (e.g. polls or surveys). 3. Publish code from customizable “library” from within CrownPeak CMS. Code that gets inserted or built by the business user (reg forms for lead forms or banner ad code that is changed because of campaigns). 4. Publish content as XML or other format “Included” in a fully dynamic page. (publishing product descriptions into a product catalog in fully dynamic ecommerce site), .... .. .. 21 ..

.... .. How CrownPeak Works - In Dynamic Environments .. .. 1. Publish code as part of the page template. Code that doesn’t change much (e.g. a mail form) CMS just ignores the dynamic code while in preview model. 2. Publish code as an include file. Code that changes frequently or you’d like to manage and store elsewhere (e.g. polls or surveys). .... .. .. 22 ..

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