Roasting and spit roasting

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Information about Roasting and spit roasting

Published on January 22, 2009

Author: junita55


Roasting and spit roasting is where food is cooked in an oven or while it is rotating on a spit

Spit roasting is not as straightforward as oven roasting because temperature control is difficult and there is always the danger of fire, especially when juices fall in the flames

Roasting is not a complicated process The food needs some kind of preparation , like trimming or trussing. The skill lies in choosing the right temperature and knowing how long to cook . This will depend on the type of meat, its size, shape, fat content and quality of the meat

The higher the temperature, the quicker the surface of the meat will colour so the outside will cook quicker than the inside

Water is driven out of the meat by the high roasting temperatures and this causes the loss of juices and shrinkage High temperatures brown the meat and gives it an attractive colour and flavour

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