Road to WW II

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Published on November 12, 2009

Author: wlange


Slide 1: Il Duce ETHIOPIA Road to WW II Slide 2: Intro to WW II Slide 3: Alternate History Slide 4: The rise of the Dictators Slide 5: The Darkside IL Duce ... Mussolini : IL Duce ... Mussolini Attack of Ethiopia : Attack of Ethiopia Begins North Africa Campaign Seen as “cowardly” Slide 8: Evil Incarnate Slide 9: 1) Family 2) Vienna … artist 3) WW I 4) Nazi Party 5) Munich Beer Hall Putsch 6) Mein Kampf 7) Weimar Republic 8) Reichstag Fire … Night of the Long Knives 9) Krystal Nacht 10 ) Nuremberg Laws Road to Destruction Slide 10: Hitler …Bloopers Slide 11: Book of The Month The Rise of Hitler : The Rise of Hitler Becomes ruler of Germany in 1933 Wants “lebensraum” Slide 14: Rappin with adolf Slide 15: Effects of Depression Slide 16: Spanish Civil War Slide 17: Spain Falls Slide 18: Propaganda Slide 19: S S Death Head “The Bloodless Conqueror” : “The Bloodless Conqueror” Austria Sudetenland Munich Pact/“appeasement” Non-Aggression Pact Slide 22: Bloodless Conquest Slide 23: APPEASEMENT Slide 24: Munich Agreement Slide 25: Death of Czechoslovakia NON-AGRESSION PACT : NON-AGRESSION PACT War in Europe begins Someday ,this will be a Simpson`s episode Attack on Poland : Attack on Poland Begins brutal attack on Jews Blitzkreig Slide 28: Blitzkreig Slide 29: DER FUHRER Slide 30: “Hitler “, A Summary Slide 31: BARBARIAN AT THE GATES I LOVE PARIS IN THE SPRING Slide 32: The Fall of France Slide 33: Operation Barbarossa The Rise of Japan : The Rise of Japan Emperor Hirihito Desires an East Asian Empire Need for natural resources Slide 36: Manchuria Slide 37: EAST ASIA CO-PROSPERITY SPHERE Slide 38: Empire of the Rising Sun Attack on Manchuria : Attack on Manchuria Begins in 1931 Bought U.S. scrap metal The Panay incident More attention towards Europe Slide 40: WORLD AT WAR Slide 41: GLOBAL CONFLICT Slide 42: WORLD AT WAR

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