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Published on April 14, 2008

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Slide1:  Paul Chia Trends in Singapore eMarketplace towards Global Competition Slide2:  Infocomm Market Review eMarket Trends Global Competition Q&A Agenda Slide3:  Infocomm Industry Trends Hardware and Telecom segments continued to contribute the bulk of total infocomm revenues at 38% and 35% respectively. Source: IDC, June 2001 Infocomm revenues grew by 12% from S$23bn in 1999 to S$26bn in 2000. Slide4:  Infocomm Industry Outlook Source: IDC, June 2001 It is projected to grow by 12% to S$29bn in 2001 and 21% to S$35bn in 2002 on the back of strong growth in the IT Services and Software segments Review of 2000:  Review of 2000 The bug did not bite Internet stock prices corrected in April Antitrust laws were flexed Napster made P2P buzzword of the year First world wooed IT talent from the rest Asia’s recovery was fragile and short-lived Asia/Pac accelerated telecommunications deregulation Outsourcing arrived Internet mania honed in on B2B WAP quailed under high costs Security nightmares crystallized Online stock trading took off in Asia/Pac Source: IDC, Asia/Pacific IT2000 Forum, Feb 2001 2001 Key Thresholds:  2001 Key Thresholds Item Worldwide Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) IT Spending >$1 trillion >$70 billion Internet Commerce >$500 billion >$18 billion Cell Phones Installed >600 million >160 million PCs installed >500 million >75 million Web users >500 million >59 million Wireless mCommerce >$1 billion >$100 million We are in the midst of a Technical Recession - Does this Prediction still holds!!! Source: IDC, Asia/Pacific IT2000 Forum, Feb 2001 10 Predictions for 2001:  10 Predictions for 2001 1. IT markets in Southeast Asia and South Korea will evolve towards more mature buying behaviour 2. Internet stocks will not stage a comeback 3. The Internet stock crash won’t affect investment in eBusiness 4. Hype around mobile commerce and Internet connectivity will reach hysteria levels 5. The ASP market will gain acceptance; yet more hype than happening Source: IDC, Asia/Pacific IT2000 Forum, Feb 2001 10 Predictions for 2001:  6. CRM applications will be a key driver for technology investments 7. Mergers and acquisitions will abound 8. Internet security solutions will be hot 9. IP Telephony will gain a foothold 10. “P2P” will become a red-hot buzzword, but will get a cool reception in corporations 10 Predictions for 2001 Source: IDC, Asia/Pacific IT2000 Forum, Feb 2001 What Does All This Mean For You?:  What Does All This Mean For You? Nervous customers who will be investing in ICT selectively position your portfolio carefully Value added will become more important technology increases in functionality customers need education, and help with necessary skills Managing knowledge will be key to competitiveness channel needs to demand infrastructure investments and strategic direction from technology partners Slide10:  EC Transactions grew significantly from 1998 to 2000 Total B2B Sales increased by 130% from S$40bn 1999 to S$92bn in 2000 It is expected to increase by 18% to S$109bn in 2001 Source: IDC-IDA 2000 E-Commerce Survey, June 2001 S’pore eMarket Trends Slide11:  S’pore eMarket Trends B2C Sales by Industry - 2000 B2C Sales increased 480% from S$200M in 1999 to S$1.8Bn in 2000. Expected to increase by 133% to S$2.75bn in 2001 80% of B2C Sales are derived from Financial Intermediation Source: IDC-IDA 2000 E-Commerce Survey, June 2001 State of Asian B2B Development:  State of Asian B2B Development 12 Confidential © IDA Singapore 2000 Asia lags 2 years behind USA Slide13:  Beware of eMarket Hype Year 2000 Year of many contrast, many things became “hot” and then were “not” Year the Internet bubble burst Year of the B2C shake out Year the OLD economy took over again Global B2B E-Commerce: Aggressive Growth:  Canada & U.S.A. Europe Japan Asia Latin America (including Mexico) Canada & U.S.A. Europe Japan Asia Latin America (including Mexico) 1999 = $145 billion 2004 = $6 trillion Source: Gartner Group 63% CAGR: Canada and U.S.A. 99% Europe 136% Latin America 162% 8% 6.3% .7% 39% 22% 2% 14% 12% 33% Global Distribution of B2B E-Commerce Activity: 1999 Vs. 2004 Projection Global B2B E-Commerce: Aggressive Growth All other EC E-Marketplaces 37% Analyst estimates fluctuates US$3 – 6 trillion Slide15:  B2B versus B2C B2B Revenue Streams:  B2B Revenue Streams 16 Confidential © IDA Singapore 2000 Source: Prudential-Bache Securities (HK) Ltd, Sept 2000 B2B Business Models - Value Proposition:  B2B Business Models - Value Proposition 17 Confidential © IDA Singapore 2000 Source: Prudential-Bache Securities (HK) Ltd, September 2000 Automation ROE Catalog Aggregators Post and Browse eProcurement e-Distribution Auction Trading Hub E-Marketplace Wraparound services E-Solutions E-Enablers Middleware Slide18:  Asian based E-Marketplaces Commerce Exchange GEX + Commerce One( TSMC LG Korea (e2open) Hyundai Samsung China Motors Daewoo Information Systems ToyotaGM BuyPower Li&Fung Hong Kong Telecoms C&W HKT ( SUNeVision, -Steelmental,com (Korea Hyundai), Korea Samsung ( (office supplies) Asia Pulp & Paper ( (Corporate Express) (Hong Kong) Hutchison Whampoa, Hyundai OOCL Exel (MSAS) Nesdex Source: ABN-AMRO Research American based E-Marketplaces:  American based E-Marketplaces ComAuction Dega.Com Eventory Exc4ess Materials Fairmarket Icon Iinternational USF processors ExpenseVision Intelisys OfficeClick Office Online MRO Purcahsing cener eSproket Ecnet EquipmentLeasing MaterialNet Netequipment Ariba BizSpace Inc Cahners Chemdex Commerce One FreeMarkets i2 Technologies Internet Capital Group1 Tradematrix VerticalNet AgriMall @griculture Online DirectAG eHarvest E-Makrets eMerge2 XSChem ANX AutoTrader Centre Autovia Cobalt Group Fast-Net PartsNet CambridgeSoft/ CheMatch ChemConnect Chemdex ChemWeb e-Chemicals PlasticsNet SciQuest CDW Comp. ChipCentre FastParts Insight Intraware Memory Network NECX NetBuy Oxygen Electronics PeoplePC Zone BidbuyBuild BidCom B2B Construction Blueline Buildscape BuildNet BuildPoint Buzzsaw LoopNet PlumbingOnline PropertyFirst AltraEnergy Automated Power Exchange Continental Power Exchange E-Choice Net Energy Mktplace6 Enermetrix HoustonStreet Nat. Gas Exch Benefitpoint ChannelPoint eBondTrade IMX Exchange LIMITrader MoneyLine MuniAuction MuniDirect MunicipalTrade Pedestal Capital PlanSponsor TradeWeb Trading Edge Ultraprise Beveragemedia BuyProduce Efdex FoodBuy FoodGalaxy Freshnex Merkant ProduceOnline BioMedNet CareInsite ClaimsNet ClinicalWeb Doubletwist edentalstore EmpactHealth Healteon MedicalBuyer Medscape Neoforma2 Netivation Adauction AdFlight B2BWorks eMarketWorld EventSource Powerful Media RoweCom Inc. E-STEEL MetalSales MetalShopper Metalsite MetalWorld Steelscreen Steeltrade EqualFooting KillerBiz Mondus Onvia2 SmartAge SmartOnline Collabria iCopyright ImageX PaperExchange PrintChannel PrintNation Arbint Band-X Enron Comm. Global TeleExchange Integrated Access InterXion Min-X RateXchange Universal Access CarrierPoint Celarix etransport freightIndex futurefreight GoCargo NTE SmartShip Trade Compass TransAmerica Leasing TruckitNow. Affliliated Networks Cenquest Digital Commerce EmployeeLife EnviroXcess eWork Floraplex Forest Products Internet Exch. WorldWide Testing Source: ABN-AMRO Research Slide20:  SAP Aucxis 3bTrade Business Exchange Euro Trade Leads Emaro Industry to Industry ProXchange Silkroad 21 Hyporium Littoralis Software Sillicon Korea Online Achilles Marketplace Automated Power Exchange BuyEnergyHere BuyingPower EnronOnline EOS EPIN German Coal Importer Fed. Housten st. Exchange Scottish Power 1st Chemical Market Chemdex ChemicalsWorld ChemUnity Cheop URMS Autolocate CarBuyer CarSource PerfectCar Supplyon TradingCars Food Machinery Exchange eFoodManager FoodPacific SugarOnline Beacon Auctions CerealsNet euroAgriNet Farm Equipment Auctions FarmGate FarmingOnline FarmTackle FloraGuide Hay-net 3bTrade iCongo ShoeConnect TicketPlanet CopperNet First B2B Metalsite MG plc SteelScreen Global Paper Trade Go- PaperExchange PaperX PrintEurope PrinterAlliance PolySort ulpex Timber Web Bioropa Double Twist eLabsEurope eLogistics Intermodel Exchange StreetPrices TranslinX European based E-Marketplaces Source: ABN-AMRO Research Slide21:  E-Marketplace-Generic Framework Buyer Driven Model Supplier Driven Model Third Party Driven Model Source: Equity Research, Spring 2000 E-Marketplaces — Current Framework:  High Transaction Enablement Low Transaction Enablement High Impact on Pricing and Sales Models Low Impact on Pricing and Sales Models E-Marketplaces — Current Framework Source: Gartner Group E-Marketplace Evolution:  E-Marketplace Evolution Source: Gartner Group Steps Toward Differentiation:  Steps Toward Differentiation Source: Gartner Group Reaping The Benefits of E-Markets:  Reaping The Benefits of E-Markets 40% of E-Commerce will flow through E-Markets Cost savings vary between 2-40% , depending on the industry Source: ABN AMRO Research Source: ABN-AMRO Research Slide26:  B2B Adoption Of Selected Countries Slide27:  Industry Developed E-Marketplaces Source: ABN-AMRO, Nov 2000 Long Way to Go On Embracing the Internet Economy:  Long Way to Go On Embracing the Internet Economy Source: IDC 2001 Slide29:  Global Competition !!! SURVIVAL COME FIRST !!! 10 Good Reasons To Make Singapore Your eMarketplace:  10 Good Reasons To Make Singapore Your eMarketplace Slide31:  Slowdown This Year [GDP growth, % year-on-year] Source: EIU forecasts US slowdown World GDP slowdown World trade slowdown Asian slowdown Recovery next year Source: World Economic Forecast, July 2001. Slide32:  US National Data Confirms Manufacturing output down Manufacturing capacity utilisation slumping Productivity falling/labour costs rising Inventories unwinding Order books shortening Semiconductor output and orders down Car sales falling Aircraft orders down Unemployment rate, jobless claims and layoffs rising Consumer sentiment low Stockmarkets down Decline in mergers and acquisitions Advertising spending falling Source: EIU Slide33:  Global Forecast: GDP growth Source: EIU, Global Outlook, May 2001 Slide34:  Asia & Australasia GDP growth Source: EIU Slide35:  Source: EIU CountryData; press reports. Asian quarterly growth rates (% change year on year) Slide36:  Interest rate cuts lower mortgage payments for households more capital investment by firms should start to kick in by Q4 Tax cuts US$45 billion from July 1st onward this year 60% will use it to pay debt, or just save it US Recovery Factors Source: EIU So… Where Do I Go For Help?:  So… Where Do I Go For Help? EDB IDA TDB PSB IDA EDB PSB MAS Slide38:  S’pore Success ??? Human Network and Connections Investment Capital Technology Access to Resources Trust & Confidence Transparency of Policy and Regulation Slide39:  , a Trusted Global e-Business Hub Thank You

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