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Published on October 15, 2008

Author: aSGuest1052

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Bruno v2.12 : Bruno v2.12 Introduction to Process Calculation Program Bruno user interface 1 : 2 Bruno user interface 1 After successfully entered license an empty Bruno document opens Bruno user interface consists of four windows Flowsheet (documents open on the flowsheet) Fraction curve Result list Warnings Bruno user interface 2 : 3 Bruno user interface 2 Active window is selected with corresponding button in the toolbar Warning window opens only after calculation Flowsheet Fraction curve Result list Bruno user interface 3 - toolbars : 4 Bruno user interface 3 - toolbars Document tools (from the left) new document open existing document save document copy print active window print preview Bruno tools (from the left) selection make connection zoom in/out active window flowsheet active window fraction curve active window result list calculate help Bruno user interface 4 - palette : 5 Bruno user interface 4 - palette Bruno devices (from the left) feed feeder primary and secondary gyratories and cone crushers jaw crusher fine gyratories and cones horizontal shaft impactor vertical shaft impactor my crusher screen silo and node product pile stock pile stock feed add text add picture Bruno devices - Feed : 6 Bruno devices - Feed Define: feed rate feed material feed gradation Double click on the symbol to open Feed dialog Bruno devises - Feed : 7 Bruno devises - Feed Feed Rate will be given as t/h (or st/h if imperial units are selected) If Feed Rate has been set 0, Bruno calculates the top capacity of the process Bruno devises - Feed : 8 Bruno devises - Feed Select material from the list The default material is granite Select My material if you want to define your own material Material data button opens Material data window, where you set material properties Click help if you want to know description of the properties Bruno devises - Feed : 9 Bruno devises - Feed Select feed gradation from the list Feed gradations are defined by top particle size 200mm - 2000mm There are three basic gradations for every size fine medium coarse To define own feed gradation select MyFraction and click Insert MyFraction button Bruno devises - Feed : 10 Bruno devises - Feed General interleaf is for entering Plants name and other info about the process The information appears on the flowsheet below Metso’s logo in the Plant and Info fields Bruno devises - Machines : 11 Bruno devises - Machines A crushing plant includes typically feeders, crushers and screens for material processing Like in real life the machines’ operating parameters have to be set also in Bruno In Bruno the basic structure of the machine dialogs is the same regardless of the machine The settings vary from machine to machine, but the important settings are gathered to the first interleaf Bruno devises - machine dialog : 12 Bruno devises - machine dialog Machine selection and settings type model machine specific settings Nominal operating parameter limits are shown in the data field on the right Bruno devises - machine dialog : 13 Bruno devises - machine dialog Calculation can be fine tuned with user definable factors on interleaves Help on each interleaf provides detailed information about the effect of the factors Bruno devises - feeder and screen : 14 Bruno devises - feeder and screen Feeders and screens typically divide material flow into 2 - 5 fractions Pan feeders just transfer material without changing gradation Double click the symbol to open machine dialog Bruno devises - crushers : 15 Bruno devises - crushers Crushers main function is to reduce feed material particle size Crushers’ performance depend on the type and size Double click the symbol to open machine dialog Bruno devises - others : 16 Bruno devises - others There are some other process devises available in Bruno product pile stock pile stock feed node/silo My Crusher Bruno devises - others : 17 Bruno devises - others Product the last part of every process Stock pile intermediate storage pile, which can feed an other process Stock feed needed after stock pile to define feed properties Node/silo node/silo divide material flow into 2 - 4 sections by mass flow node with volume is called silo My Crusher generic crusher defined by the user Opening document : 18 Opening document Every time you start Bruno an empty document opens first You can open existing document instead Click Open in the toolbar Select the document (.brn) in normal file explorer window Configuring a process : 19 Configuring a process add all the machines of the process on the flowsheet define process flow set the machine settings Rules: there must be at least one feed and one product in every process all the machine inputs and outputs must be connected Adding machines 1 : 20 Adding machines 1 Select a machine from the toolbar by clicking a button move cursor to the drawing area and it changes into a wire frame picture of the selected machine click right mouse button to drop the machine Adding machines 2 : 21 Adding machines 2 Machine symbols can be moved on the flowsheet click right mouse button on a machine or near a machine and the symbol colors become negative when cursor is on the black rectangle and right mouse button is pressed, the symbol can be moved. Process flow : 22 Process flow After adding all the needed machines the process flow has to be defined First select connection tool Process flow 2 : 23 Process flow 2 Connect machines from machine output to machine input. Output is marked with a square and input with a circle click on a square and move the cursor onto circle and click Device settings : 24 Device settings Double click each devise to open the dialog and make settings Calculate a process : 25 Calculate a process Click calculate in the toolbar The calculation progress is shown in the bottom left corner Bruno gives a warning if: all the flows are not connected flows are connected wrong some device settings are not set there is no feed and/or product in the process Calculate a process : 26 Calculate a process Bruno gives warning also if the algorithm can not calculate a result Typical warnings are Closed circuit does not converge = some material fraction can not be removed from the loop causing continuously increasing flow rate. Too many loops finding top capacity = the maximum number of iterations has been reached. Solution: some machine parameters have to be changed. Results : 27 Results The calculation results are divided in three sections warnings results on the flowsheet fraction curves result list Warnings : 28 Warnings If needed warning window opens after calculation Warnings give indication of exceeding nominal operating parameters of the machines Results on the flowsheet : 29 Results on the flowsheet Material flows screen efficiency F80/P80 crushing ratio crusher load product percentages of the feed Practice 1, Draw Bruno Flowsheet : 30 Practice 1, Draw Bruno Flowsheet Select equipment Connect equipment Layout Right-angles in connections i Click here to see the solution Modifying flowsheet : 31 Modifying flowsheet Select Options menu and display options to modify flowsheet Fraction curve : 32 Fraction curve Select process flow and open fraction curve window to see the particle size distribution of the flow. To select more than one flow keep shift button pressed and select as many flows as you need. Note! More than two curves in the same window makes the diagram difficult to read. See for your self. Result list : 33 Result list Click result list in the toolbar to open the results Results list contains the same information which is displayed on the flowsheet and other calcutation results depending the selected mode. The results follow device numbering Result list mode : 34 Result list mode When result list is open, user can choose from two display modes normal report extended report Extended report is more detailed than normal report The report mode is shown beside the window name Save the document : 35 Save the document To save the document click save button in the toolbar the procedure is the same as in any Windows program If the document is saved for the first time, the document name and directory location have to be defined. Help : 36 Help Bruno’s help is divided into general section and machine section To open the general section click help button in the toolbar Machine helps are opened by clicking help button in a machine dialog General help : 37 General help The general help is designed to give information about the whole program and the features common for all the devises Machine help : 38 Machine help The machine help contains instructions on problems with using Bruno; for example entering parameters. Example: How does My factor for capacity effect? Click help Machine help : 39 Machine help Machine help : 40 Machine help Help sections are linked together More detailed information about calculation and other model characteristics are described in general help Getting help : 41 Getting help If problems occur that can not be solved with the instructions in Bruno’s help, contact Bruno administrators. minerals.bruno@metso.com Describe: What did you want to do? How did you try to do it? What happened? Slide 42: 42 Slide 43: 43 Slide 44: 44 Slide 45: 45 Slide 46: 46 Exercise 2, Two stage crushing plant : 47 Exercise 2, Two stage crushing plant Please make Bruno simulation for the following crushing plant need: Feed material: hard gneiss, Crushability 28 % abrasion index 0.7 (1400 g/ton) Feed size: 0-600 mm medium Capacity: 200 tph Products sizes: 0-5, 5-20 and 20-40 mm Click here to see the solution i Slide 49: Material de Alimentación: Minerio polimetálico Densidad aparente: 1.9t/m3 Wi: 15kWh/st Tamanho de alimentación: 800mm promedio Producción: 20.000t/día Regímen de operación: 24h/dia Producto: 10mm (P80) Alimentación a molienda Ejercicio 1 Slide 50: Material de Alimentación: Minerio de cobre Densidad aparente: 1.6t/m3 Wi: 17kWh/t Tamanho de alimentación: 1000mm fino Producción: 30Mt/a Regímen de operación: 24h/d, 365d/a Producto: -13mm Lixiviación Ejercicio 2

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