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Published on March 6, 2008

Author: Noemie

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Slide1:  Lesson Plan #27 Fruits and Vegetables January 1999 Objectives:  Objectives Describe the forms in which fruits are procured Identify the eight classifications of vegetables Understand the vegetable color groups Describe the market forms of vegetables Understand methods for precooking vegetables Describe the various methods of vegetable preparation How Fruits Are Procured:  How Fruits Are Procured Complex carbohydrates that contain Vitamins, Minerals, and Fiber Canned - cooked, comparative nutritional value to fresh, convenient Frozen - packed in sugar or heavy syrup, used for desserts Fresh - Highly perishable and bulky to stow Cellulose - fibrous substance, surrounded by fruit flesh, held together with pectin - the “broom of the body” Dip in citrus juice to prevent discoloration after peeling Up to 40% waste Dried and dehydrated - add sugar at end of cooking period Convenient to store Classifications of Vegetables:  Classifications of Vegetables Leaves - Spinach Seeds - Peas Roots - Carrots Tubers - Potatoes Bulbs - Garlic Flowers - Broccoli Stems and Shoots - Celery Sprouts - Alfalfa Composed primarily of bulk (cellulose), minerals, water, and vitamins Vegetables furnish essential fiber (bulk) to the diet Cooking process geared to amount of cellulose present Up to 62% waste Four Color Groups:  Four Color Groups White Red Green Yellow White vegetables turn yellow when cooked in water that is alkaline Peeled vegetables will discolor upon long exposure to open air Dip in acidic fruit juices Market Forms of Fresh Vegetables:  Market Forms of Fresh Vegetables Fresh - consider: Inspection to ensure quality Seasonal variation and effect on quality Quantity to be used over a specific period of time Frozen Vegetables: Available in 2 - 5 pound packages 10 oz packaging for small operations Store at 0ºF Partial thawing not required Dried, Dehydrated, and Canned:  Dried, Dehydrated, and Canned Saves valuable refrigeration space Long shelf life and low density Most packed in #303 and #10 cans #3 vacuum can used for Sweet Potatoes Precooking Procedures:  Precooking Procedures Fresh Vegetables Wash and scrub thoroughly For tightly grown blossoms or stem-type that may harbor insects, soak in salted water (1T/1qt) 30 min, then rinse Wilted vegetables can be freshened by placing in ice water Keep frozen vegetables at 0º until needed for use Consult guideline cards in the AFRS for rehydrating dried vegetables Methods of Cooking Vegetables:  Methods of Cooking Vegetables High moisture, mild flavor - require extreme care They furnish most of their own moisture High moisture, strong flavor - Contain sulphur substances Undesirable color and flavor when overcooked Moist starchy Contain 70-75% moisture Contain 20-25% starch Consider starch content prior to cooking Cooking Vegetables:  Cooking Vegetables Boiling / Simmering Bring quickly to boil and reduce to simmer Rapid boiling tears leaves, pods, and shoots, results in a mushy texture Cover all vegetables and cook until tender Baking Cooking with dry heat Some items may be precooked and finished by baking Grilling / Sautéing Use small amount of fat to a depth of 1/8” Additional Cooking Methods:  Additional Cooking Methods Oven Frying Vegetables are parboiled or steamed and then completed in the oven French / Pan Frying Refer to the AFRS for various recipes Progressive Cookery Vegetables are cooked as required in small quantities Review and Summary:  Review and Summary What are the four forms in which fruits are procured? Canned, Frozen, Fresh, Dried and Dehydrated What are the eight classifications of vegetables? Leaves, Seeds, Roots, Tubers, Bulbs, Flowers, Stems / Shoots, Sprouts Name the four color groups of vegetables. White, Red, Green, Yellow What are the market forms of fresh vegetables? Fresh, Frozen, Canned, Dried and Dehydrated Name the six methods for cooking vegetables. Boiling / Simmering, Baking, Grilling / Sautéing, Oven Frying, French and Pan Frying. Cooking in small quantities is known as what? Progressive Cookery

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