Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

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Published on February 4, 2014

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Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer Located in Clayton, Ohio, Eaton Compressor & Fabrication, Inc., provides rotary air compressors to a number of companies worldwide. In addition, Eaton Compressor supports breast cancer awareness through the American Cancer Society.

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer Risks for breast cancer vary from person to person, and many are due to factors that cannot be changed. According to the American Cancer Society, they include:

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer Gender – Although men can develop breast cancer, the disease is about 100 times more prevalent in women. This is because women produce more estrogen and progesterone, which lead to increased cancer cell growth.

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer Age– The risk of breast cancer increases with age. In fact , women older than 55 account for every two out of three invasive breast cancer diagnoses.

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer Genetics– An estimated 5 to 10 percent of breast cancer cases are caused by gene mutations inherited from one or both parents.

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer Family History– First-degree relatives including a mother, sister, or daughter with breast cancer increases the risk by about double. In addition, having two first-degree relatives with the disease triples the risk.

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer Personal History – Patients diagnosed with breast cancer in the past have between three to four times greater risk of developing the disease in another area of the same breast. This is in addition to the risk of the previous cancer reappearing .

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