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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: islamalts

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Some elementary subjects about risks and issues.

Risk and Issue 16th February 2014 Saiko Shiroto

1. Difference RISK Conjectural... ISSUE Happening now

1. Difference ● Risk ○ Not happened yet. ○ Affects your plan. ○ Preventive actions should be planned. ● Issue ○ Has been happening or sure to happen. ○ Supposed to be solved.

2. What is a risk ● Getting worse than ever ○ It hinders a plan going on. ○ It requires extra cost. ○ It jeopardizes keeping quality. ● Getting better than ever ○ It makes a plan moving forward. ○ It reduces a cost. ○ It produces extra quality.

3. What is an issue ● Serious thing ○ Kind of a problem. ○ Complexed and should be analysed. ○ You need a plan to solve. ○ You can not do it and it could occur again. ● Slight thing ○ Kind of an incident. ○ You could avoid it happened...maybe next time.

4. Risk and Issue When you found it happened then got it as the issue RISK The sign insight! Going ahead EMERGENCY! Can I see a sign? ISSUE

4. Risk and Issue ● A risk comes true → turns into an issue ○ Don’t miss a sign. ○ Check if it is what to be supposed. ● Do what you planned for that ○ Redefine your repair plan on demand. ○ Make it sure to make time for that. ○ If necessary, overhaul your original plan. Resourses, assignment, dependencies on WBS...

5. Get along with risks What you want What can breaks my plan? This! This! Initial planning Make a list of what you have considered risks.

5. Get along with risks ● Risk should be controlled ○ Make it clear everything. ● The items you should make it clear ○ The influences, its range and its probability. ○ A sign that you could see it happened. ○ Prevention plans and repair plans. ○ A type of plan: avoidance, acceptance, reduction, shift, application, share, reinforcement

6. Get along with issues What you want How is it going? This! OMG! Another one? In progress Track issues and manage them to be done.

6. Get along with issues ● Issues should be managed ○ You need to cope it and get it solved. ○ You need to plan what to do. ● The items you should make it clear ○ Analyze every single issue and divide into parts you can deal with. ○ Each part has each task. It is better to keep it small as you can check only if it is done or not.

7. Risks in a project ● Who controls risks can control a project ○ To do QCD things a part of Risk Control. ○ One thing you need to do when you have less time is devoting your energy to control risks absolutely. Keep trying to avoid the risks coming true Predict and prescribe what to do when it comes true

X. Some Quotes about RISKS ● Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing. ● The man who knows it can’t be done counts the risk, not the reward. ● The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision. ● Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.

Just Do It and Good Luck

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