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Published on February 18, 2014

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Rising Tide Car Wash presentation at the Summit on Employing Adults on the Autism Spectrum: A Conference on Pioneering Small Business Models, January 27-29, 2014. Chapel Hill, NC.

Extraordinary Ventures Presentation Jan 2014

[ Why We’re Here Our Story. Our Mission. Our Vision. I

About Us BRIEF: We exist to empower adults with autism and help them reach independence SOLUTION: A scalable car wash employing individuals with autism for up to 80% of its labor pool RESULT: One of the first scalable consumer brands focused on autism empowerment Phone: +1(954) 482 0732 | e-mail: Confidential Information Not for Redistribution PAGE 3

Our Story Rising Tide Car Wash was created by a family affected by autism after seeing their loved one, Andrew, struggle to find employment. “what will happen to Andrew when we are no longer around to support him”? We’ve spent the last 2.5 years designing and refining our business model, using family assets. Phone: +1(954) 482 0732 | e-mail: Confidential Information Not for Redistribution PAGE 4

Our Vision AUTISM VIEWED AS A VALUABLE DIVERSITY We believe that the root cause of unemployment among individuals with autism is that our society views autism as a disability that requires sympathy instead of a valuable diversity. We aim to leverage Rising Tide’s position in the community to change that message. TURN KEY OPPORTUNITY FOR FAMILIES We’ve built Rising Tide from the ground up with the aim to make this the first turn-key solution for families effected by autism to employ their loved one and others like them. Many of our employees are capable of more than a car wash can provide. For them, we want to help them reach their goals by giving them real experience in working with customers, co-workers and supervisors. For those who wish to build a career with us, we offer job security. CATALYST FOR LOCAL ECOSYSTEMS OF EMPLOYMENT We want to empower our franchisees to be change-makers in their community by giving them the tools to leverage Rising Tide as a powerful spark to ignite the inspiration of other small business owners and entrepreneurs to create opportunities for people with autism. FIRST JOB FOR MOST CAREER FOR SOME Phone: +1(954) 482 0732 | e-mail: Confidential Information Not for Redistribution PAGE 5

How it Works • Assessment > Training > Entry Level > Advancement • Positions: Total 80% individuals with autism • Aftercare Associate • Tunnel Associate • Greeter • Check-out person • Supervisor • Manager Phone: +1(954) 482 0732 | e-mail: Confidential Information Not for Redistribution PAGE 6

How We Did It Phone: +1(954) 482 0732 | e-mail: Confidential Information Not for Redistribution PAGE 7

Our Solution

Why a Car Wash? Hyper-local Labor Profile Prominence Scalability Car washes typically serve thousands of people living within 3 – 5 miles of their locations. This allows our associates to interact with many of their neighbors. The best car washes are highly structured. People with autism thrive in structured environments. This allows us to serve at least 30% of the autism spectrum (See Notes). Car washes maintain highly visible locations making them a great local platform to spread the message about autism potential. The car wash industry is widespread and fragmented, yet formulaic in nature, giving us the chance to teach many new entrants how to be successful. Phone: +1(954) 482 0732 | e-mail: Confidential Information Not for Redistribution PAGE 9

How it Helps: Types of Impact JOBS CREATED Each location can employ between 30 and 50 individuals with autism at a time, teaching all of our employees the job related social skills necessary to be successful and providing some with long term careers. BUSINESS CASE FOR EMPLOYING PEOPLE WITH AUTISM FAMILY EMPOWERMENT CHANGING THE CONVERSATION Rising Tide aims to be the first recognizable consumer brand built around autism empowerment. If successful, we’ll show a compelling case as to how employing those with autism can improve business performance. Our model gives families the first ever turn-key solution to providing a life for their loved one and others with autism. Employment in our community has a profound positive impact on the families prospective of the autism diversity. Our solution allows us to have local, intimate conversations with consumers. Through expansion, we can effect many communities. Thus, this platform has the potential to create the critical mass of informed citizens needed to shift the way society views autism. Phone: +1(954) 482 0732 | e-mail: Confidential Information Not for Redistribution PAGE 10

Competitive Advantages Better Value Proposition Behavior Change Better Human Capital Easier Zoning We have an unfair advantage in that we transcend the current industry value proposition and make going to the car wash a meaningful experience. This fuels customer loyalty, word of mouth buzz and earned media that is simply not available to any other car wash. Research has shown that with equal price and quality, consumers will change their behavior to support services that have a social purpose. This allows us to have a steeper growth curve than traditional washes. Our employees with autism are the best labor pool in the industry due to their attention to detail, ability to follow a process consistently and genuine enthusiasm for work. Our purpose also allows us to attract elite management. This superior human capital allows us to provide the best car wash experience possible. Many communities make zoning for car washes difficult, if not impossible. Our social mission has helped us receive preferential treatment in the zoning process and potentially access properties not available to other washes. Phone: +1(954) 482 0732 | e-mail: Confidential Information Not for Redistribution PAGE 11

Our Innovations % of autism community we can employ Scalability Our easy-to-learn, highly structured entry-level roles and integration of soft supports into operations allow us to employ at least 30% of the autism spectrum. Consumer Brand High Employment Our model has been built from the ground up with replication in mind and our industry experts support our strategy for expansion across the US. Local Intimacy, Global Scale Our brand exists solely for the empowerment and gainful employment of individuals with autism and that is reflected in our communications. Further, each of our employees gets the opportunity to interact with thousands of local people each week, giving them a sense of true community interaction. The beauty of our franchise model is that each operation will be run by local people affected by autism. Their message will be resonant with their individual communities yet connected to a larger brand which stands for autism empowerment. Potential Platform for Community Integration & Awareness Phone: +1(954) 482 0732 | e-mail: Confidential Information Not for Redistribution PAGE 12

Challenges & Lessons Learned Challenges • • • • Capitalization Finding the right partners Learning your BUSINESS Staffing Lessons Learned • Superior Labor Pool • • “Innovation lens” of autism employment Significant marketing advantages Phone: +1(954) 482 0732 | e-mail: Confidential Information Not for Redistribution PAGE 13

Thank You we’re based in Parkland, FL Thank you for your interest! We are inspired by others who want to improve the lives of individuals with autism through business. If you’d like to talk more about our business please reach out! visit us 7201 N. SR 7, Parkland, FL 33067 Phone: +1(954) 482 0732 | e-mail: Confidential Information Not for Redistribution PAGE 14

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