Rise of Nightmares: The Lost Tapes of Roland Childs

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Published on September 30, 2011

Author: GeekNative

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Sega has produced this free comic, written by author Al Ewing and artist Marc Olivent, to accompany and promote their horror Rise of Nightmares.

Damn it! That keeps happening! Ha! You’re Frigging getting through useless a lot of those Viktor machinE... tapes, myFleischer. friend! Ah, I My quarry. can spare a A scholar hailing couple. I’ve from Ingolstadt. An got about authority in medicine, thirty here. science, philosophy, Thank you, history -- OCD... squaarkk! What is it, anyway? Your auto- biography? No, just some notes I’m keeping for my psychiatrist -- Isuse! Dorin?

The Lost Tapes Of Roland Childs Written by Al Ewing •. Art by Marc Olivent DORIN?

I don’t know... I just can’t stand people ...And who quit when thethen what going gets --happened? They were He ran. just... I don’t He was yelling Weren’t you know, grave something in about to quit markers or Romanian... Isuse, the Private something. Isuse Hristoase... Eye business, Roland? “Jesus. Jesus Christ.” Yeah. Fuss about nothing, if you ask me.

I represent Not the same the Thomas Foundation, One thousand thing. I was burned Mister Childs. We want of these,out -- too many liars. you to track down one of Mister Childs.Lying husbands, lying our ex-employees - wives, lying business a Viktor Fleischer. To start partners... with. Look, I don’t Seemed like know how you everyone I dealt got in, love, but with was lying to this office is someone... or lying closed for -- to themselves. I got sick of it. And yet you took one last case. What Let’s just changed your say I’m a mind? sucker for a pretty face.

Let’s get back to the... Anyway, let “grave markers”. me rephrase... You weren’t you felt there afraid? was no reason to be afraid. I thought I was Dorin was just wrong. being paranoid. I thought I was too. I’ve been afraid my whole life,haven‘t I? That’s why Now now,I spend two hundred Roland. Sessionsquid an hour on you, like these are vital not that it does for your mental any good -- well-being.

Ah yes, the corpses in the forest. You described them Fascinating. Well,vividly in your notes let’s check -- you also wrote your tapes, about being shall we? followed, I seem to remember. “Fascinating”? I arrived at an ancient and decrepit What’s that graveyard, and found an entrance supposed to mean? to an underground chambeR... Are you implying I just made it up? How about what happened This... person next? You think following you... I imagined thatdid they ever show as well? their face? Well... no...

“There were several corpses laidon pedestals. Though they weredecomposed, they do not appear tohave been there long.“They also exhibited signs ofextensive surgery that was purelythe stuff of madness. They were allfitted with bizarre mechanical parts.“It was as if the corpses weretreated as toys, or as if they werebeing turned into macabreclockwork dolls.” Oh God.

“They were all fitted with This is bizarre mechanicaldefinitely parts. It was as going on if the corpses tapE... were treated as toys...” Nah, I can do better than that. How about... “Just now, there were loud noises coming from the next room over. I will go investigate.” “I pray this will “...Or as if not be my they were lasT...” being turned into macabre clockwork dolls.”


You have Fine, I got ato admit, it’s... bit melodramatic --implausible. I know what I saw. What did you Jesus, I hit one of say later? them! Cut my hand on its jaw! Could it be I am delirious from fatigue? Or am I dreaming this? Look at this and tell me I imagined it! Look at what, Roland? I can’t see anything.

JesusChrist -- I know what I saw, damn it! SorrY... Anyway, I for a minute recorded that I thought later on -- in I saW... the mansion. GoD... the mansion... What? I feel like I’m losing my mind... the fear and insanity of this place are getting to me... Your words. I think you’re experiencing a delusion, Roland.

...I only I suggestremember a nice, long That doesflashes... rest somewhere. actually make A sanatorium, a lot of... perhaps. But I’m ...hang on. not crazy -- No, but That’s not you’re under good, is it? extreme stress. Unless you lock yourself away from the world for a while and heal, you really will go insane.I’ve got to get out.Spending any more time herewill surely drive me mad -- You keep Actually, playing those I think your damned tapes mind is helping you back at mE... by blocking out whatever it is that Again -- really happened. your words. You’re obviously And now you’re not equipped to experiencing face it. memory loss?

--- but I’m getting out -- I told you, Roland. You’re experiencing a --- of herE... delusion -- Bollocks I am! -- but the machine was knackered -- I don’t it kept spitting know what kindthem out! I left of game you’re those bloody playing, tapes all over Doc -- the place! How come you’ve got them now?

Wh...what...? I’m sorry, ...a delusion You remember Roland. I only that’s keeping what happened in tried to help you. you sane... a the mansion now, And everything I delusion that you don’t you? said was true. escaped from the mansion... These sessions are vital for your mental well- being. And you are experiencing a delusion... No! It’s not true! I’m sorry, Roland. You’ll have to find a new delusion to cling to... It’s not true! Nothing happened to me! I’m fine! I - I feel fantastic! I feel --

“I...” “...feeeel...”“...Fan...taaas...tic...”

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