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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: tanushseshadri

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a practice ws on rise fo indian nationalism

Prepared by Tanush 8C Page 1 GEMS Modern Academy HISTORY Rise of Indian Nationalism I: ANSWER IN ONE WORD OR SENTENCE: 1. Who help set up the INC? 2. What is meant by ‘swaraj’? 3. What do you understand by the term ‘dominion status’? 4. Which Act was passed in 1892 and what freedom of Indians was curtailed? 5. Name an English Congress President? 6. Name any 3 Moderate leaders. 7. Why was the INC set up according to Lala Lajpat Rai 8. Who invited the Congress delegates to a garden party at Calcutta? 9. Which phase of the Congress did V.D Savarkar belong to? 10. Name any 3 radical leaders? II: a. MATCH THE CONGRES PRESIDENTS TO THE SESSIONS THEY PRESIDED CONGRESS PRESIDENT DATE/VENUE 1. Badruddin Tyabji a) 1885/Mumbai 2. Dadabhai Naroaji b) 1887/Chennai 3. George Yule c) 1929/Lahore 4. Pandit Nehru d) 1886/Calcutta 5. W.C. Bonerjee e) 1888 b. Mention the agenda that was discussed at each of the above mentioned Congress sessions

Prepared by Tanush 8C Page 2 III: ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS 1. Mention any 4 aims of the INC. 2. Who presided over the 1st session of the Congress? How many delegates attended it? 3. Who presided over the 2nd session? Who invited these delegates to a garden party? 4. Mention a few English men that have become Congress presidents. 5. Name the 3 phases of the Congress. How did these phases differ in their method and goals? 6. Name the any 3 radical leaders. Describe the methods adopted by them to attain their goal? What was their goal? 7. Who was the leader of the 3rd phase? How was the freedom movement under his leadership? 8. Mention the Demands of the Moderates. 9. What methods were adopted by the Moderates to attain their goal? What was their goal? Why was such a method adopted? 10. What was the attitude of the British towards the INC initially? How did it change later? What caused this change in attitude? 11. Who branded the INC as a seditious organization and why? 12. ‘Although the moderates could not achieve anything significant, their contribution towards growth of national consciousness cannot be ignored’. Support this statement with 4 examples/contributions 13. Why was the Radical phase formed? 14. Differentiate between the Moderates and Radicals. You may talk about the methods adopted by them and their goal.

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