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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: madansupri

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Introduction to Networking: Computer network A collection of computing devices that are connected in various ways in order to communicate and share resources Usually, the connections between computers in a network are made using physical wires or cables However, some connections are wireless, using radio waves or infrared signals

Types of Networks:

Introduction to m2m: What is M2M: Machine to Machine (M2M) communications may be the communication paradigm for many future applications such as the Internet of Things, wireless reactive sensor networks, and wireless network Robotics. The key difference between M2M and traditional communications is that M2M usually has no human involvement. Thus, it enables complete automation and adaptive control from far way to save labor and improve efficiency.

Network model for M2M:

Existing System: Wireless Machine to Machine (M2M) communications enable ubiquitous sensing, controlling, and acting via sensors, actuators, and actors. Reliability and security are of foremost importance in wireless M2M systems. A simple, target distinguishing attack can result in M2M’s failure.

Problem: Since there is no human participation, M2M communications have critical problems in reliability and security that hinder large scale deployment. For example, when actors wait for instructions from actuators but all instructions are dropped in the communication channels, the actors will suspend for next operations. Or, if sensing results are all lost in the transmissions, the actuators will response to the wrong control instruction and launch incorrect feedback.

Proposed System: In the proposed system deploys multiple sensors (instead of one) to report a monitoring event or an environmental parameter. Suppose n sensors report the event with values v1; v2….. vn to the actuator. If a value does not satisfy authentication verification, the value will be dropped.

Used:  Hash Algorithm Policies:  choose Median  Choose Most  Choose Nearest  Trust based Enhancement

Hash Algorithm:  Step 1:Adding and padding Message is “padded” with a 1 and as many 0’s as necessary to bring the message length to 64 bits fewer than an even multiple of 512. Step 2: Append Length.... 64 bits are appended to the end of the padded message. These bits hold the binary format of 64 bits indicating the length of the original message. f

Step 3:prepare processing functions…… SHA1 requires 80 processing functions defined as: f(t;B,C,D) = (B AND C) OR ((NOT B) AND D) ( 0 <= t <= 19) f(t;B,C,D) = B XOR C XOR D (20 <= t <= 39) f(t;B,C,D) = (B AND C) OR (B AND D) OR (C AND D) (40 <= t <=59) f(t;B,C,D) = B XOR C XOR D (60 <= t <= 79)  Step 4: Prepare Processing Constants.... SHA1 requires 80 processing constant words defined as: K(t) = 0x5A827999 K(t) = 0x6ED9EBA1 K(t) = 0x8F1BBCDC K(t) = 0xCA62C1D6 ( 0 <= t <= 19) (20 <= t <= 39) (40 <= t <= 59) (60 <= t <= 79)

Architecture of SHA-1

Basic function diagram:

Modules:  Three types of Modules: a. Sensors b. Actuators c. Actors

Modules description: Sensors:  Wireless devices that sense or collect the required monitoring data and report the data to actuator devices  sensors always send data Actuators:  Wireless devices that generate control or action instructions according to the received monitoring data and report to actor devices  Actuators both send and receive data

Actors:   Wireless devices that execute instructions sent from actuator devices Actors always receive data

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