Riding the Waves of Social Media - 38 Tips from the Pros #SMMW14 eBook

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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: toprank

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Riding the Social Media Waves is a conference eBook from Social Media Examiner and TopRank Marketing. It includes 38 tips from top social media experts and social savvy brands including IBM, Marriott, Discover, Adobe, LinkedIn, Whole Foods, Dell and many more - all speakers at the #SMMW14 conference in San Diego.

  Michael  Stelzner   CEO,  Social  Media  Examiner   Lee  Odden   CEO,  TopRank  Marke2ng   Are  you  ready?    As  a  preview  to  Social  Media  Marke3ng  World,  TopRank   Marke3ng  and  Social  Media  Examiner  have  partnered  to  bring  you  this  surf-­‐ themed  collec3on  of  awesome  social  media  2ps  from  #SMMW14  speakers.         From  top  social  brands  like  IBM,  LinkedIn  and  Whole  Foods  to  social  media   industry  thought  leaders  Mari  Smith,  Jay  Baer,  and  Mark  Schaefer,  you’ll  find   a  mix  of  prac3cal  insights  and  advice  to  guide  you  towards  the  perfect  social   media  wave.       Want  more?  Then  make  sure  you’re  registered  for  Social  Media  Marke2ng   World  2014  -­‐  hKp://socialmediaexaminer.com/smmworld/     @Mike_Stelzner  and  @LeeOdden    

In  addi2on  to  a  great  group  of  industry  thought  leaders,  thank   you  to  the  following  social  media  savvy  brands  for  contribu2ng   their  2ps  for  this  eBook.  

Mark  Schaefer   Michael  Stelzner   Connie  Bensen   Cliff  RavenscraV   Viveka  von  Rosen    J  Jantsch   Jay  Baer   Amy  Porterfield   MaK  Gen3le   Mari  Smith   Michelle  Lapierre   Brian  Clark   Charles  Kautz   Jus3n  Levy   Neal  Schaffer   Brian  Carter   Dan  Gingiss   Tom  Mar3n   Jason  Miller   Jill  Rowley   Cynthia  Sanchez   Lee  Odden   Tim  Washer   Azure  Collier   Joe  Pulizzi   Laura  FiKon   Todd  Wheatland   Gini  Dietrich   Michael  Aaron  Bepko   Michael  Delgado   Andrew  Grill   Maria  Poveromo   Marcus  Sheridan   Lewis  Bertolucci   Becky  Carroll   Dennis  Yu   Andrea  Vahl   Mar3n  Jones    

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“There is something very simple, something very fundamental, that will set a chosen few apart: Are you human?” @MarkWSchaefer   #SMMW14  

#SMMW14   Where Is Social Media Going? We  can  debate  the  pressures  on  pla`orms,   distribu3on  of  content,  and  the  resources   needed  to  keep  up  with  the  latest  technology,   but  I  think  there  is  something  very  simple,   something  very  fundamental,  that  will  set  a   chosen  few  apart:     Are  you  human?       Isn't  that  the  essence  of  how  this  online  world   started,  why  we  love  social  media,  and  what   people  expect  if  you  are  going  to  build  trust  and   loyalty?  And  yet,  this  is  gebng  increasingly  lost   in  a  world  preoccupied  with  traffic,  search   rankings  and  automated  marke3ng  soVware.       Can  you  make  a  real  connec3on  that  will  stand   out  in  an  increasingly  noisy  world?  That  is  a  key   to  business  success  in  the  future,  as  it  always   has  been  in  the  past.   Mark  Schaefer   Execu3ve  Director   Schaefer  Marke2ng  Solu2ons   @markwschaefer   businessesgrow.com     Topic:  Industry  Trends   Track:  Social  Strategy     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14      The  Future  of  Social  Media:   What  Businesses  Need  to  Know  

#SMMW14   Customize Tweets to Share: Do  you  want  to  encourage  your  customers   to  get  the  word  out  on  TwiKer  once  they've   made  a  purchase?  Use  a  custom  tweet!       Here's  how:  All  you  need  to  do  is  use  a   service  like  ClickToTweet.com.         Paste  your  Tweet  text  and  link  into   ClickToTweet  to  create  a  URL  that  you  can   embed  on  a  page  aVer  a  purchase.  Doing  so   will  encourage  others  to  click  and  share   with  their  friends.         For  example,  we  have  a  page  that  says   "Tweet  your  excitement!  Click  here  to   tweet  that  you  are  aKending  SMMW14"         The  end  result  is  a  Tweet  that  goes  into   your  customer's  TwiKer  stream  promo3ng   whatever  they  just  purchased.     Michael  Stelzner     CEO  &  Founder   Social  Media  Examiner   @mike_stelzner   socialmediaexaminer.com   Topic:  Industry  Research   Track:  Keynote     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     Social  Media  Marke3ng  in  2014:   What  the  Newest  Research   Reveals  

#SMMW14   Optimize LinkedIn for Lead Gen: LinkedIn  can  be  more  effec3ve  than  TwiKer  and   Facebook  for  B2B  lead  gen  with  these  3ps:     Relevant  and  3mely  content.  Leverage  LinkedIn's   demographic  segmenta3on  features  to  develop   content  for  various  audiences  and  deliver  it  on   3me  for  maximum  sharing.     Engage  frequently  and  directly.  Post  and  respond   to  comments.  This  will  help  build  your  company's   influence  and  the  targeted  communica3on   fosters  trust  and  loyalty.     Post  company  updates  and  news.  People  enjoy   reading  new  informa3on  about  their  favorite   brands.  Post  frequent  status  updates  to  keep  your   customers  up-­‐to-­‐date  on  events  and  offers.     Great  examples  to  learn  from  include:  Dell,   Salesforce,  Hubspot,  and  Zipcar.   Connie  Bensen     Global  Social  Strategy  &  Governance   Dell   @cbensen   dell.com   Topic:  Big  Brand  LinkedIn  Marke3ng   Track:  Social  Tac3cs      Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14      How  Brands  Are  Benefi3ng  from        LinkedIn  

#SMMW14   Podcasts: Greatest Investment Crea3ng  an  audio  podcast  is  the  single  greatest   investment  that  you  can  make  to  take  your   online  marke3ng  to  the  next  level.     There  are  so  many  benefits  to  an  audio  podcast     that  no  other  online  pla`orm  comes  close.     One  of  my  favorites  is  that  there  is  “No  Screen-­‐ Time  Required.”    Over  97  million  people  drive   to  work  alone  every  day  and  over  47  million   own  a  gym  membership.       What  this  means  is  that  people  can  be  100%   focused  on  every  single  word  you  speak  in  your   audio  podcast  and  s3ll  be  100%  focused  on   driving,  jogging,  walking  the  dog,  etc.     Give  it  a  try.    Start  by  subscribing  to  Mike   Stelzner’s  Social  Media  Marke3ng  podcast  and   have  a  listen  on  your  next  commute  or  walk.       Cliff  RavenscraV   Podcast  Producer   PodcastAnswerMan   @gspn   PodcastAnswerMan.com     Topic:  Podcas3ng   Track:  Content  Marke3ng     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     Six  Reasons  Why  Podcas3ng  Is   The  Best  Investment  For   Building  Your  Pla`orm  

#SMMW14   You Won’t Sell Stuff on LinkedIn: The  key  to  successful  selling  on  LinkedIn  is   moving  from  people  “knowing”  you  to   “liking  and  trus3ng”  you.     •  Make  sure  your  profile  accurately   represents  you  and  your  brand.     •  Establish  connec3ons  with  your  target   market.   •  Share  useful  content  through  the  use  of   updates,  group  discussions  and   messages.     Do  this  and  stay  top  of  mind  with  your   connec3ons  and  before  you  know  it,  your   prospects  will  be  coming  to  you!   Viveka  von  Rosen   Founder   Linked  Into  Business   @LinkedInExpert   linkedintobusiness.com     Topic:  LinkedIn  Marke3ng   Track:  Social  Tac3cs     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     How  to  Find  Prospects  on        LinkedIn:  Advances  Strategies  

#SMMW14   Re-Live Your Best Waves : Give  your  best  content  a  new  wave  to  ride.     Most  people  amplify  their  most  recent   content  in  social  channels.     But  don’t  forget  to  go  back  and  re-­‐promote   your  best  posts  from  the  past.       Social  media  exposure  is  short  lived.  Give   new  life  to  old  posts.   John  Jantsch     Author,  Speaker,  Founder   Duct  Tape  Marke2ng   @ducKape   ducKapemarke3ng.com   Topic:  Integrated  Social   Track:  Social  Strategy     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     How  Businesses  Are  Integra3ng        Inbound  and  Outbound              Marke3ng  and  Sales  to  Win                Customers  for  Life  

“Smart companies realize that social media is about people, not logos.” @JayBaer   #SMMW14  

#SMMW14   Tap Collective Social Power: Jay  Baer   Speaker,  Consultant,  Author   Convince  &  Convert   @jaybaer   convinceandconvert.com     Topic:  Employee  Marke3ng   Track:  Social  Strategy     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     How  to  Turn  Your  Employees   Into  Your  Best  Social  Media   Advocates     Smart  companies  realize  that  social  media   is  about  people,  not  logos.       Collec3vely,  your  employees  have  far   more  social  connec3ons  than  your   company  is  ever  likely  to  accrue.       So,  the  path  to  broadening  your   organiza3on's  reach  and  engagement  in   social  media  should  start  inside  your  own   walls,  by  surveying  your  team  to   determine  where  and  how  they  are   already  ac3ve  in  social  media.  

#SMMW14   It’s All About the List: Amy  Porterfield   Consultant   Amy  Porterfield   @amyporterfield   amyporterfield.com     Topic:  Facebook  Marke3ng   Track:  Social  Tac3cs     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     How  to  Grow  Your  Email  List   With  Facebook:  7  Easy  to   Implement  Strategies   The  energy  of  your  business  is  directly  3ed   to  your  email  list.         Facebook  ads  are  one  of  the  most   powerful  lead  genera3ng  pla`orms  for   small  businesses  today.  Specifically,  "Page   Post  ads"  that  drive  traffic  to  a  free,   valuable  giveaway  (such  as  a  free  video   training,  eBook,  or  cheat  sheet)  are   extremely  effec3ve.       These  ads  are  inexpensive,  highly-­‐targeted   and  can  be  completely  automated.       It  may  take  a  liKle  trial  and  error,  but  once   you  find  that  sweet  spot  where  your  ads   are  consistently  producing  results,  you'll   be  hooked!  

#SMMW14   Learn & Manage Brand Voice MaZ  Gen2le   Global  Director,  Social  Media   Century  21   @MaKGen3le   thesocialguyblog.com     Topic:  Big  Brand  Strategy   Track:  Social  Strategy     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     Social  Strategy  for  Big  Business   How  do  you  learn  the  voice  of  a  brand  and  how   do  you  manage  it?         It  starts  by  understanding  the  culture,  history,   mission  and  vision  of  the  company.    It  is  the   people  who  make  up  the  brand’s  voice  from   the  mailroom  to  the  boardroom.  To  do  it  well,   it  requires  commitment,  3me  and  the  ability  to   listen.  Today’s  consumer  demands   authen3city,  you  can’t  fake  it.       Understanding  your  audience  is  key  to   managing  the  brand  voice.  If  you  understand   your  audience,  then  you  will  understand  what   your  message  means  to  your  audience  on  each   social  network  where  you  engage.     Use  a  social  media  management  pla`orm  to   op3mize  your  efforts  and  empower  everyone   in  the  organiza3on  to  use  it.  

#SMMW14   Amp Up Facebook Organic Reach: Mari  Smith   Social  Media  Consultant,   Speaker,  Trainer   @marismith   marismith.com     Topic:  Facebook  Marke3ng   Track:  Social  Tac3cs     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     Profitable  Facebook  Marke3ng:   A  Step-­‐by-­‐Step  Guide  To  Turning   Fans  Into  Paying  Customers   Consider  increasing  the  frequency  of  your   Facebook  Page  posts  to  boost  your  organic   reach.       If  you  typically  post  2x  a  day,  try  doubling  that   to  4x.       Make  sure  your  posts  are  top  QUALITY,   relevant  and  3mely.  Include  periodic  invita3ons   to  sign  up  for  offers,  but  craV  the  wording  in  a   warm,  personal  way  that  your  audience  can   connect  with.  Plus,  engage  at  every   opportunity.       Great  examples  to  study  include:  Richard   Branson,  Dr.  Wayne  W.  Dyer,  KLM,  and  Sprint.  

#SMMW14   Speak Customer: Michelle  Lapierre   Senior  Director,  Customer   Experience  &  Social  Media   MarrioZ  Rewards   marrioK.com     Topic:  Social  Care   Track:  Community  Management     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     Social  Care:  How  Social  Media   Marke3ng  and  Customer  Service   Form  a  Winning  Team   If  you’re  really,  truly  into  customer   engagement,  stop  sounding  like  a  s3nkin’   sales  brochure.         Customers  could  care  less  about  how  YOU   see  your  features  &  benefits  (they  won’t   believe  you  anyway)  so  why  not  drop  that   silly  talk  and  speak  with  them  honestly.         You’re  trying  to  be  pals,  and  pals  never  say   “Hey  pal,  let  me  tell  you  about  my  new   enhanced  feature!”.         At  least  my  pals     don’t  say  that…  

#SMMW14   Building An Audience: Brian  Clark   Founder  &  CEO   Copyblogger  Media   @brianclark   copyblogger.com     Topic:  Blogging   Track:  Content  Marke3ng     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     How  to  Build  a  Mul3-­‐Author   Blog  for  More  Visibility  and  Sales     Building  an  audience  is  like  surfing  …   you’re  riding  the  waves  of  aKen3on   to  get  you  where  you  want  to  go.       When  adding  other  writers,  ask   yourself  –  is  this  person’s  voice  going   to  help  me  ride  bigger  waves,  or  am  I   heading  for  a  wipeout?  

“A beginner’s mindset goes a long way to bring an audience, vibrantly, somewhere they can’t go.” @CharlieKautz   #SMMW14  

#SMMW14   Kid Smart In Real-Time: If  your  job  is  to  provide  social  coverage  for   an  event  in  real  3me,  say,  a  new  or   exclusive  environment,  experience  or   sebng,  approach  it  like  a  kid  at  an   amusement  park.       A  beginner’s  mindset  goes  an  incredibly   long  way  in  trying  to  bring  an  audience,   vibrantly,  somewhere  they  can’t  go.       Check  your  assump3ons  at  the  door  for   what’s  interes3ng;  let  your  five  senses   guide  you.   Charles  Kautz   Global  Marke3ng  /  Special  Projects   TaylorMade-­‐adidas  Golf   @CharlieKautz   hackgolf.org     Topic:  Real-­‐Time  Engagement   Track:  Social  Strategy      Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14          Real-­‐3me  Marke3ng:  How  Big            Brands  Engage  Fans  in  the                Moment  

#SMMW14   Guide Your Social Foundation: Don’t  forget  about  social  media  guidelines.       These  guidelines  provide  the  founda3on  for   your  employees  as  they  engage  through   social  media  channels.  They  shouldn’t  be   too  long  or  hard  to  understand.       There  are  a  number  of  great  examples,   including  from  respected  brands  such  as   Coca-­‐Cola  and  Intel,  that  you  can  use  as  the   basis  for  developing  your  guidelines.       If  you  represent  a  global  company,   considera3on  will  need  to  be  provided  for   how  these  guidelines  are  received  in   various  regions.   Jus2n  Levy   Director,  Social  Marke3ng   Citrix   @jus3nlevy   jus3nrlevy.com     Topic:  Social  Media  Guidelines   Track:  Social  Strategy     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     How  to  Deploy  Social  Media   Guidelines  Across  the  Enterprise    

#SMMW14   Social Selling With LinkedIn: LinkedIn,  more  than  any  other  pla`orm,  is   most  effec3ve  when  your  en3re  company  is   behind  your  efforts.       Don't  just  stop  at  marke3ng  your  Company   Page:  Get  your  salespeople  involved  with   using  LinkedIn  for  Social  Selling.       Get  your  employees  involved  as  part  of  an   Employee  Advocacy  program.       Don't  forget  the  targeted  status  update   opportuni3es  you  have  for  Paid  Social  on   LinkedIn  too!   Neal  Schaffer   Author,  Founder   Maximize  Social  Business   @NealSchaffer   maximizeyoursocial.com     Topic:  Social  Strategy   Track:  Social  Strategy     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     9  Ways  to  Stand  Out  From  Your   Compe3tors  Using  Social  Media  

#SMMW14   Home Run Social Media: Successful  social  media  requires  a  cohesive   digital  marke3ng  approach.       Digital  marke3ng  channels  are  all  different   and  each  have  strengths  and  weaknesses.   They  work  together  like  players  on  a   baseball  team.       You  don't  always  need  your  catcher  to  hit   home  runs.  But  you  can't  win  if  all  your   players  are  catchers.       Make  sure  you  have  all  the  pieces  you  need   to  win  with  your  social  media  and  digital   marke3ng.   Brian  Carter   CEO   The  Carter  Group   @BrianCarter   briancarteryeah.com     Topic:  Customer  Loyalty   Track:  Social  Strategy     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     How  to  Increase  Customer        AKen3on,  Sales  &  Loyalty:            The  Perpetual  Promo3on                  Machine  

#SMMW14   Winning @ Social Service: Doing  customer  service  well  in  social  media   is  a  breeze  if:     a)  You  already  have  a  superior  product  or   service     b)  You  already  have  outstanding  customer   service.       But  if  you  are  missing  either  one  of  those  or   both,  you  need  to  address  those   weaknesses  before  even  aKemp3ng  social   service.   Dan  Gingiss     Director,  Digital  Customer   Experience  &  Social  Media   Discover  Financial  Services   @dgingiss   discoverfinancial.com   Topic:  Social  Care   Track:  Community  Management     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     Social  Care:  How  Social  Media        Marke3ng  and  Customer                Service  Form  a  Winning                      Team  

#SMMW14   Go To The Wave With Content: Using  content  to  painlessly  prospect  for   sales  leads  is  a  lot  like  surfing.       You  goKa  go  to  the  wave.       Whether  that  means  finding  the  best   surfing  beaches  or  paddling  out  to  the  best   waves…  the  waves  don’t  come  to  you,  you   go  to  the  waves.     So  instead  of  focusing  all  of  your  content   marke3ng  efforts  on  winning  surfers  hearts   and  clicks  via  Page  One  of  Google,  use   social  pla`orms  like  TwiKer  to  locate  your   prospects’  favorite  beaches  and  then  show   up  there  oVen  to  say  “Hey  Dude”.     Tom  Mar2n   Author,  Founder   Converse  Digital   @TomMar3n   conversedigital.com     Topic:  Social  Selling   Track:  Social  Strategy     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     How  To  Painlessly  Prospect  For        Customers  with  Social  Media  

“Organic is good. Paid is better.” @JasonMillerCA   #SMMW14  

#SMMW14   Organic Is Good. Paid is Better: Jason  Miller   Senior  Manager,  Content   Marke3ng,  Marke3ng  Solu3ons   LinkedIn   @JasonMillerCA   rocknrollcocktail.com     Topic:  LinkedIn  Marke3ng   Track:  Social  Tac3cs     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     7  Tac3cs  for  Integra3ng  LinkedIn   into  Your  Marke3ng  Strategy   We  all  want  to  believe  that  organic  posts   on  social  networks  are  all  we  need  to   spark  engagement.       But  your  promo3onal  strategy  must   include  paid  placements  as  well.       Relying  only  on  organic  strategies  to  drive   results  is  analogous  to  hanging  out  with   the  same  high  school  group  your  en3re   life.       To  grow,  you  have  to  expand  beyond  your   immediately-­‐familiar  community  and   break  through  to  those  coveted  second-­‐ degree  connec3ons.  

#SMMW14   Optimize Your Reputation: Jill  Rowley   Social  Selling  &     Social  Business  Evangelist   Oracle  Eloqua   @jill_rowley   linkedin.com/in/jillrowley     Topic:  Big  Brand  LinkedIn   Marke3ng   Track:  Social  tac3cs     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     How  Brands  Are  Benefibng  From          LinkedIn     2014  is  the  year  of  #ProfessionalBranding   and  the  #SocialEmployee.       It’s  3me  to  move  from  using  LinkedIn  as  a   resume  to  using  LinkedIn  for  your  online   reputa3on.       If  you’re  in  Sales,  op3mize  your  profile  for   the  Buyer  versus  the  Recruiter.         Eliminate  the  #QuotaCrusher   #ExpertNego3ator  language.    Include  rich   content  (videos,  infographics,  podcasts,   eBooks,  blog  posts)  that  inform  your  buyer   and  helps  establish  your  subject  maKer   exper3se.         Always  be  connec3ng  &  cura3ng  quality   content!  

#SMMW14   Social Pictures That Engage: Cynthia  Sanchez   Founder,  Strategist   Oh  So  Pinteres2ng   @OSPinteres3ng   ohsopinteres3ng.com     Topic:  Pinterest  Marke3ng   Track:  Social  Tac3cs     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     How  to  Grow  a  Loyal  Pinterest   Following     We’ve  all  heard  that  a  picture  is  worth   1,000  words  and  in  social  media  pictures   play  an  even  bigger  role.         Keep  in  mind  that  pictures  are  open  to   interpreta3on  by  the  viewer.       Before  using  an  image  on  social  media  and   even  on  your  blog,  ask  yourself  does  this   image  communicate  my  message  well  and   can  it  easily  be  misinterpreted?         A  simple  text  overlay  might  be  all  that  is   needed  to  help  clarify  your  message  and   help  you  to  engage  your  audience.  

#SMMW14   Influence Is Action: Lee  Odden   Author,  CEO   TopRank  Online  Marke2ng     @LeeOdden   toprankmarke3ng.com     Topic:  Influencer  Marke3ng   Track:  Social  Strategy     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     How  Content  Plus  an  Influencer   Network  Can  Grow  Your   Business   Growing  a  network  of  high  profile  contacts   with  inflated  social  media  counts  isn’t  worth   much  unless  those  connec3ons  can  inspire   ac3on.       Even  then,  that  ac3on  can  be  flee3ng.     Appealing  to  an  influencer’s  ego  will  make   them  your  friend  for  a  day.  But  helping  a   talented  person  become  an  influencer   makes  them  a  friend  for  life.     Go  beyond  “borrow  to  build”  tac3cs  with   influencers  and  work  to  help  others  develop   their  visibility  and  industry  authority.       Make  connec3ons  and  create  value  in  a  way   that  helps  both  famous  and  emerging   experts  become  inspired  to  help  you.  

#SMMW14   Connect Through Video: Tim  Washer   Senior  Marke3ng  Manager,   Social  Media   Cisco   @3mwasher   3mwasher.com     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     Track  Leader     Produce  a  mini-­‐documentary  about  your   industry  on  a  shoestring  budget.  Here’s   how:     Recruit  an  author,  blogger,  or  museum   curator  to  tell  a  few  tales  about  the   pioneers’  moments  of  inspira3on,  and   failure,  that  birthed  inven3on.       A  local  college  can  provide  a  narra3ng   professor,  a  crew  of  film  students  and   equipment,  and  a  library  of  archival   footage/images.       A  half-­‐day  shoot  can  yield  a  series  of  short   videos.       Find  a  giVed  editor  who  can  add  b-­‐roll,   images  and  music  to  create  an  emo3onal   connec3on  with  your  audience.  

#SMMW14   Pin Your Way to Being Helpful: Azure  Collier   Social  Media  Educa3on  Developer   Constant  Contact   @AzureCollier   azurecollier.com     Topic:  Pinterest  Marke3ng   Track:  Social  Tac3cs     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     How  Brands  Use  Pinterest  to  Gain   Loyal  Customers   You  don’t  have  to  be  a  retail  business  to   make  the  most  of  Pinterest  for  your   business.       All  you  need  is  helpful  content  that  offers   solu3ons  to  your  audience’s  problems.       By  pinning  content  from  your  blog,  digital   assets  from  your  website  (like  guides  and   whitepapers),  as  well  as  quality   informa3on  from  across  the  web,  you  can   use  Pinterest  to  establish  you  and  your   brand  as  an  expert  in  your  field.  

“Find your sweet spot - the intersection between what you know as a company and what your customers need to know.” @JoePulizzi   #SMMW14  

#SMMW14   Find Your Purpose: Dude...for  true  success  in  social  media,  find  your   higher  purpose.         First,  ask  "why"  you  are  using  the  channel,   whether  it  be  Facebook,  TwiKer  or  SlideShare.         Second,  find  your  sweet  spot  -­‐  the  intersec3on   between  what  you  know  as  a  company  and  what   your  prospects  and  customers  need  to  know.         Once  you  find  your  purpose,  this  becomes  100%   of  the  content  you  create  and  share  with  social   media  tools.    It  will,  over  3me,  posi3on  you  as   the  leading  informa3onal  resource  over  that   par3cular  area.         You  will  be  a  true  helper  and  make  real  impact   in  your  customers'  lives  and  jobs.         Hang  Loose!   Joe  Pulizzi   Author,  CEO   Content  Marke2ng  Ins2tute   @joepulizzi   contentmarke3ngins3tute.com     Topic:  Content  Marke3ng   Track:  Content  Marke3ng     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     5  Content  Marke3ng  Prac3ces        that  Most  Businesses  Ignore,            but  Shouldn’t    

#SMMW14   Be On A Mission: Forget  more  followers,  use  TwiKer  to  get   more  business!       To  consistently  aKract  valuable  prospects   start  with  a  simple  ""mission""  for  your   TwiKer  account:       @Username  is  where  ____________   (describe  your  best  prospects)  know  they   will  always  get  ___________  (what's  in  it   for  them  to  follow  your  account?).     This  should  be  very  simple  -­‐  something   compelling  your  parents  could  repeat  at  a   dinner  party  if  they  were  sibng  next  to  a   good  prospect  for  you.   Laura  FiZon   Inbound  Marke3ng  Evangelist   HubSpot   @pistachio   hubspot.com/pistachio     Topic:  TwiKer  Marke3ng   Track:  Social  Tac3cs     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     TwiKer  Marke3ng:  What  the        World’s  Most  Effec3ve              Businesses  Are  Doing  

#SMMW14   Don’t Rush on Slideshare: On  your  SlideShare  lead  forms,  don't  ask   someone  if  they  want  more  informa3on,  or   a  salesperson  to  call  them.       They're  already  enjoying  your  great  content   –  go  soV-­‐sell  and  offer  them  the  chance  to   be  the  first  to  receive  your  latest  updates.       You’ll  s3ll  receive  the  lead,  and  people  will   be  less  hesitant  to  give  up  their  email   address  since  there's  a  communicated   benefit  involved.   Todd  Wheatland   Global  Head  of  Marke3ng   KellyOCG   @toddwheatland   3ltmarket.com     Topic:  SlideShare  Marke3ng   Track:  Social  Tac3cs     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     How  to  Use  SlideShare  for   Business:  The  Success  Formula  

#SMMW14   Community: It's Personal: "Go  build  a  community”  isn’t  as  easy  as  it   sounds,  but  it  sure  is  worth  every  liKle  bit   of  elbow  grease  you  put  into  it.       You  are  building  rela3onships  with  human   beings  so  a  personal  touch  goes  a  very  long   way.       Think  about  things  such  as  handwriKen   thank  you  notes,  personalized  videos,  a   featured  blog  post,  or  a  personal   introduc3on  to  someone  in  your  network.       By  making  people  feel  special,  you’ll  have   loyal  advocates.   Gini  Dietrich   Author,  CEO   Arment  Dietrich   @twiKer   spinsucks.com     Topic:  Community  Building   Track:  Community  Management     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     Building  an  Online  Community:  A          Hard  Look  at  the  Good,  the              Bad,  and  the  Ugly    

#SMMW14   Passion With Pinterest: Are  you  paying  aKen3on  to  Pinterest?       The  poten3al  for  cul3va3ng  community   around  topics  that  are  relevant  to  your   brand  are  endless.       Not  to  men3on,  compelling  storytelling   through  imagery  and  photos  allows  for  a   deep  connec3on  around  passion  points  and   provides  tremendous  insight  into  which   types  of  content  resonate  best  with  your   audience.       My  sugges3on?  Explore,  experiment,   observe  and  react…       You'll  be  amazed  at  how  this  social  pla`orm   can  help  you  op3mize  content   effec3veness,  both  online  and  off.   Michael  Aaron  Bepko   Global  Community  Manager   Whole  Foods  Market   @bepkoboy   wholefoodsmarket.com     Topic:  Pinterest  Marke3ng   Track:  Social  Tac3cs            Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14                How  Brands  Use  Pinterest  to                    Gain  Loyal  Customers  

#SMMW14   Community - People & Content: If  you  want  to  build  community,  stop   pitching  your  products  and  start  promo3ng   your  people.       Community  managers  need  to  share   thumb-­‐worthy  content  -­‐  this  means  it's   likeable  and  worth  thumbing  through  on  a   mobile  device.   Michael  Delgado   Social  Media  Community  Manager   Experian  North  America   @mikedelgado   mikedelgado.org     Topic:  Big  Brand  Community   Building   Track:  Community  Management     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14      How  to  Develop  Real            Communi3es:  It’s  Not  Just                  About  Facebook  

#SMMW14   The Art Of The E-Tap: Before  you  meet  someone  new,  do  your   research  using  TwiKer  and  LinkedIn.       At  the  same  3me  give  them  a  simple  “e-­‐ tap”  on  the  shoulder  to  show  them  that   you’ve  done  your  homework  before  you   meet.         This  simple  ac3on  may  be  all  it  takes  to  put   your  name  and  company  ahead  of  your   compe3tors.   Andrew  Grill   Global  Partner,  Social  Business   IBM   @AndrewGrill   londoncalling.co     Topic:  Big  Brand  TwiKer   Track:  Social  Tac3cs     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14      How  Big  Brands  Create  Engaging        TwiKer  Conversa3ons  

“If perception is everything, then measurement defines your social program’s value.” @MariaPovermo   #SMMW14  

#SMMW14   Measure What's Actionable: Maria  Poveromo   Senior  Director,  AR,  PR     and  Social  Media   Adobe   @MariaPoveromo   adobe.com     Topic:  Social  Media  Management   Track:  Social  Strategy     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     How  Brands  Organize  Their  Social   Media  Marke3ng  Efforts:  Lessons   from  the  Pros     Measure,  measure,  measure.    If  percep3on  is   everything,  then  measurement  defines  your   social  program’s  value.         Social  Media  delivers  more  value  than  just  ROI.     How  do  you  define  the  value  of  a  rela3onship?   And  yet  social  media  also  helps  drive  leads  and   revenue,  buzz  and  awareness,  it  reduces  call   center  volume,  supports  recrui3ng  and  can   research  and  development  innova3on.         Start  with  your  business  objec3ves,  define  how   social  media  can  help  you  reach  those   objec3ves,  then  measure  those  social  programs   relentlessly.       Measure  what  moves  the  needle  for  your   business  and  avoid  data  overload.    Iden3fy  a   few  main  KPIs  and  focus.  Use  suppor3ng   metrics  for  insights  to  inform  your  strategy.  

#SMMW14   5 Things Customers Care About: Marcus  Sheridan   President   The  Sales  Lion   @TheSalesLion   thesaleslion.com     Topic:  Blogging   Track:  Content  Marke3ng     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     How  to  Grow  Your  Sales  With   Blogging     In  every  industry  (It  doesn't  maKer  what  you   sell),  there  are  5  subjects  that  move  the   needle,  as  they  are  the  5  subjects  consumers   are  most  concerned  with.  They  are:     •  Cost/Price  ques3ons   •  Problems/Issues  ques3ons   •  Vs/Comparison  ques3ons   •  Review-­‐based  ques3ons   •  Best  of  ques3ons     When  consumers  research,  these  are  the  5   subjects  they  care  about,  yet  most  companies   are  afraid  to  address  them.     The  moral:  Don't  be  afraid  to  address  topics   that  consumer  truly  care  about  as  eventually   they'll  move  the  needle  more  than  any  other   content  you  could  produce.  

#SMMW14   Social ROI That Moves the Needle: Lewis  Bertolucci   Head  of  Social  Media     Humana  Digital   @Lewis502   limewedge.net     Topic:  Social  Measurement   Track:  Social  Strategy     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     Brands  Pull  Back  the  Curtain  on   Measuring  Social  Media  ROI   Social  media  measurement  con3nues  to   evolve  from  basic  social  metrics  to  social   data.       Passing  social  data  and  tagging  these   engaged  social  users  in  your  CRM  allows   you  to  isolate  this  group  and  iden3fy  what   truly  moves  the  needle.       Understanding  how  shared  content   influenced  that  user’s  path  to  purchase  is   cri3cal.       Solu3ons  like  TRKS.IT  enable  brands  to  do   just  that,  while  ensuring  that  social  remains   relevant  within  the  integrated  marke3ng   mix.  

#SMMW14   Scale Social Service: Becky  Carroll   Director  of  Social  Media  and   Customer  Impact  Consul3ng   PriceWaterhouseCooper   @bcarroll7   customersrock.net     Topic:  Social  Care   Track:  Social  Strategy     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     Social  Care:  How  Social  Media   Marke3ng  and  Customer  Service   Form  a  Winning  Team     One  of  the  most  challenging  parts  of  social   customer  service  is  handling  the  volume  of   queries.       Iden3fy,  recognize,  and  enable  your  most   ac3vely  contribu3ng  fans  and  advocates   to  help  address  long-­‐tail  content  crea3on   and  answer  other  customers'  ques3ons.       This  is  one  of  the  best  ways  to  scale  social   customer  service  efforts.  

#SMMW14   Social Force Multiplier: Dennis  Yu   CTO   BlitzMetrics   @dennisyu   blitzmetrics.com     Topic:  Facebook  Adver3sing   Track:  Social  Tac3cs     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     Advanced  Facebook  Adver3sing:   How  to  Maximize  Your  Impact   Social  media  marke3ng,  email  marke3ng,   and  website  retarge3ng  are  all  the  same   thing.     You're  following  around  users  who  have   visited  you,  regardless  of  whether  the   tracking  mechanism  is  a  pixel,  email   address  or  Facebook  user  id.     Consider  mul3plying  upon  your  strengths   by  gebng  your  email  subscribers  to  be   fans,  your  fans  to  to  visit  your  site,  your   web  visitors  to  be  fans,  your  web  visitors   to  be  email  subscribers  and  so  forth.       Try  Facebook  Website  Custom  Audiences   and  Google  Remarke3ng  and  you'll  be  on   your  way.  

#SMMW14   The New Facebook Marketing: Andrea  Vahl   Social  Media  Coach   Andrea  Vahl   @AndreaVahl   andreavahl.com     Topic:  Big  Brand  Facebook   Track:  Community  Management     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     How  Successful  Facebook   Communi3es  Thrive:  Advice   From  the  Pros   For  marketers  looking  to  adjust  to   Facebook's  new  algorithm  changes  and   decreased  organic  reach,  a  shiV  in  mindset  is   needed.         Think  of  Facebook  as  a  subscrip3on-­‐based   marke3ng  service  vs.  a  free  pla`orm.         Facebook  ads  on  an  ongoing  basis  are   inevitable.    Divide  your  monthly  Facebook  ad   spend  between  boos3ng  posts  for  increased   reach  and  ads  to  drive  traffic  directly  to  your   website.     Spend  a  small  amount  on  increasing  your  fan   base  as  well.    None  of  this  ad  spend  needs  to   break  the  bank.     Work  on  effec3ve  ads  so  that  you  spend  as   liKle  as  possible  for  the  biggest  bang.  

#SMMW14   The Real Value of LinkedIn: Mar2n  Jones   Senior  Marke3ng  Manager   Cox  Communica2ons   @Mar3nJonesaz   coxblue.com/author/mar3njonesaz/     Topic:  Big  Brand  LinkedIn  Marke3ng   Track:  Social  Tac3cs     Presenta2on  at  #SMMW14     How  Brands    Are  Benefibng          From  LinkedIn     No  single  social  pla`orm  will  define  your   personal  brand  and  clarify  the  unique   value  that  you  bring  to  an  organiza3on  or   project  as  well  as  LinkedIn.       Use  your  personal  profile  page  to  tell  your   story,  and  do  so  in  a  way  that  is  clear,   concise  and  engaging.       LinkedIn  is  a  powerful  pla`orm  for   establishing  your  personal  brand,  but  only   if  you  take  the  3me  to  learn  it,  op3mize  it   and  use  it.  

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A  BIG  THANKS  goes  to  all  the  #SMMW14  speakers  who  par2cipated  in   this  eBook  and  to  the  team  at  TopRank  Marke2ng  for  pugng  it  together.     If  your  business  needs  smart,  crea2ve,   results-­‐focused  content  marke2ng   solu2ons,  contact  us!  1-­‐877-­‐872-­‐6628   TopRankMarke2ng.com   @TopRank  

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