Riding a Motorcycle in the Winter

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Information about Riding a Motorcycle in the Winter

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: powersportsuperstore

Source: slideshare.net

Riding a Motorcycle in the Winter By Powersport Superstore

Introduction  Powersport Superstore, Inc., provides all the necessities for motorcycle and ATV riders, including protective gear, brakes, and all body components. To see Powersport Superstore’s complete inventory, visit the website at www.powersportsuperstore.com.

Motorcycles and Winter  Many motorcyclists sadly winterize their bikes at the onset of the snowy season, but it is possible to ride your motorcycle in the winter with the right gear. First of all, you will want to wear multiple layers, including a base layer to wick away moisture, a second layer of fleece or another warm material, and, as a top layer, a jacket and snow pants or some kind of winter suit. Of course, you will also need a full helmet with a fogfree face shield and warm gloves and a scarf for extra measure.

Conclusion  In addition to dressing yourself right, make sure you dress your bike. Install a windshield on the bike to block the freezing winds, and make sure the tires have enough pressure and traction. Be careful on the roads, and watch for black ice, salt, and cracks caused by snow plows. Finally, if it starts to snow, drive on home and put the bike away for the day.

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