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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Candelora


Slide1:  Communication in Time: What a build-up can do… Presenting user experiences to design teams RichViz/ Search & Tell TU Delft/ 14th March 2006 Slide2:  What is Time? 1 Slide3:  Time… …is it just the turning of the watch hand from 2pm to 3pm to 4pm? Slide4:  Time… …no, time represents progress, thus time is part of any process. Slide5:  Time… …a qualitative approach! Slide6:  Time… Slide7:  Time… Slide8:  Time… Slide9:  Time… …includes periods of growth (increase) and fall (decrease) Slide10:  What about the Communication through time? 2 Slide11:  Start preparing participants one week before the meeting. It’s neither so long a period that people get bored, nor is it too short to trigger thoughts. 5 days conveniently match the 7+/-2 rule of Miller.  Slide12:  In creative sessions the principle of growth and fall is also recognized! Increase of involvement needs time. Participants need time to warm up before good ideas sparkle. But ideas could also come up in a more relaxing phase after the session. Slide14:  …but don’t forget the period afterwards. Stay in contact to see if additional information is needed. Slide15:  …it’s like planting in spring and harvesting the first fruits in summer! But there could be autumn fruits too! Stay in contact with people. Give them a give-away preserving the day’s unique experience. Slide16:  How do you grow involvement among workshop participants? 3 Slide17:  There are many examples in real life! A bit messy, and at a first glimpse not really connected to each other… …but nevertheless inspiring! Slide19:  The Olympic Games …the neverending flame and the runner with the torch! Slide20:  Memory Game and Domino …playful but tough. Slide21:  Advent wreath …each weekend a new candle is lighted. Slide22:  After some analysis we found 4 basic principles Slide23:  After some analysis we found 4 basic principles Counting towards the future …rythmic character… …counting up or down… 1…2… …10 coupons, and I can get a box for free! 10…9…8… …1 New Year! Slide24:  After some analysis we found 4 basic principles Foretaste, or some kind of mini experience …glimpses of what will come… …little scenarios… …the more senses are involved the better… In your cinema, soon! (Movie trailer) Slide25:  After some analysis we found 4 basic principles Raise awareness and/or create curiosity …get your message out… …sender/ receiver… Slide26:  After some analysis we found 4 basic principles Connectors …integrate unrelated chunks of information into a framework or story… Slide27:  All those principles could be sorted into 2 categories Prepare people! Make them curious about the future event! (passive option) Slide28:  All those principles could be sorted into 2 categories Motivate people! Build up passion for the future event! (active option) Slide29:  What do you do with those examples? 4 Slide30:  We thought, A toolbox which “grows” could help to design communication in time… Slide32:  Good Luck, and fruitful sessions! Any questions? 5

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