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Published on July 12, 2009

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The Promise The Promise; The Pain; The Payback RICHARD PIPE

Nobody actually wants XML The Pain  We want lower production costs  We want more formats - sometime  We need more business options  Intelligent content is nice  We want to survive

The Promised Benefits of XML The Promise  Lower cost of content ownership  Content Reuse  Content Objects (Chunking / Segmenting)  Format production  Content markup

The tangible Benefits of XML The Promise  Print output  eBooks  Content Objects  Online strategies  Mobile strategies  Business Readiness

XML: A Quick History DocBook SGML The Promise XML 1.0 TE Lite DITA 10 Feb 98 1986 SGML HTML 2.0 XHTML 1.1 ISO Standard 1995 31 May 2001 NOW 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s TeX Donald Knuth SGML HTML 1.0 XHTML 1.0 ePub conceived 26 Jan 2000 Mobipocket The Proprietary Years The Open Years

The legacy luggage! The Promise  DocBook  TEI – Text Encoding Initiative  Custom “house” SGML to XML

The Pain

XML can be enjoyable The Promise

XML is a TOOL The Promise

Use the newest tools The Promise  XHTML  CSS 2.1 – CSS 3.0 XHTML  XSLT/FO - carefully  XSL  Python CSS XSL Module s  Javascript

XML vs. XHTML The Promise  XHTML is XML – totally  ePub is XHTML  Online content is inevitably XHTML  Why do things twice?

XHTML Benefits The Promise  Standards Controlled  Easy to work with  Lots of tools  Lowers the technology costs  Lowers the “expert” costs  Delivers the goods from Novel to Textbook

What is a book General Structural Perspective The Pain  Galley punctuated by...  Titles & Headers  Text blocks  Lists  Images & tables  Special List structures  Generated Content  Links & references

A quick comparison Content Perspective The Pain XML Approach XHTML Approach <recipe subject=“snacks”> <div class= “block recipe snacks”> <instructions> Do it this way.</instructions> <p class= “instructions”> Do it this way.</p> <ingredients> <div class=“ingredients”> <ingredient>Bread</ingredient> <p>Bread</p> <ingredient>Butter</ingredient> <p>Butter</p> <ingredient>Jam</ingredient> <p>Jam</p> </ingredients> </div> <cooking-time>5mins</cooking-time> <p class=“cooking-time”>5mins</p> </recipe> </div>

Change Management Current Workflow & XML First The Pain

Change Management Required Workflow The Pain

The Payoff

SUMMARY Which XML (XHTML) The Payoff  The system that gives everything now  Including things you don't want  Including things you think you will never need  It must work out of the box  It must be relatively painless

The Questions The Promise  Is your solution based on open standards  Will it do all I need today... and more  What XML strategy do you recommend  Show me the ROI calculations  What are the ownership costs  What is the cost of change

The Payoff Thank You

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