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Information about Rice Bran Neutraceuticals

Published on September 29, 2015

Author: dramrhelal

Source: slideshare.net

1. by International Trade and Marketing CEO Dr. Amr M. Helal Rice Bran Nutraceuticals from Waste material to Products for Healthy aging

2. Dream or Reality

3. Before we starts Numbers Never Lies

4. List of exporters for the selected product in 2013 Product : 1211 Medicinal plants Value exported in 2013 (USD thousand) Trade balance in 2013 (USD thousand) World 3,399,350 China 1,196,725 India 207,758 Canada 184,930 United States of America 168,286 Germany 148,372 Egypt 109,845 Korea, Republic of 109,379

5. List of exporters for the selected product in 2013 Product : 30 Pharmaceutical products Trade Indicators Value exported in 2013 (USD thousand) Trade balance in 2013 (USD thousand) World 486,308,192 Germany 73,779,288 Israel 6,099,722

6. Best Investment !

7. On going Success Story Supported by EU- RDI Egyptian Partners  German University in Cairo  Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo U.  National Research center  Agriculture Research Center  Health Tech  Al Sonbolah Rice Mill  International Trade and marketing EU Partners  Goethe University  Muenster University  VIVA cell Biotechnology  FB- Food Germany  Analyze and realize (a&r)  Baspharma Holland  Holland Food Trade  Ainia (Spain)

8. Rice Bran in Egypt Total Rice cultivated area  >1.5 Million Acers  > 500,000 MT Rice bran

9. Rice Milling Processes Husk removed Bran removed

10. is one of the most nutritive ingredients of the rice crop, where about 60% of the total nutritive value of rice itself resides Rice BranPROTEIN OIL DIETARY FIBRE VITAMINS & MINERALS GAMMA ORYZANOL ANTIOXIDANTS TRACE ELEMENTS RICE BRAN These components can be obtained from other sources in nature separately, but Rice Bran is unique in having them all

11. Rice Bran Nutraceutical / Functional Food Values Potent Antioxidant High Nutritional Value Blood Pressure Blood Cholesterol Potential benefits of RICE BRAN Blood Sugar

12. However due to non stabilization of Rice Bran; it is still discarded or used as animal feed despite its high content of bioactive substances. It all starts with IMC support for : RICE BRAN INNOVATIVE STABILIZATION

13. Project Name Funding Authority Budget Rice Bran Stabilization Unit (5-7-1) Faculty of Agriculture, Mansoura University 2007-2008 Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC) 70,000 L.E. Rice Bran Stabilization Industrial Unit (1-12-53) Faculty of Agriculture, Mansoura University 2009-2010 Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC) 700,000 L.E. Rice Bran Phytochemical Study (3-7- 4) National Research Centre 2008-2009 Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC) 100,000 L.E. Rice Bran Industry Implementation (5-7-2) National Research Centre Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC) 200,000 L.E.

14. Rice Bran Nutraceuticals • Contract Number MED/2008/214-423 • Total cost of the action EURO 192000 (18 months) • Project PI: Prof. Dr. M.T. Khyyal • Project Partners: International trade and Marketing IT&M (Coordinator), Faculty of Pharmacy; German University in Cairo GUC; Faculty of Pharmacy; Johann Wolfgang Goethe Unifersirty Frankfurt (GUF) ; VivaCell Biotechnology GmbH VC (Germany)

15. • Egyptian rice bran was stabilized immediately after milling to preserve its active constituents. • An extract (RBEX) was prepared, analyzed phytochemicaly and standardized to contain 2.05 % gamma-oryzanol. • Other active constituents included tocotrienols, tocopherols and policosanol. • The extract was used to study the pharmacological properties outlined below with a view of developing nutraceutical formulations. • RBEX was found to have therapeutic potentials in rheumatic disorders, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer & neurodegenerative disorders. POSTER ABSTRACT

16. Conclusions Based on present experimental evidence, Egyptian rice bran extract has therapeutic potentials in: 1. Rheumatic disorders: associated with its anti- inflammatory, antioxidant activity and effect on cytokines. 2. Hypertension: related to its antioxidant & hypocholesterolemic activity. 3. Type 2 Diabetes: effect on insulin release and blood glucose. 4. Alzheimer and neurodegenerative disorders: mitochondrial protection.

17. Rice Bran Extract Safety studies

18. No genotoxicity up to 200 ug

19. Normal karyotype. No numerical aberrations, gaps or breaks

20. Normal karyotype. No translocations

21. -No signs of acute or sub –chronic oral toxicity was observed over the range of studied doses (2.0, 1.0 and 0.5 g/kg Rice bran oil extract) - The doses selected are 20 , 10 and 5 times above the therapeutic dose. -Some significant histological and biochemical differences were observed at the 2.0g/kg rice bran oil extract -No signs of mutagenicity or genotoxicity was detected for the rice bran oil extract at gene, DNA or chromosomal level using the applied techniques in the present study Conclusions

22. Rice Bran Formulations • Contract Number: RDI2/S2/26 • Total cost of the action: EURO 104000 (15 months) • Project PI: Dr. Amr M. Helal • Project Partners and associates: – Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University – Faculty of Pharmacy; Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt – Analyze & Realize, Germany – BasPharma, The Netherlands

23. • The overall objective of the project is Innovative formulation for stabilized rice bran extract with maximum therapeutic usefulness for pharmaceutical, food, beverage and cosmetic applications • And the specific objective(s); Stabilized rice bran prompt extraction at room temperature and spray drying into instant water - soluble formulation.

24. Products under registration Stabilized Rice Bran Sachets

25. Products under registration (Cont.) RICPLEX 20 Soft Gel capsules

26. PorridgePlus - a food against dementia Aim  to develop a food product for elderly with the objective to promote healthy brain aging

27. Aim of the Project: • to develop a food product for elderly with the objective to promote healthy brain aging. This project primarily based on the findings that Rice Bran Extract protects from mitochondrial dysfunction in the brain. • to develop a rice bran extract as a potential food supplement to prevent neurodegeneration “Together with partners from Egypt”

28. Nutraceutical Products; Rice Bran  Planned products Rice Bran Spray Dried Powder (Healthy Creamer) Rice Bran / Ginkgo product range (Capsules – Soluble Powder) Rice Bran/ Barley product range (Capsules – Soluble Powder)

29. Project Outputs Marketing


31. National and Int’l MEDIA COVERAGE

32. Nations’ s Wealth Is not by what they have Or what they know But By Knowing what to do with what they have

33. Contact Data • Address: 118 Mohy El Dein Abo El Ezz. Giza POC 12411- EGYPT • Tel: 00202 33045736 • Fax: 00202 33477755 • Email: dr.amrhelal@healhtech-eg.com • Web site : www.healthtech-eg.com

34. Healthtech-eg.com

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