Rib Injury and Golf

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Information about Rib Injury and Golf

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: pratima0627

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Rib Injury and Golf : Rib Injury and Golf PowerPoint Presentation: Bruising and pain around the ribs could make it very difficult for people to keep their golf swing really smooth. If a rib is cracked, you might, as well, have to say goodbye to your golfing expertise until your rib heals completely. PowerPoint Presentation: Even the most efficient golfer cannot play the game with one or more fractured rib. It could be painful and extremely debilitating. Needless to say, it may be potentially dangerous too. An experienced orthopedic surgeon may suggest remedial procedures to heal the condition. PowerPoint Presentation: Bone injuries, especially involving the ribs, could be life-threatening. In case of a typical bone shard puncturing that rips the lung lining it could lead to fatal complications. PowerPoint Presentation: Resting rib bruise or mild fracture for a couple of weeks can be helpful for getting back on the golf course, though you need to consult the doctor and get yourself diagnosed properly. Only correct diagnosis can determine the course of treatment for your condition. Your Ribs : Your Ribs Our ribs are highly fragile, which makes them vulnerable to injuries. But, cartilage in the breastbone, between the ribs is responsible for the flexibility of ribcage . This ensures that any shock is absorbed quickly and even shift position as the body moves. PowerPoint Presentation: There are different types of rib injuries ranging from normal impact bruising to severe stress fractures. In case if you’ve hit yourself accidentally with your club on your follow-through, for instance, you might develop a bruised rib . This normally heals within a couple of days. However, stress fracture takes place when too much pressure or force is exerted on the ribs. Ribs and Golfing : Ribs and Golfing Rib injuries usually happen due to repetitive and straining upper-body movements. This includes regular swinging of arms during the game followed by forceful movement needed for playing golf. Particularly , if you are playing on full-sized golf course, it will put a lot of pressure on your ribs . PowerPoint Presentation: Nevertheless, rib injuries are considered an uncommon hazard for golfers. But the ones who damage their ribs while playing golf are likely to feel the pain while swinging and bruising may be seen around the rib, especially the affected one. Golfing injuries generally affect amateur golfers, because they do not know the proper use of their arms for swinging, they may stress their ribs to the extent of causing fracture. Inadequate stretching, overuse and poor techniques are mainly responsible for such injuries. If you visit an orthopedic surgeon , he should be able to tell you what needs to be done. PowerPoint Presentation: Golf injuries may also take place if you don’t use appropriate equipment's; chances of injuries or hurting the ribs increase due to lack of proper care. In case of over-long club, golfers tend to hit the ground rather than the ball while swinging. This leads to a shock, which is transferred to the body and bones, thus harming your ribs to cause significant damage. PowerPoint Presentation: Severely bruised ribs may need bed rest before it is healed completely. Light or mild fractures, however, tend to heal within 3 weeks if preventive measures are taken. You should not lift heavy objects or play golf during this time.

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