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Published on August 14, 2007

Author: Octavio

Source: authorstream.com

HOME:  HOME POEMS FOR YOUR HANDS LET’S COUNT! JOKES PROVERBS Scuola Primaria di Via Giussani CO – Classi 5^AB – 2003-2004 Rhymes :  Rhymes Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight. Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning. ENGLISH RHYMES: The weather (Elisa G., Marta, Antonia, Xheni) Rhymes :  Rhymes There are holes in the sky Where the rain gets in But they are so small: That’s why rain is thin. Rain before seven Clear by eleven. Rain, rain go away Come again another day. (Dario, Haroun) (Valentina V., Elisa A.) (Luigi, Dalila) Rhymes :  Rhymes It’s raining, it’s pouring the old man is snoring he bumped his head on the back of the bed and couldn‘t get up in the morning. Rain on the green grass, and rain on the tree, rain on the house-top, but not on me. (Laura, Valentina C.) (Jacopo, Lorenzo) Rhymes :  Rhymes Cobbler cobbler, mend my shoe, Get it done by half past two; Half past two is much too late, Get it done by half past eight. There was an old lady That lived in a shoe. She had so many children She didn’t know what to do. (Gabriele, Andrea B.) (Elisa A., Tommaso) Rhymes :  Rhymes Ba ba black sheep Have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, Three bags full. One for the master, One for the dame, One for the little boy Who lives down the lane. One, two buckle my shoe Three, four knock on the door Five, six pick up sticks Seven, eight lay them straight Nine, ten a big fat hen. (Valentina V., Andrea M.) (Francesco, Mirko, Antonia; Simone) Rhymes :  Rhymes I’m a little teapot short an shout, Here’s my handle, here’s my spout. When the water’s boiling, hear me shout, Tip me up and pour me out! Round and round the garden, Like a teddy bear, One step, two steps, Tickle you under there. (Valentina R., Marianna) (Dario, Haroun) Poems for your hands:  Poems for your hands POEMS FOR YOUR HANDS Here is a church, Here is the steeple, Open the door, Here are all the people. Peter Pointer Peter Pointer Where are you? Here I am Here I am And how do you do. (Marta, Valentina G.) (Marianna, Haroun) Let’s count:  Let’s count Decide who is going to be ‘it’. LET’S COUNT! Out goes the rat, Out goes the cat, Out goes the lady With the big green hat. Y, o, u spells you; O, u, t spells out! Apples, apples in a dish, How many apples do you wish? FIVE One two three four five And out you go! (Alessandro, Lucrezia, Chiara) (Alba, Denise) Jokes :  Jokes ENGLISH JOKES One snail to another: Come on, let’s cross the road! - Are you crazy? Don’t you know the bus is coming in half an hour? (Valentina C., Laura, Luigi) Jokes:  Jokes In a farmyard : A hen asks a pig why he is always sad when they meet. Well, - says the pig - when I see you I can’t help thinking of BACON and EGGS. If a black cat crosses your path, is it good luck? No if you are a mouse. (for English people a black cat is lucky) (Lorenzo, Andrea B.) (Giorgia, Denise) Jokes:  Mum, can I play the piano? Not till you have washed your hands! They are dirty! But Mum, I’ll only play on the black keys! An old lady went into a department store to buy some wool. - I want to knit a coat for my dog - she told the assistant. - How big is he? - the assistant asked her and then suggested -perhaps you should bring him in. Oh no,dear - said the old lady. - I want it to be a surprise! (Gabriele, Alba) (Chiara, Alba, Jacopo) Jokes Jokes:  Jokes What time is it when an elephant sits on your gate? It’s time to buy a new one! What do you call an animal with two heads, five legs and a prickly tail? A monster! (Xheni, Michael) (Enzo, Lorenzo) Jokes:  Jokes Teacher: Ralph, what are two and two? Ralph: Four! Teacher: That’s good! Ralph: Good? It’s perfect! Doctor: You must take four teaspoons full of this medicine before every meal! Patient: But I’ve only got three teaspoons! (Jacopo, Andrea B.) (Elisa G., Michael) Proverbs:  Proverbs ENGLISH PROVERBS Big fish eats little fish. A cat in gloves catches no mice. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Better late than ever. Bad news travel fast. After a storm comes a calm. (Chiara R.) (Veronica) (Giorgia) (Luigi) (Lorenzo) Proverbs:  Proverbs Appetite comes with eating. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. After dinner rest a while, after supper walk a mile. (Veronica) (Andrea B.) (Lorenzo) Proverbs:  Proverbs When the cat is away,the mice will play. It is better to give than receive. (Tommaso) (Valentina V.) A barking dog never bites.

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