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Information about RHS Band Cruise 2014 Last details + SetSail Pass mar14

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: HowardFlint1

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To be away from your parents for a long weekend in international waters and briefly in a foreign country?

The Last Details… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Trust but Verify: Birth Certificate or Passport? Picture ID? Medication Forms. Details to follow… Set Sail Pass: see your sheet, please read carefully Set up an Onboard Expense account

SetSail Pass Take home this sheet with VERY Detailed instructions. At home, on a computer Do Steps 1 & 2, then contact your chaperone Your chaperone must… Accept the conditions for you. NO ONE UNDER 21 can do this Your chaperone will tell you when they are done… Then you can go back in and PRINT & SIGN – Put with your BC or Passport

STEP 2: ONBOARD EXPENSE ACCOUNT There are three options to choose from when arranging your onboard expense account: 1. Pay for it with a credit card 2. Pay for it with cash 3. Choose not to open an account. **If you choose not to open an onboard account, you will not be able to purchase anything while on-board the ship.

STEP 2: ONBOARD EXPENSE ACCOUNT 1. Using a Credit Card You may set up your onboard sea pass account online only if you are using a credit card that is IN YOUR OWN NAME. If you choose to open the expense account with a credit card, a new section will drop down. Please enter all of your credit card information such as the name as it appears on the card, credit card type, last 4 digits of credit card and the expiration date. Please Note: If you are a student using a credit card, it must have your name on it and you must present this credit card at time of check-in prior to boarding the ship.

STEP 2: ONBOARD EXPENSE ACCOUNT 2. Using Cash If you are going to use cash to open your on-board account, select the box that states I would like to pay for my Onboard Expenses with cash. If you choose this option, you will have to set your account up once you get onboard the ship at the Purser’s Desk located on Deck 4. ✔Check the box that states you would like to pay for the guests in the following reservation. Make sure the only names checked below are yours and if you are paying for anyone else that their name is checked. If you have any other names checked, you will be responsible for that person’s onboard expenses.

Chaperone Groups See your sheet

The Itinerary Thursday March 20, 2014 • 10pm – Check in at RHS Band room. A parent/guardian must accompany Student to check in (Please do not drop off your student and leave, you can leave after your student clears the check in process. This is to ensure that they will clear the process at port) Please be prepared to turn in your required printed SetSail pass (from your on-line check-in), Passport or Birth certificate with raised seal, and Photo ID (driver’s license/permit or school ID). Chaperones will hold these during the trip and check-in at port with the students in their care. Students will NOT be able to depart RHS without all three documents being turned in. All items will be returned upon return to RHS. Students opening an on ship expense account with credit cards in their name will present them on their own at port. Expense accounts can also be opened with cash in the ship’s Purser’s office once on board. • 11pm - Load Buses • 12 Midnight – Depart RHS for Port – SLEEP! Bring money for a breakfast stop on way to port. The first meal on board ship will be lunch.

Check-in During check in at RHS, students will receive a luggage tag for one bag for the check in at port. At port they can also carry on one item (e.g. purse, small day bag, camera case) in addition to the one checked bag. Students should be prepared to carry their own luggage and instrument from the bus into the port facility (porter charges of $2/bag are not included in our trip fare).

Medical Forms Please note: Students that are taking medications (prescribed or OTC) on the trip must complete, get a physician signature, and turn in either of the Fulton County medication forms listed below during check in at RHS. The following forms are also available on the roswellband.com website. • Authorization for students to self-medicate • Authorization for adult leader to give medication to student during trip

What to wear Please also note that certain attire is expected in the ship dining areas, as follows: Shorts, jeans, caps or bathing suits are not permitted in the main dining room at night. During the daytime, dress in the main dining room is informal. You must wear shoes in the dining room and Windjammer cafe at all times and sandals are accepted. For evenings in the main dining room, count on two basic types of attire, as follows (please note that Mr. Adams is requiring all trip participants to take dinner in the main dining room each evening): • Informal/Casual: For young ladies: Dress pants, casual dress or skirt and blouse. For gentlemen: Dress pants, polo shirts, open collar shirt without a tie. • Formal: For young ladies: Prom dresses are acceptable. Any dressy Sunday dress or semi-formal or formal dress. For gentlemen: A suit and tie, slacks, sport coat and tie. A Tuxedo is also appropriate, if you are Glen Soafer. • 3- night cruises include one formal night and the remainder casual in the main dining room.

The Itinerary Friday March 21, 2014 • 7:00am – stop near port for breakfast, fast food. • 9:00am – Arrive at Port Canaveral • Check in at port. Chaperones check-in together with their students. • 5:15pm Cruise Festival Meeting • 11:00pm Curfew

The Itinerary Saturday March 22, 2014 • 5:30am WAKE UP, shower, get breakfast • 6:30am meet dressed to get instruments • 7:00am ON STAGE warm up • 7:30am Performance • WHEW! • 12:30pm Arrive in Nassau Bahamas • FORMAL DINNER night • Curfew Midnight Sunday March 23, 2014 • 8:00am Arrive at CocoCay, the private island • 4:00pm back on boat, sail away

The Itinerary Monday March 24, 2014 • 7am – Disembark Ship • 10am – Depart Port Canaveral Bring money for a lunch stop on way back to Roswell. • 7pm – Approximate return to RHS, Student pick-up Tuesday March 25 • Get up and go to school • Show off “cruise wear” and tan • Practice adding this to the beginning of all your sentences: “In the Bahamas this weekend I…”


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