Rhetorical devices to write a manifesto that Cicero would be proud of.

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Information about Rhetorical devices to write a manifesto that Cicero would be proud of.

Published on January 25, 2016

Author: TomJMcManus

Source: slideshare.net

1. Rhetorical devices to write a manifesto that Cicero would be proud of.

2. Today, we write a manifesto. Today, our second sentence starts with the first word of the first sentence. We write a short sentence. Than a shorter one. Then a really, really long one that maybe doesn’t make any sense but is immediately followed by One. Word. Sentences. Then we make our point even clearer By using fragmented prepositional phrases. By repeating that first proposition. By doing it a total of three times. And then we have another really long sentence that builds up excitement for our overarching concept that is summed up in a word that makes absolutely no sense. Kumquat.

3. The end.

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