rgMOOC: A Digital Game-Based MOOC for Rhetoric and Composition

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Information about rgMOOC: A Digital Game-Based MOOC for Rhetoric and Composition

Published on February 14, 2014

Author: autnes

Source: slideshare.net


This updated 2014 slideshow is created by Sherry Jones. It includes new videos that demonstrates how game-based learning is implemented in rgMOOC.

Slideshow is co-presented by Sherry Jones and Kate Caruso at the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) Immersion Excursion Conference on Feb. 14, 2014.

rgMOOC: A Digital Game Based MOOC for Rhetoric and Composition Sherry Jones and Kate Caruso CCCS Immersion Excursion February 14, 2014 http://bit.ly/rgmooc2142014 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial - NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Our Grant Challenge ● How to teach rigorous rhetoric and composition courses with games? ● How to scale game-based learning collegewide? ● Solution? Teach Video Games as Rhetorical Objects! ● rgMOOC 1 & 2!!

A Window Into rgMOOC

Research + Theories

Research on Connectivism ● Justin Reich (EdWeek, Aug. 6, 2013) clarifies: ○ xMOOC = LMS + Autograder. ○ cMOOC = Web + Syndication Engine. ● rgMOOC is designed with Connectivism + Games + Open Access + CC + Syndication. ● rgMOOC = “Rhetoric + Game-Based MOOC.”

gMOOC Theory! Part 1 ● The term gMOOC (Game-Based MOOC) is coined by Sherry Jones (Philosophy, Rhetoric, Game Studies) and Jack Park (Founder of Knowledge Gardening Theory). ● Jones' version of gMOOC theory includes: ○ Role-Playing and Narrative-based UX (Episodic + Epistolary + Magic Realism). ○ Use Digital Games for immersive learning of almost any discipline (ex. Composition).

gMOOC Theory! Part 2 ● Beyond cMOOCs - Syndication with Games! ● Platform UX Design is game-like (interactive). ● Play to Learn! (Interactivity + Logic + Problem Solving). ● Write about COTS Games via Game Studies. ● Both Instructors and Participants Role-Play. ● Synchronous chat + Asynchronous curation. ● Massive collaborative writing on Etherpad. ● Create games to demonstrate competency. ● Provide Badges as Rewards/Loot!


Who is rgMOOC’s Audience? ● Intended Audience - gamers, non-gamers, writers, educators, or enthusiastic learners (open to all!). ● Who Attended rgMOOC 1 & 2? - 682-800 people each day! Students, Professors, Business Leaders, Lifelong learners. ● Most surprisingly, professors from Udacity and Coursera lurked! (-_-)/

With ACC Hybrid Students ● We associate 2 ACC Hybrid Courses with rgMOOC. ● Open Lab with laptops are available for students to play games.

To Ensure Grant Project Success . . .

We Each Donned Many, Many Hats ● Sherry Jones - Project-Leader + Researcher and Instructor of Game Studies, Rhetoric Studies, New Media + Games Curator + UX Designer + Video Producer + Writing Exercises Author + Social Media Marketer + GBL Trainer. ● Kate Caruso - Project Co-Leader + Researcher and Instructor of Composition & MLA + Web 2.0 Tutorials Maker + Video Producer + Discussions and Tweetchat Moderator + Editor + Gamification Trainer.

UX Design of rgMOOC Home 0:55


Topics Covered in rgMOOC Games as Art + Socio-cultural Constructs Paratextuality/Transmediality of Games Game Genres as Mediators of Meaning Game Rules, Mechanics, and Dynamics as "Procedural Rhetoric" ● Gameplay and Aristotelian Triangle ● Rhetorical Analysis of Game Design ● Game Platforms, Culture, and Audience ● ● ● ●

rgMOOC Brief (4 Directives) ● rgMOOC’s Brief contains 4 Directives: 1) Intel 2) Games 3) Directive Co-ops 4) Live Debriefings. ● Agents fulfill each week’s Brief to master analysis + evaluation of the rhetoric of game programming and game systems.

1st Directive Intel (Level Up)! ● Intel = Assigned Readings and Lectures. ● Readings range from easy to difficult: ○ Level - Heroic = Medium Difficulty. ○ Level - Legendary = Advanced Difficulty (require prior discipline based knowledge to access).

Intel Video @TheDecipher1 "Procedural Rhetoric is a type of procedural literacy that advances and challenges the logics that underlie behavior, and how such logics work." -- Ian Bogost 2:13-5:30 (Persuasive Games 258)

2nd Directive Play a Game (or 3) ● Agents play 1 game from our extensive game collection. ● Various game genres are assigned. ● Let’s Play (LP) videos are offered as guides.

Let’s Play! @TheGameMole 0:00-2:29 1:51-5:04

The Game Mole’s Narratives 1 ● The Game Mole is a spy, and “disrupts” rgMOOC with his own narratives: ○ Episodic Narrative = Narrative in episodes (sets readers’ anticipation to read more subsequent narratives). ○ Epistolary Narrative = Narrative written in documents (ex. tell a story through a series of letters). ● Narratives lure agents back to rgMOOC!

The Game Mole’s Narratives 2 ● Magic Realism - When a narrative breaks the rules of our real world. ● “Strecher defines magic realism as "what happens when a highly detailed, realistic setting is invaded by something too strange to believe." (Wikipedia) ● The Game Mole disrupts the “reality” of the rgMOOC universe by providing secret/hidden intel to fellow agents!

The Game Mole’s Narratives 3

3rd Directive Directive Co-ops! ● Directive Co-op are questions about the Intel and games assigned. ● Agents complete 1 Directive Co-op with 200 Words Minimum (but Agents give us a whole lot more). ● Writing Tutorials are offered.

Writing Tutorial @rgTheScientist 5:44-8:08 Sample Directive Co-ops ● “Mr. Bree: Instructing the Basics of Neuroscience through Video Games” by Rozalia Zeibeki. ● Response to “Autisim” by Francisco Vargas.

4th Directive Live Debriefing! rgMOOC Twubs

Midweek Minecraft Live! 2:49-8:00

Final Weeks Make a Game Live! ● In Weeks 9-10 (final 2 weeks), agents make games to demonstrate learning. ● Road Rage by Lucas Villa-Kainec (aka Agent V-K/GAMERansom). ● Knowledge for the Future by Brandon Madrigal (aka bigbyrdbmad).


Evaluate Storify! (Syndication!) ● We evaluate Agents’ Storify articles to give them an rgMOOC Completion Badge! ● Agents “syndicate” their work via Storify! ● Storify by Francisco Vargas ● Storify by Irov

Press about rgMOOC!

rgMOOC in the News! ● Aug. 12, 2013 - Roland Legrand reports on Jones’ gMOOC Theory ● Aug. 30, 2013 - MOOC News and Reviews published a very positive review of rgMOOC (MN&R is a highly respected international publication that evaluates the quality and rigor of MOOCs). ● See More 2013 News on rgMOOC!

Questions? Comments? Sherry Jones Kate Caruso SherryJones.Edtech@gmail.com KateEGuthrie@gmail.com Twitter @autnes Twitter @writercar Visual Bio CV SLIDESHOW - http://bit.ly/rgmooc2142014

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