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Information about Revolutions - Some Results

Published on February 17, 2014

Author: MrRoher


Some Results

“Leading a revolution is like riding a tiger.” Arthur S. Hastings - historian

    What were the biggest CHANGES in the North American colonies as a result of the American Revolution? (Social, Political, Culture, Economy) What were the main CONTINUITIES in North America from 1650 ce to 1800 ce? (Social, Political, Culture, Economy)

 Stable new government (based on the Enlightenment) under the Constitution created the best representative democracy EVER. (Remember, history is all about interpretation!)  Economic freedom continued  Relative social equality continued (for white men)  Separation of religion and government became law

 the French government changed frequently from Republic to Monarchy, (with periods of violence and civil war) while many of the revolutionary ideals and laws remained  Social classes became less rigid  Roman Catholic Church lost power  Napoleon spread revolutionary ideas and nationalism through conquest.

 Successful Slave Revolt (in other regions inspired slaves, made owners afraid) leads to political and social transformation  Military dictatorships were often corrupt, unstable, and unfair  Economic decline – plantation agriculture ended, other nations halt trade, few resources remained  African religions like Vodun influence culture

 Regional conflicts split Central & South America into rival states.  Social and political tensions remained between elites, reformers, the military, lower classes, natives, and slaves  Economic dependence on Western European economy.  Roman Catholicism remained important

 What were the biggest CHANGES in the societies of FRANCE, HAITI, and LATIN AMERICA from 1700 to 1850?  What were the CONTINUTIES in the societies of FRANCE, HAITI, and LATIN AMERICA from 1700 to 1850?  (SOCIETY includes characteristics of social class and culture)

 In present day, how would social media help revolutionaries?  How could social media be used to hurt revolutionaries?

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