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Published on January 7, 2008

Author: Chan


Political Revolutions:  Political Revolutions American Revolution ch 36 French Revolution ch 37 Revolutions of the 19th Cen ch 40 American Revolution Review:  American Revolution Review Participation in 7Years War -Global Unhappy with Colonial Rule Influenced by the Enlightenment Idea of self determination and Natural Rights of “Man” Model of others- esp. Latin America French Revolution Background:  French Revolution Background Causes 1. Inequality 2. Monarchy ineffective (Louis XV and XVI) 3.Bad Harvests 4.Financial Collapse Three Estates 1.First clergy-130,000 owned 10% of land 2.Second- Nobility 120-350,000 owned 30 % of land 3. Third Commoners 75-80% owned 35% The Third Estate p 450:  The Third Estate p 450 Largest Segment of French population some remnants of feudalism(fees,rents etc.) Skilled artisans, shopkeepers increasing Merchants “bourgeoisie”, industrialists owned 20-30% number growing 1.2 mil resented nobility and lack of input to government Events of the French Revolution:  Events of the French Revolution Calling of the Estates General May 1789 Fall of the Bastille July 1789 Abolish Feudalism Rights of Man August 1789 March to Versailles October 1789 Flight of the King June 1791 War with Austria April 1792 Abolition of the Monarchy Sept 1792 Execution of King January 1793 Radical Revolution:  Radical Revolution Work of a representative National Convention Abolished monarchy, executed king, queen Power to Committee of Public Safety-headed by Robespierre Met threats from within and a coalition of frightened European Monarchies Initiated “Reign of Terror” (30,000) Radical Revolution (cont.):  Radical Revolution (cont.) Reaction to Reign- resulted in Robespierre death Thermidorian Reaction (month in calendar)Beg of Rev Year 1 Let Churches open/ less govt. regulation of business Set up Directory result stagnation, corruption, speculation- Great opportunity for a coup d'état Age of Napoleon :  Age of Napoleon Dominated history 1799-1815 Europe never recovered/remained in fear Heroic General- success in Italy- not in Egypt Accomplished the Coup d'état Becomes First Consul of the Republic Controlled army, govt., legislature-everything 1804- Crowns himself Emperor Napoleon’s Accomplishments:  Napoleon’s Accomplishments Civil Code of 1804 p. 455 (Most important) Reconciled with the Catholic Church Preserved the rights gained in the revolution Sought to extend these rights to other Europeans Coalitions of Europeans against Came to influence- most German States, Holland, Spain, Italy,Warsaw Inspired admiration and fear Napoleon’s Downfall :  Napoleon’s Downfall Survival of Great Britain and Naval Power Nationalism: Ideas of liberty, rights, freedom was powerful, but idea of self-determination won out Invasion of Russia- 1812 Exiled to Elba- escaped March to June 1815 Waterloo- St Helena 19th Century Revolutions Ch 40-41:  19th Century Revolutions Ch 40-41 Power of Nationalism Liberalism vs Conservatism Series of Revolutions 1830, 1848 New Constitutions (French Republics) Latin America- Simon Bolivar Italy- Cavour and Geribaldi p 502 Germany- Prussian- Bismarck

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