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Published on February 7, 2011

Author: est_rahul

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Revolutionizing Print & Media Through New Form Factor Devices – A Webinar: Revolutionizing Print & Media Through New Form Factor Devices – A Webinar Avinash Misra CEO – Endeavour Software Technologies avinash@techendeavour.com February 02, 2011 Agenda: Mobile app market & mobile devices trend First and second generation apps Value creation in digital advertisement New revenue generator for media and publication companies Total Duration : 1 Hour Presentation : 45 min Q & A : 15 min Agenda Mobile Application Trends: Mobile Application Trends 4 Billion mobile phones are our target May 2008 – the global mobility flipping point – no other medium has this kind of reach Mobile Apps dictate the choice of mobile OS The app race has caused mobile OS to consider Apps as central to their existence According to Nielsen, 74 percent of iPhone and Android owners say they make use of apps According to Gartner – Tablets to redefine mobility yet again Most popular category is Books with over 56,000 active titles on iPhone Appstore Connected TV though nascent today but cannot be neglected Apple is planning a new category for magazines Richard Branson launches iPad only magazine which is highly interactive – Nov 2010 New Corp launching iPad only newspaper today – Feb 02, 2011 with a budget of $30 Million Mobile OS No of Apps iPhone 367,000 Android 110,000 Mobile Device Usage Pattern: Mobile Device Usage Pattern Source: compete.com (n=1260) Mobile devices overtaking PCs: Mobile devices overtaking PCs Smartphones growing at 63% this year iPad Sales Rate Hits 4.5 Million per Quarter Over 60 tablets to be launched in 2011 Source: IDC Aug 2010 60+ upcoming tablets in 2011: 60+ upcoming tablets in 2011 Manufacturer Model Manufacturer Model Acer Iconia tab a500 Panasonic VieraTablet AOC Breeze Rullingnet Vinci Aluratek Cinepad Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi Archos 101 toshiba Toshiba Tablet Asus Eee Pad Slider Velocity Micro Cruz tablet Asus Eee Pad MeMo Velocity Micro Cruz tablet Asus Eee Pad Transformer Velocity Micro Cruz tablet Augen Doppio Viewsonic ViewPad 10s Augen Espresso Viliv X10 Augen Latte Vilix X7 Augen Latte Grand Vizio Vizio (Via) Tablet Azpen tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G Dell Streak 10 Viewsonic ViewPad 10 Dell Streak 7 Kno single screen eFun Nextbook Next4 Kno dual-screen eFun Nextbook Next6 BlackBerry PlayBook Enspert Identity Tab E201 Pandigital Multimedia Novel Enspert Identity Tab E301 Pandigital Multimedia Novel Lenovo LePad PocketBook-USA, Inc. 902/903 LG Optimus tablet PocketBook-USA, Inc. 602/603 LG T-mobile G-Slate PocketBook-USA, Inc. 701 IQ Motorola Xoom Freescale 24 different models Entourage Pocket eDGe Acer Iconia W7 tablet MSI WindPad 100A Asus Eee Slate EP121 MSI Kid Pad Azpen tablet NEC Cloud Communicator LT-W Sharp Galapogas E-media Tablet Gajah International multiple e-Readers Sharp Galapogas E-media Tablet Hanvon WISEreader N500 Fujitsu unnamed Windows 7 tablet Hanvon WISEreader N618 Fujitsu Lifebook T901 Hanvon WISEreader N628 Lenovo Windows7 slate Hanvon WISEreader N638 Motion Computing CL900 Hanvon WISEreader N800 MSI WindPad 100W iRiver StoryHD Netbook Navigator Nav7 Key Ingredient Demy OpenPeak OpenTablet 10 notion ink adam tablet Panasonic VieraTablet The last impact on print and media – The Web: Media and Publication still adapting to the influence of the web Wall street journal , The time of London , Sunday Times have installed Pay Walls Pay walls caused 99% of the readership to disappear at the London times Online advertizing revenues will eclipse news paper/magazine advertizing revenues for the first time in 2011 Lessons Forget about being a destination – be where people are. ALL media is social – the value of the community is immense Use all tools – even if you don’t own them. Daily deals on newsites from Groupon / Tippr is a great example. Don’t pave cart paths – i.e. don’t dump existing content to devices, rather leverage the new channel for its new features Be prepared to “burn the boats” – Christian Science Monitor and some others have completely shut down their print operations. The last impact on print and media – The Web Print media Subscriber Target: Mobile Eyeballs = Unprecedented Revenue Potential Print media Subscriber Target Medium of Content Addressable Market Size (M) Future Growth Market Explanation Paper Based 100 Low Distribution Reach. City concentrated PC Based 1300 Medium Worldwide PC user. Mobile Based 5000 Exponential Growth Worldwide including tablets Mobile based content is the way moving forward Cost effective and highly scalable Source: Gartner 2009, Informa , Survey Two waves of mobilization in print media: Media and Publication companies cannot afford to ignore the new form factors to provide rich content , immersive experience Two waves of mobilization in print media First Wave – Mobile devices / Smartphones – Utilitarian Second Wave – Mobile devices / Tablets – Immersive Why Mobility for Print / Magazines: The audience is Mobile! Tracking Mechanism to know what your readers liked Social Integration Link Readers directly to Advertisers Click Based Advertisement Not a simple translation to Mobile Need both creative and technical inputs Why Mobility for Print / Magazines For the Publishers " In a recent survey, 90% of digital magazine readers reported taking action with an advertised product or service, with the majority - 65% - visiting the advertiser's web site instantly.“ - Gartner iPad Digital Sales of Magazine: iPad Digital Sales of Magazine iPad sales of Wired, GQ and Glamour are all flat for the last six months Lesson : Simply replicating print editorial in digital formats will not sustain magazine publishing Tablet - The New Form Factor: Tablet - The New Form Factor 250+ Magazine Related Apps A vailable on iTunes Digital Magazines need to get richer as the mobilize: Greater Engagement, Immersion Reach a larger audience Extended Advertising Opportunity Engaging Ads with Videos Know Your Readers Better Clarity, Readability Direct Access to Index/ Search / compelling human interactions Interactive Social Community Live Feeds True to print sections Finally, Audio-Video-Imagery-Text interplay – tell a more compelling story The Digital Future is Mobile! But only if Utilitarian and Immersive are both catered to. Digital Magazines need to get richer as the mobilize Magazine positioning Apps: Magazine positioning Apps Focused magazines are bringing in stickiness by linking reader needs to content – Premier Guitar Marketing both editions when digital content is around 20% different Enhancing photography with videos, tips Slide 15: Vogue magazine co-branding with style.com mobile mall DC - premium content priced individually C&D - Archived Info categorized Magazines positioning Apps Time Magazine: Time Magazine 1 st generation App on all leading platforms Local Library to read offline/archive content Widget based - customize what the reader wants to see Video content Social Networking Free app Wired Magazine: Wired Magazine Emphasis on videos and exclusive video content Exclusive interviews à la carte purchase of content Free app but paid content Wall Street Journal: Wall Street Journal Essential News and Information R eal-time Feed Customized content Save Articles locally Banner Ads Free app Motor Trend Magazine: Motor Trend Magazine Key Features Map integration Buddy tracker – Trail Tracker My trip summary Additional first drives and road tests not available in the print edition Live news feed from the global resources of MOTOR TREND Leanings from the current trend: Magazine Apps/ Mobile device editions are building much more interlinked – immersive content Mobile App content can generate higher revenue through purchase of selective content Disintermediation - Direct link between advertiser , content and reader New Channel , New Competition, New Opportunity . Brands which have no prior print magazine experiences are now exploring iPad/Android device specific magazines. Magazines are going global with apps - easy distribution Archived contents are used effectively through apps Leanings from the current trend Next Gen Advertisements- (AxA Ad): Interactive Advertisement with Audio and Video Location Based Advertising – Better understand of customers leads to effective campaign Next Gen Advertisements- ( AxA Ad) Readership is moving online and to mobile and advertisers are not far behind. Innovative ads which are bringing a blend of print and digital effectively Catalog based Advertisement: Catalog based Advertisement Look no further to purchase / explore items which are displayed in various articles – simpler linking , greater immersion Example: Interior decors used in the articles are listed in a catalog for purchase through Mobile Super app Mobile Advertisement Functions : A combination of following Device Camera and Location - Augmented Reality Interactive Videos Location Based, Hyper Local Advertising Idle Screen Advertisement Application Digital Coupons Virtual Loyalty Points Special offers Catalog Store Locator Stickiness around Brand eg . Games, Quiz Super app Mobile Advertisement Functions Revenue streams for print media industry extending to mobile device?: Revenue streams for print media industry extending to mobile device? Activity Description App revenue Similar content can bring in revenues apart from print edition. However this is only possible for specialized content. Mobile Ads revenue – 3 rd party Revenue generated from integrating 3 rd party ad engines Mobile Ad revenues – linked to print editions Ads currently placed in magazines can be extended to mobile devices mCommerce Selling products within the app Content Creative content for the new form factor Many reports suggest digital edition revenue are catching up print edition revenue in certain content areas Mobilizing print media - Channel / application options: Mobilizing print media - Channel / application options Features Generic Mobile Apps Customized Mobile Apps Digital Media Platform Ready to Deploy in few mobile OS platforms Ready to Deploy on all major platforms – but takes longer Flexibility Predefined Template Completely Customizable Video and Audio Yes, but not tweaked for Phone model specific Optimized videos for various models Integrating Camera, LBS, compass, AR Not possible Much more richness possible Blogs, Photos Some Extend Highly Customized Catalog and Stores May not support Robust with CMS integration Services to Monitor UGC Available Available Extending the same platform for internal use Not possible Can be customized based specific needs What are the print media’s options towards mobilization?: Relevant touch based content Interactive content Revenue generations Devices to target Native device functions And many more such decision points….. What is actually needed is an over all Mobile Strategy ! What are the print media’s options towards mobilization? Need for Mobility Strategy for Print and Media players: What should go-to-mobile strategy for short term, medium term and long term? Multi mobile platform support and strategy? Thin application vs. Thick client mobile application vs. content distribution framework? Tablets, Smartphones, iPTv …. Mobile Advertisements - provision adverts using mobile platform? Options and selection of pricing models? Competitor Study and Analysis? Models? Mobile Infrastructure & technology requirements and support? User Experience Design Guidelines? Application possibilities quick wins / short term / medium term / long term platform? Security considerations for the online content distribution? Mobility strategy and roadmap Need for Mobility Strategy for Print and Media players Thank You: Thank You + 44 20 7193 0986 (UK) +1 214 306 6848 (US) info@techendeavour.com www.techendeavour.com

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