Revolution Or Hype MOOCs And The K-12 Student

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Information about Revolution Or Hype MOOCs And The K-12 Student

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: Neiffer



These are slides to support Jason Neiffer's presentation, "Revolution Or Hype: MOOCs And The K-12 Student," at NCCE 2014 in Seattle, Washington.

Revolution Or Hype: MOOCs And The K-12 Student   Jason Neiffer Tech-­‐Savvy  Teacher-­‐in-­‐Residence,  Northwest  Council  for  Computer  Educa=on     Curriculum  Director,  Montana  Digital  Academy   Doctoral  Candidate,  the  University  of  Montana    

Paperless  Handouts   h=p://  

My point of view…

Virtual  School  Curriculum  Director   K-­‐12  Online  Teacher   College   Online   Teacher   Nerd   OER  Advocate   Teaching   Advocate   Willing  to   Fail   College   Face-­‐to-­‐ Face   Teacher

Common Understanding

MOOC:   “Massive,  Open  Online  Course”  

Massive:   100?   1000?   10,000?   100,000?   Open:   Campus?   State?   Country?   World   Online:   LMS?   Open   PlaUorm?   Mobile?  

Instructor   Developed?   Instructor   Monitored?   Instructor   Assessed?   CredenXal,   Credit  or   Badge?  

MOOC Learning Design

Who  designs?  

Lecture-­‐Focused   Aggressive  Use  of  Discussion   and  Social  Learning   “InformaXon  OrchestraXon”   Automated  Learning   Environments  

MOOC and Assessment

“Faith  Based”   Assessment   Automated  ObjecXve   Assessment   Social  Grading   Discussion  

Inside a MOOC

MOOC Platforms Image:  Torpak  Hopper Image:  Torpak  Hopper Image:  Torpak  Hoper  

Moodle or other LMSs

Other Open Platforms Image:  TorpakHopper  


Affordable   Scalable   Social  Learning   Ehhh…  Good  Enough?


Too  disrupXve?   Low  passage  rates   Lack  of  security/assurance   Too  lecture  dependent   Teacher  quality  sXll  important  

Ko  and  Rosen   (2010)   •  Move  courses   beyond   “knowledge   level”   •  Assessment  is   criXcal  to   course   effecXveness   Lehman  and   Conceicao  (2010)   •  Teacher  social   presence   criXcal  to   online   learning   •  End  users   have  be=er   outcomes   with  an   instrucXonal   presence  

Use Cases

MOOCs in K-12?

MOOCs in Blended Learning

MOOCs to Individualize Instruction

MOOCs to Provide Self-Driven P.D.

Try  Out  a  MOOC!

Do  a  Needs  Assessment  

Don’t  Fall  for  Hype

“A  few  mo(vated  groups,  such  as  older   employees  trying  to  keep  pace,  reservists  in  the   US  military  and  ambiXous  youngsters  in  places   such  as  India,  tend  to  finish  online  degrees.  But   most  people,  including  Mr  Thrun’s  enrollees,   rapidly  lose  interest.  The  real  challenge  facing   US  educators,  in  other  words,  is  to  mo(vate  the   unenthused  majority.  This  is  far  easier  said  than   done.  You  can  lead  a  horse  to  water  but  you   cannot  make  it  drink.”  

Learn  More

Jason  Neiffer   Tech-­‐Savvy  Teacher-­‐in-­‐Residence,  NCCE   Doctoral  Candidate,  the  University  of  Montana  (Go  Griz!)   Curriculum  Director,  Montana  Digital  Academy     Twi=er:   @techsavvyteach   @ncce_edtech     Blog:   h=p://     Contact  for  CollaboraXon  and  Training:   h=p://   h=p://    

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