Revocable Living Trusts

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Information about Revocable Living Trusts

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: kulaslawfl


PowerPoint Presentation: Revocable Living Trusts IN FLORIDA Essential Concepts, Questions And Answers PowerPoint Presentation: Revocable Living Trusts PowerPoint Presentation: What is a revocable living trust? PowerPoint Presentation: A revocable living trust is a special kind of trust that most people include in their estate plans PowerPoint Presentation: These trusts allow your estate TO AVOID PROBATE PowerPoint Presentation: Probate PowerPoint Presentation: Why do I want to avoid probate? PowerPoint Presentation: If your property has to go through probate, a Florida court will have to supervise the process through which your heirs receive their inheritances PowerPoint Presentation: This process can often take months , or even years, and can cost a lot of money PowerPoint Presentation: Trust Operation PowerPoint Presentation: How does a living trust work? PowerPoint Presentation: When you create a living trust you effectively create a legal entity separate from yourself PowerPoint Presentation: The living trust can own property and survive your death PowerPoint Presentation: When you create your living trust you can direct how it should distribute the property it owns after you’re gone, effectively allowing you to pass inheritances outside of probate PowerPoint Presentation: Trust Creation PowerPoint Presentation: How do I create a revocable living trust? PowerPoint Presentation: You create a trust by creating a document, called a trust instrument, that includes specific information PowerPoint Presentation: You will also have to ensure that you transfer your property into the trust’s name, a process known as funding PowerPoint Presentation: Learn More About Living Trusts In Florida PowerPoint Presentation: Robert J Kulas , PA Attorneys at Law (772) 398-0720

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