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Published on February 8, 2014

Author: LKOTZE



The Scientific Method is of exceptional importance for all high school science learners - if they forget everything, but remember this, they should be ok in life. ;)

1 Background information

Using the Internet ● Books (library) ● Specialists in that field ● to answer some questions before you start.

2 Aim Hypothesis Engineering goal Investigative question

How do I pick 1ne?

Aim Classroom experiments “To...” Proving a known fact

Hypothesis Used with I.Q. and E.G. If the independent variable does this, then the dependent variable will do that.

Engineering goal Stating why you built something.

Investigative question Asking about the relationship between variables: What is the relationship between the independent variable and dependent variable?

3 Method

What do we do to construct a method ?

Identify the variables.

Identify the equipment used, and describe HOW it will be used.

Step-by-step instructions on how the experiment runs.

All information in point form.

4 Results

Table All data is tabulated in the course of the experiment. Independent variable (unit) No units next to values Dependent variable (unit) No units next to values

Y-axis Dependent variable Units 0 at the bottom, maximum value at the top. Graph A heading should indicate the relationship between the independent and the dependent variables. Always use clear indicators Connect the indicators using the line of best fit X-axis Independent variable Units 0 far left, maximum value far right

Analysis Discuss (point form): Relationship of variables Outliers

5 Conclusion

In point form: Evaluate your hypothesis Explain relationship between Variables Chemistry: Provide balanced equations

6 Bibliography acknowledgements

Books Author's surname and initials, year of publication, title (underlined), edition, place of publication, publisher.

Journals Author's surname and initials, year of publication of the journal, title of article (underlined), title of journal, volume, pages

Chapters in books Author's surname and initials, title of book, chapter title (underlined), edition, place of publication, publisher.

Newspaper articles Year, newspaper, date and month page

Internet referencing www. ... Page heading Straight URL Access date

Theses and dissertations Author's surname and initials, year of publication, title (underlined), degree the thesis is for, university, city where university is located

Acknowledgements Name of person providing assistance, what they provided assistance with.


1 2 types of proportionality

Direct Proportion

Inverse Proportion

Simple Proportion

Direct Inverse x y k = y/x x y k 400 40 0,1k 60 30 1800 300 30 0,1k 75 24 1800 200 20 0,1k 90 20 1800 50 5 0,1k 120 15 1800 yαx k(constant) = y/x Always a straight line through the origin. 1 y α /x k(constant) = xy y-x graph = hyperbole y-1/x2 = straight line

Square Proportion

Direct Inverse x2 y k = y/x2 x x2 y k = yx2 2 4 1 0,25 3 9 2,25 0,25 1 1 10 10 4 16 4 0,25 2 4 2,5 10 5 25 6,25 0,25 4 16 0,625 10 5 25 0,4 10 x 2 yαx k(constant) = y/x y-x graph = parabola y-x2 graph = straight line through origin. 2 1 y α /x2 k(constant) = x2y y-x graph = hyperbole y-1/x2 = straight line

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